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Post  Rio Tachibana on Mon Oct 31, 2011 2:33 pm

"Welcome to Ghost Castle! An area which looks spooky with it's Jack O' Lantern street lights and gnarly dead looking trees give off the aura of Halloween. There are ghosts and goblins that pop out from no where and everywhere due to the Silver Craft's excellent theater crew and special effects artists.

The area is a park that is made for couples, and is rather a romantic spot if you would truly think about it; to be walking along and then having your loved one pull you tight against them-or the other way around as something spooks you.

This area has small cafe's and there's a party at the Castle every day. There are 'Haunted Houses' and the Silver Craft Cinema complex that plays films all from around Galiavan.

One can take a reservation up at the Ghost Castle itself, as well as The Grave Yard.

So have a terrifyingly good time at Ghost Castle and be on the look out for any Staff if you need assistance!"
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