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Scardia Region

  • Scardia Region

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    Edgar Holden Deep Woods
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    Locke Bright-Spear Cretu Docks
  • ADN Military School

    A large School which used to be Scardian University. Now it serves as the ADN Head Quarters for Scardia and serves as the main branch. It teaches the basics to new recruits interested in the ADN.
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    Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:12 am
    Rufus Tenik Class Room
  • Royal Hospital of Cretu

    A Hospital funded by the Royal Family, allowing any and all admission within Scardia's Boundaries.
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  • Kilwood Forest

    Kilwood ForestA large forest that encompasses most of the Western side of Scardia. Filled with Pine, Maple and Oak Trees, this temperate area is host to many forest dwelling fauna. The winters can be moderately harsh, and it is home to some large predatory animals such as Wargs and North Scardian Wolves.
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    Fri Aug 09, 2019 10:49 pm
    Edgar Holden Deep Woods
  • Kilwood Village

    A small village set deep within the reaches of Kilwood Forest, for which it's name was derived from. The villagers are somewhat xenophobic, and are weary of outsiders. They are a hard-working people though, and the Grayswifts are the town heroes; Rafovar and Tifshara Grayswift having both served in the Beijio Civil War for the Imperialists. Rumors of an incredibly talented seamstress also originate from this village.
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    Fri Aug 09, 2019 10:48 pm
    Edgar Holden Rooms and Suites of the Dragon's Tooth Tavern and Inn
  • Kraggiotria City

    A coastal town to the South East of Scardia, within a close sailing distance to many of the Beijio-Scardia Islands as well as Beijio, which is further south. It is a port town and a centre of trade that rivals that even of the Capital City of Cretu. Coral statues are fashioned throughout the many streets in this bustling city, and coral items are quite the popular item to sell in these parts.
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    Tue Jul 16, 2019 11:31 pm
    Random Mobs Coral Square
  • Lostrun

    A small village which is in the remote North West Region of Scardia.
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  • Mythgarde

    MythgardeMythgarde is a community in Northern Scardia, a mining town where the Nation's mythril and other precious metals are mined. Scradian Steel is also forged here deep inside the mines themselves. It's been under the Lordship of the Dragonwind clan for generations.
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  • Mythgarde Mines and Refinery

    Mythgarde Mines and RefineryThe deep caves and caverns where various metal ores are mined, particularly Mythrill and Tungston. There is a state of the art smelter and refinery down here, which was provided by Tenik Incorporated several years ago.
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  • Silentdrift Canyon

    Silentdrift CanyonA large canyon that spans the horizon past the Cretu Highlands.
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    Mon Feb 25, 2019 9:56 pm
    Li Houtou Throat of Miellil

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