Any one avaliable on the Nightmare Apocalypse forum?

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Any one avaliable on the Nightmare Apocalypse forum?

Post  Usagi on Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:58 am

Hi, I'm Usagi; most of you who talk to me call me Usa-chan for short Razz

I was just curious, if there is anyone avaliable to play with on the Galiavan Nightmare Forum who'd like to meet my character (who is a human now) in Danton City while I continue to build up that empty forum, searching for survivors. I don't mind who or what plays with me. Whether the scenario be with the normal Roleplay, or have Vore in it (heh, I guess I won't mind being bait for once Razz), even if it has Ecchi/Etchi; and I do not mind providing the Fan Service ^_- (I'm a small time writer, though I've been told I should publish my works countless times ^_^). And lastly, I do not mind how many people rp with me at once in there; and you can be good, evil, or neutral-it won't matter to me Razz

I'll be around that category for a while; building what ever is needed of Danton to make it look not so empty anymore.

Okeh Dokeh-I hope to catch any of you who can later then! Razz

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