Characters: Crimson Knght Brigade

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Characters: Crimson Knght Brigade

Post  Crimson Knight Brigade on Fri Apr 01, 2011 2:13 pm

Info will be disclosed shortly:
Crimson Knight Brigade
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Re: Characters: Crimson Knght Brigade

Post  Crimson Knight Brigade on Fri Apr 01, 2011 2:28 pm

Names: (any)
Age: unknown
Eyes: vary
Hair: vary
Sex: Male
Height: between 5'5"-6'4"
Weight: Vary
Species: human.
Race: Vary
Class Rank: Elite TROOPS

-Nuevo Crimson Knight Brigade: Dark grey sythetic armor called "Hex Armor**" that covers most of the body on a red flameproof jumpsuit and hoodie; a crimson red pair of overall's overtop; internal helmet visor customized for their tactics [has a nightvision/thermal sensor/shielding to protect against flash-bang grenades or any other form of blinding light]; black combatboots; dark grey fingerless gloves; black facemask; a light kevlar vest (under overalls); a belt with magazine pouches on it and sidepacks. Thigh holster; and a thight ammo catche on left leg.

**Hex Armor: An expiramental armor that was worn exclusively by 5th degree captains of DarkSEED. It would repel any magically offensive attack-as well as prove resistance to most assaualt type weapons and anything of lower caliber.

Standard Equipment:
-1x Quicksilver Heavy Custom Handgun
-1x Crimson Knight Brigade Rifle
-DarkSEED Vulcan Sniper Rifle
-DarkSEED "Sparrow"
-DarkSEED "Black Widow"
-Crimson Knight Brigade Revolver
-DarkSEED Combat Magnum
-TIRS Grenade Launcher
-2x A DarkSEED grenade**
**((Made from the planet of Galivian's own lifestream, will blind all in the area and will also do measurable damage.))
-1x Tenik "Orient" ***
***(a light weight and powerful katana that is mounted on every DarkSEED troops back. It is held to the back via a sturdy and locking mechanism which snaps the sword in place on the members back)
-1x DarkSEED Combat Knife

DarkSEED is a specialized Military Service under the direct control of Lord Tenik. They are vigorous, dilligent and highly intelligent and skilled. They expertise in a range of combat and techniques, and each member has a strict regement that each follow. To become a DarkSEED, one must train and take the DarkSEED enterance Exam at any Tenik HQ/University offering it/or the Dueling Stadium in Tri-City State. A small 3 question quiz must be answered and completed with 100% correct followed by a test in physical stamina and combat effectiveness (a duel), and then you would be asked the three questions again.
However, it is now a common pre-standard curtousy to be injected with a new gene-therapy solvent called: 'Crimson Genes' before they are allowed to become an official member of DarkSEED.
This injection alters the DNA and cells within DarkSEED soldiers. The altercation allows the candidate Soldier to be able to recover quickly from attacks and loss of stamina. They are more physically condensed and are able to perform a number of movements that one without the the therapy wouldnt be able to do.
The agility of a candidate is also enhanced, and dexterity and accuracy is above moderation.

Strangely, the only side effects so far are that it can cause certain eye color alterations, and gender specific to be exact:
Females who have undergone the treatment are pink, while the males are crimson red.

Do to these harmless side effects, it is called: "The Crimson Syndrome". This doesnt permanently effect all candidates, only causing the pigment to show during times of fear, hate, attraction, or sorrow-if they even do so.

The Crimson Knight Brigade are a step further: they are elite soldiers of Tenik DarkSEED-much like black ops. However they are considered a league of their own, and have been reported to have killed their own team mates and DarkSEED allies to complete their own goal. They are ruthless, strong, quick, and far more intelligent than their DarkSEED counter parts. Since the public has mostly forgotten about them-they have resurged and have started taking over cities wearing uniforms similar to the local City Protectors-but in their classic red & crimson. They are rumored to be fighting for Tenik's sake...
Crimson Knight Brigade
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Re: Characters: Crimson Knght Brigade

Post  Ling-Ling on Mon Dec 12, 2011 1:52 pm

Name: Ling-Ling Yourizuma
Nick Name: "Ling-Ling"
Age: 41 (almost 42) [still looks 17]
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 104 lbs
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Hometown: Beijio City
-Right Eye: Brown with dark saphire blue pupil
-Left Eye: Crystal blue with dark ruby red pupil
Hair: long, black; put into pigtails and has purple streaks
Good or Evil?: Evil
Rank: na
Trained by: Ikai Boontai
Trained who: na
Force User: No
Occupation: Ninja, member of the CKB

Weapons: Kodatchi; ninjutsu; Her 'Toy'
Clothes: a red chinese dress, black thong, stockings and garters, black velvet flowers strung in her hair of her pigtails.
Personal items: An old, melted looking locket.

Possessions: none.

Physical featurez: D Bust; Tattoo on right thigh.

Medical Conditions: Spontaneous Heterochromia: She was originally born with two brown eyes, but now she is permanently given her strange and unique colored eyes. It is speculated that being injected with the Crimson Gene, coupled with her ability to shape-shift into the people she has devoured, that over time, some of the traits of her very first victims were never erased. She only maintains one brown eye that is truly hers, being the right eye.

Taste Stats: *******************

Special Abilities: Ninjitsu, flexibility, agile, agility.
Vore-no-jutsu!: a forbidden jutsu that devours the opponent in one fell swooped gulp.
Shape shift: Can take the physical appearance of anyone she's devoured.

Devil Trigger: Utilizes the powers granted to her by the Empress of Hell. Her hair changes color from black to a pinkish red with white fading streaks, the ruby red of her left eye expands and both of her eyes become uniformed ruby red in color, her bust goes from 'D' to 'DD', she physically ages by 8 years, her costume changes from the sporting red to an ill black, loosing her guarders and her heels, having them replaced as well; the flowers of her pigtails become skulls held with black ribbons, and her weapon of choice becomes the War Diety Gildosa's Scythe, Mortimer, which gains her the ability to open a small temporary rip that connects to the foulest regions of the Galiavan Netherworld, allowing Ling-Ling to summon bigger and more voracious as well as vicious creatures to fight at her disposal. Along with keeping her other specials, she also gains a few new ones:

-Spirit Kiss: Can knock out anyone with a single kiss, as long as it lands upon the skin.
-Spirit Reaver: Can temporarily use the souls of the recently deceased, despoiling them and temporarily able to control them according to her whim.
-Cursed Bell: Causes those afflicted with curse or other ailing properties to be in much worse shape when fighting her in her DT form.

-Magnus Maxime: Magic based Attacks do less harm then physical attacks if she activates this, however, it will last for one real life day.
-Physique Maxime: Physical based Attacks do less harm than Magical attacks if she activates this, however, it lasts for 24 hours in real life before she can switch to Magnus Maxime.

When in her Devil Trigger mode, she will consume more mana than normally, for both the physical form and the use of Gildosa's Scythe. Because of this, she will need to 'feed' regularly on souls, or else she will almost quite literally: "Eat herself to death". Switching back and forth between Demon Ling-Ling and Human Ling-Ling, puts dramatic stress on Human Ling-Lings physical body, straining her to support her "so-called" newly claimed 'demonic half'.

Demon Ling-Ling:

Story: She actually died 25 years ago when she was still training with her best friend Sango. When this mysterious beast was attacking everyone, she and Sango had to kill it to pass the class. She was too reckless and didn’t listen to Sango's command to stop (Ling-Ling says this never happened however<<), and the Waku Fernandeath creature swallowed her alive, then she died from being completely dissolved in it's stomach. They were supposed to work together for this round, and Ikai wouldn’t help because it was a test. All she could remember seeing was Sango just still, watching her get slurped down it's throat...She wants revenge now, on both Sango and Ikai, so she returned. (Video below shows the beast, and the same exact way Ling-Ling was gobbled.).
7 years pass...
She is somehow resurrected by someone, and she re-exists in Galiavan. She wants payback, in any way and form against Sango..She aids in the destruction of Galiavan, but is eventually thwarted. When Reguis Malefont is destroyed, she becomes psychologically disturbed and eventually caught and sent to Breland Mental Institution. However-through Sephiroth's revival most of Breland is torn apart. That is the last thing history ever heard the name 'Ling-Ling' Yourizuma...
18 years pass...
Ling-Ling, or someone who looks like her, had been spotted in Beijio City in the wake of the Beijio City ADN building's destruction. Her reason for being there is unknown, but is likely that she had a hand in the event.

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Re: Characters: Crimson Knght Brigade

Post  Lyra on Sat Dec 22, 2012 6:26 pm

Name: Lyra Tatyanna Slyvenar
Nick Name:
Age: 26
Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Weight: 122lbs
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Homeland: Fenira
Eyes: Dark Emerald
Hair: Short and blond
Good or Evil?: When ever it suits her best
Trained by: herself
Trained who: herself
Force User: nope

Weapons: Cursed Katana, looking for a new handgun.

Clothes: A red leather uniform, dress shirt and tie; eye patch, calve high leather boots, fishnet stockings with lacy and intricate designs, leather gloves. A belt that holds her holster, magazine pouches, and her sword.

Personal items: Katana.

Possessions: Bullets, food, and water.

Physical features: just like the signature with an eye patch that covers her right eye.

Magic Skills:
-With Cursed Katana's blade, she can tear a hole through the human world and the after life's hell.

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Re: Characters: Crimson Knght Brigade

Post  Lenus on Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:06 pm

Name: Lenus Elaxandrya
Nick Name: "Len"
Age: 18
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 145 lbs
Species: Human/Cybernetic Android
Sex: Female
Hometown: Beijio City?
Eyes: Purple
Hair: long, dark blue; placed into a high samurai-like ponytail held up by a hair accessory which resembles two pairs of wings or a deer-antler.
Good or Evil?: Undetermined
Rank: Specimen
Trained by: Dr. Satoshi Warawaji
Trained who: none
Force User: Not per say
Occupation: Experimental Cybernetic Android, member of the CKB

Weapons: Two handed weapons in particular; weapons like her Cyber-Naginata or longswords like Odatchi's or Nodatchi's. She is supposedly in control of a rather peculiar weapon...

Clothes: A tight fitting black spandex short sleeved body suit and pants, with a silver leotard worn overtop. A dark blue ribbon is tied on the corset like accessory on her rather endowed breasts. She also wears several pieces of blue plated armor on her arms, shins and waist, and has a red katana-like sword hanging by her waist, although this is rarely used in battle. She wears black leather fingerless gloves and silver shoes with red ribbons tied to them. Lenus has her hair tied into a high ponytail using a hair accessory which resembles two pairs of wings or a deer-antlers.  

Personal items: M18C-Mune WEAPON accessory unit.

Possessions: none.

Physical featurez: Well endowed, toned core and chest and unique purple eyes.

Medical Conditions: Cybernetic reconstruction: As an Experimental Soldier, she has undergone cybernetic enhancements that have done many wonders upon her body. One such example is that she can 'deep dive' into computer interfaces.  

Taste Stats: ? um...okay xD

Special Abilities:

-Short Electrical Impulse Wave: A special electrical based attack that gives Lenus thrust and dispells small caliber firearms (.22, 9x19, 9x18, .32, .38, .357, .45, 10mm, 5.56x45mm) and provides an electrical output charge with her blade that can even overwhelm modest insulating protection. The skill also deactivates nearby electronics for a small period of time (5 posts) and stuns the opponent for a post.


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Re: Characters: Crimson Knght Brigade

Post  Poh Ran on Thu May 15, 2014 12:27 am

Name: Ran Lin Poh  
Nick Name: Poh or just Ran
Age: 19
Height:  5 foot  3 inches
Weight: 101 lbs
Species: Human/half Nekomimi
Sex: Female
Homeland: Hiiten Island
Eyes: Yellow (Catlike)
Hair: Very long and in pigtails with the right side silver and the left side black
Good or Evil?: Neutral Evil
Trained by: N/A
Physical features: just like the signature with an eye patch that covers her left eye; a tattoo of a rose that is on her left side of her body, running down from her armpit to her mid abdomen.


Default: A black tight leather sleeveless one piece suit, underneath a black cloth sleeveless leotard, with a sailor-fuku tie and cape; a red frilled sarong, red frilled hair ties holding up her pigtails; Boots of the Dryad: Special boots that allow her to maintain her ground, as if she had sprouted roots and maintain her position; Gauntlets of the Iron Golem: Fingerless leather and plated gloves that allow Ran to maintain a Golem strong grip, as well as the ability to carry items with ease that are 10x her own weight; Patch of the Unseen: Allows her to 'zoom' in on faraway targets, with the added skill of masking her Full Neko physical traits, eye colour, and her Neko weaknesses and suppresses them.


Bikini: A black and white bikini with sandals; Patch of the Unseen

Winter Marksman:

Winter Marksman: A white fur lined down jacket, blue tight bikini top, brown leather miniskirt, brown leather crisscross belts, thigh high white leggings, brown leather calve high boots, brown leather fingerless gloves; Patch of the Unseen


Lingerie: Black and pink frilly strapless bra and bikini thong, long black gloves, a belt choker; Patch of the Unseen.


  • Ran's "Kitten": A Customizable Mini gun designed by Ran herself

  • Shivaan Series Break Action Revolver "8 inch": A .357 Magnum side arm
  • Ran's Bladed Anchor: Ran's Melee weapon of choice.


Personal items: "Kitten"; Anchor Weapon; Boots of the Dryad; Gauntlets of the Iron Golem

Possessions: Bullets, rations, interchangeable barrels and magazines.

Employment: Warrior Princess of Scardia

Trained In: Parkour, acrobatics, lifting, fighting with close quarter weapons, artillery, ranged warfare, heavy weapon design and modification.

Traits & Skills: high sensory detail; Long Jump: can jump farther distances than most humans with ease, Neko Balance: Can balance as well as a Neko due to her half Neko lineage; Safe Fall/Feather Fall: Can fall from extreme heights without so much as injury

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: None
Allergies: Nagisane Herb
Health Background:
-Nagisane Effect: An otherwise rare plant found in the area of Minktail, Domescadia. It gives certain Neko's impairments and in the similar case as Yuki it places her in a state of drunkiness in which she becomes confused, charmed, hyperactive, and overly mischievous. Ran, being part Neko still suffers from this effect, but only by a small degree due to her human lineage. She also gets rash when in the presence of Nagisane Herb.  

The origins of young Ran Lin Poh begi-*the loud VRUMM of a chain gun blares over the author, for a minute or so then nothing but the sound of falling brass casings; then with a wet 'plop' sound there is silence*

"AHEM-Thanks Miss Announcer Lady, you can get some 'rest' now *evil chuckle*. Well, first off, I'm a nineteen year old! My slender body and small frame come from my mother's side... and by small frame I mean my 101 pound and 5 foot 3 height! Gods, I need to carry my licence EVERYWHERE it seems! Okay, now that is out of the way, I'll get back to my story, and you're welcome!" *blows raspberry*

Ran was born a half-Neko, meaning she has both human and Neko abilities. She was raised in Hiiten, but was taken in by the Crimson Knight Brigade after the death of her parents. She never really new her parents, and she only knew the description of her mother who was a Nekomimi herself. It was known growing up that she had an excellent I.Q., and the Scientists working for General Lionheart all had taken part of teaching the young woman as she grew. By the age of four, she was already capable with small arms and knew their inner workings and how they fired. By age 8, she had killed her first living thing. By thirteen she could design effective weaponry, and her 'fun doodles' were now highly detailed schematics. By fifteen she developed her chain gun ''Kitten'', and by sixteen she was able to master the weapon after she was given a present from General Lionheart: The boots of the Dryad and the Gauntlets of the Iron Golem. She killed a demon by 17 which had the 'Patch of the Unseen' and used it to allow her accuracy to increase and keep her Neko based weaknesses at bay. By 18, she realized she was never going to get any 'bigger' and anyone who pointed out this fact would incur her wrath. Now, she is a fully loaded warrior fighting in the CKB for world domination!

She is apparently (unfortunately for Ran) the only one who brings out Ling-Ling's "sisterly" side; by that meaning that Ling-Ling often teases, squeezes and pours unwanted affection to the young girl, treating her as if she was her kid sister. They often fight too-while Ling uses her 'obvious' assets to help herself gain an edge, Ran uses her own Ace card by being one of the only ones in the CKB who know's the old hag's real age.


Kitten :

Different Animation Style:

The Cat Eye is more visible here:

I will use this for a scene or two in the near future I think :

Taste Stats?:

With Cats...:

Special Abilities*:

Kitten's Gun Arts:

-Air Gun: fires wind magic from the seven barrels of her mini-gun and allows her to vault high into the air as long as she keeps firing down. Also useful to send both her and enemies back!

-Buckshot Mini-Gun: The bullets in her mini-gun lose nearly 80% of their power and impact, essentially firing screaming metal bb's instead of the actual load, but it can never be dodged. Useful to force foes into cover or to piss off her enemies.

-Kitten Gun-fu!: ...just don't get whipped by her gun or you'll be fine. Enough said.

-Flare Launcher: Fires 500 flares into the air that illuminate dark area, signal her team, and or cause burning damage once in contact.

-Heavy Shot: Fires mini-gun into the air, and sends a stream of heavy firing small explosive shells upon the enemy in a suppressing fire manner.

-Cyclone: Uses air gun ability and spins in a circle as she fires it one handed; spinning and causing everything in the space not nailed down that she's in to either blow out or be sucked into a flying vortex where she is the ''eye of the storm''. She then stops and everything sucked in will fall and suffer fall damage as well as collision damage. She herself will stumble about dizzy and will fall upon her knees for a post to recuperate.

Physical Abilities (passive):

-Monkey Grip: Has the ability to wield otherwise unwieldy two handed weapons effectively with only one hand

-Wall Run: Can run small distances against the length of a wall in a diminishing arch pattern.

-Become Full Neko: A somewhat useless ability, just sprouts ears and tail of a Neko:

Magic Abilities:
-Haste: can cast haste on herself, making her faster despite her heavy equipment. Wears off by fifth post.

-Strength Up: Increases strength of target casted on for five posts based on their weight multiplied by 3.

-Schrödinger's Cat: An ability which can only be used once if at near death or dying; what happens is that she will die become a ball of shadows and fade from existence, but will spontaneously appear again in a radius of about 20 feet where she 'died' in the state she was before she 'kicked the bucket'. Used to allow her to flee an execution move or from if devoured or crushed, or killed by an event.
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Re: Characters: Crimson Knght Brigade

Post  Major Nyte on Mon Aug 04, 2014 1:23 pm

Name: Wesley Fairbanks Nyte
Age: 32
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Dark, blasted back and very short
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11
Weight: 218 lbs
Species: human

Class Rank: Elite Commander (Major)

-Nuevo Crimson Knight Brigade (Officer edition): Dark grey synthetic armor called "Hex Armor**" that covers most of the body on a dark grey/black flameproof skin suit with joined neck and head pieces as well as the arms and fingers; red armored plating; internal helmet visor that looks uniquely different compared to standard CKB soldiers, customized for their tactics [has a night vision/thermal sensor/shielding to protect against flash-bang grenades or any other form of blinding light]; black armored combat boots; dark grey/black fingerless armored gloves; an armored red and black officer's trenchcoat; a belt with magazine pouches on it and side packs.

**Hex Armor: An expiramental armor that was worn exclusively by 5th degree captains of DarkSEED. It would repel any magically offensive attack-as well as prove resistance to most assaualt type weapons and anything of lower caliber.


Melee: Righthand-DarkSEED Military fullsized Katana; Lefthand-M1 Panga

Sidearms: MAGSEC-Elite-I-45Infiltrator-II

Primary Firearm: Operator 'AK12-U' Pistol V2 and/or the SPW Elite-Ksr 556 "Assault Skorpion"

Heavy Weapons: Exile "Aggressor" or the ATR-81 "Red Flag"

Special: Fairbanks Long Arm- an Urban Camouflaged and Suppressed Variant of the Elite- MS5000 "Rhino"


A veteran soldier who abandoned his country and City-State at the age of 14 to ally himself with the ranks of the Crimson Knight Brigade. Having seen many a battle, and countless horrors and bloodshed, the man is psychologically lacking 'empathy' when it comes to the sight of death. He sees the battlefield as a way of expressing one's potential at a maximum and despite some other conflicting personalities he has, he is shown to be quite idealistic and with a moderate sense of honor. An example of this is that he is known to have thrown one of his melee weapons to an unarmed opponent, but gave them little time to react as he then quickly charged upon them.

He is known to have impeccable skills with melee weapons as well as long range weapons; prior to becoming a Major, he was one of the Elite Sniper Marksmen in the CKB, to the point where he was allowed to customize his Elite-MS500 "Rhino".

Major Nyte

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Re: Characters: Crimson Knght Brigade

Post  EE-2600 on Mon Nov 24, 2014 9:41 pm

Name: EE-2600 (no real name has ever been assigned to her)
Nick Name: EE ("E-E")

Avatar Picture (Larger):

Physical Description-
Simulated Age: a girl in her late teens, early twenties
Model Age: 7
Sex: Female
Height: 5'8
Weight: 52.6 Kg
Species: Prototype Accessory Based Cybernetic Android
Eyes: Electric Neon Blue
Hair: Silverish White if not a slightly platinum blond
Body/Physical Appearance: A slender, tall girl with incredibly large eyes. Her brows and her hair are silverish white in colouration, and her hair is styled into a hime cut. She has long, slender legs, thick muscular thighs, and looks incredibly athletic and toned thanks to her design and upgrades. Also to note her nails are naturally a neon blue-green color.

Clothes: Something of interest to note are all of the clothing that she wears are called 'mods'. They are digitally brought into physical use via her operating system, meaning she can switch clothes or styles at a whim via a single thought process. The following below are what 'Mods' she has at the time being.

Standard (with Variation Mods): This is EE's standard combat outfit style. It consists of a skin tight black coloured bodysuit that goes up to her neck and even covers her fingers. Also to note it has built in high heels connected to the bodysuit. She wears a white pair of panties overtop and over all this she wears a sleeveless blue hoodie. Now like all or at least most of her clothing, she wears an accessory on her head which is an adaptor that allows her to 'link up' and connect technology directly to her cyber brain.

(Standard front)
(Standard back)

Standard (no mods) side-by-side:

Standard in 'Infatuation' Mode:

Standard in 'Chaos' Mode:

Standard Glasses Mod:

Standard with a 'Hoodie mod' feature:

Standard Crimson Knight Brigade Colours:

Hoodie Mod: This is a more casual mod. This mod consists of a long sleeved hoodie dress that has a pleated skirt, the lower half of her default outfit with her trademark white pair of panties.

Chaos Mode compared to Default Mode:

Semi-Formal Plain Clothes: One of the only outfits she wears standard without her head gear. It consists of a white dress shirt, a long and wide black tie, a dark dress jacket, a dark pleated skirt, the lower half of her bodysuit from default which resembles almost latex-like pantyhose, her trademark white panties, and black mary janes. She also likes to wear her rectangle glasses with this outfit. It's an outfit which is useful to wear when she wants to blend in.

Special/Infrequently Used/Semi-Useless Mods:

Wet-Suit Mod: A wetsuit she wears when undergoing underwater missions. It's simply a one piece swimsuit that can change it's colour between her standard suit's normal colors, to cyan, to white.

Wetsuit Mod:

Standard Variation

Cyan Variation

White Variation

Lingerie Mod: 0000101010001010001001010101000100111100100101011010111111000101

Error Cannot Load subject "Er0-TC Uniform":

Hometown: Has none since she was created in a laboratory within an undisclosed CKB Base.
Alliance (optional): Crimson Knight Brigade (CKB)
Alignment: N/A

Employment: Crimson Knight Brigade Technical Correspondent, field agent, and data collector.  
Rank (optional): Unknown

Trained In: Intelligence Database, Simulated Programs, Advanced Close Quarters Combat, heavy weapons, flexibility, speed, spying, advanced hacking, firearms, and advanced vehicles and military based operations.
Sensei/Instructor: Self Taught/Professors and scientists who've worked on her Cybernetic Brain and placed her through Semi-Virtual Simulations.

...and then:

Relationship Status: What is... relationship?
Medications: Unknown
Allergies: None
Health Background:

Artificially Created Human
-Cybernetic Brain
-Synthetic Simulated Skin and Reinforced Muscle Fibres
-Reinforced Bones and Spinal Cord
-Nanomachines in Blood Stream
-Custom Optical Perception Devices (ie: eyes)
-Custom Nervous System
-Anatomically Correct Body and Traits (Female)
-Emote-Drive Capacity Can be further upgraded...


A very athletic and intelligent member of the Crimson Knight Brigade's technical staff. Though, she is also a prototype of a new series of cybernetically and genetically altered tools known as Accessory Based Cybernetic Androids. She was developed by Cas Tain Hojo, whom is in effect, her 'Father'. Though she looks quite like an average girl, her body structure is slightly more dense and her blood is filled with nano-machines that actually make her blood have a faint neon glow when examined. Though Cas says his creation whom he dubs ElectraEvalise-2600, or ''EE'' for short, may have accomplished the necessary requirements to be leased into the field, he says, like on the topic of her blood, ''There is still room for improvement''.

One of EE's skills which makes General Lionheart so impatient for her combat use is her ability to hack into virtually any electronic based device, and anything connected to the Galiavan Holo-Network. She can actually full dive into the system, and manipulate technology at her whim. Since she is the prototype of what will be a new asset that will hopefully accompany every CKB Solider in the field as their ''Accessory'', she is also trained in physical combat as well. EE's body is incredibly flexible (as shown in some of the pictures), and she has a high physical endurance and a fluidness with her hand-to-hand fighting capabilities; allowing her in the future when she gains the programming to adapt and develop relationships with her comrades, the ability to fully protect them till she terminates.  

This current and by far successful model is about seven years old, with internal and external parts that are by far much older than Cas Hojo himself. She physically resembles a teenager or a young adult. When asked about her parents, she says on an automated response: "Cas Tain Hojo, is both my creator and my guardian. He is both in essence, my mother and father."


Weapons: Tanto Operator 9mm SMG, Operator 'AK12-U' Pistol V2, Sabershark K7 Combat Knife, DarkSEED Military fullsized Katana.

Equipment: Mayube Type 37 Hologrid interface device, Cytron Core Pentium 3T X41 Processing power chip.  

Possessions: What ever she wears or is on her when she carries out a mission.  

Prized Possessions/Personal Items: None (yet)

Special Abilities: (there are plenty more, but I'm too tired to continue and too impatient to hold off this post xD)

Chaos Mode: Classified

Link-Up: Using her gear she can hook up to almost any piece of technology and then systematically utilize it.

Magic Abilities: Mostly Electric based attacks.

(any thing miscellaneous you'd like to add)

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Re: Characters: Crimson Knght Brigade

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