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Post  Rio Tachibana on Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:31 pm

"Welcome to the Premium Tower! Here you'll find many casino games and other activities like shopping, fine dining and drinking! There are so many things that go on around here, one could say that this area is the 'Event' room or even 'the main lobby' of the Silver Craft!

There are many shops to choose from, such as Weapons, Items, Clothing and Inventory, Magic, and Transportation!

Restaurants include the Paradise Lounge which is a high class restaurant that only Evening attire clad visitors are allowed past the door; The Silver Craft Diner which allows everyone entry however not as classy as the Paradise Lounge.

We have the Silver Craft Cantina which holds everything for those beverage needs!

And there are many games that can be played! Slot machines are scattered here and there and all about! But there are also Game rooms which have simply pinball machines and pool as well as a few arcade games too!

So enjoy the Premium Tower and be on the look out for any Staff if you need assistance!"
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