The 12 Swords of Hiiten

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The 12 Swords of Hiiten

Post  Diasuke Hirojawa on Sat Sep 01, 2012 9:33 pm

A special forces group that are loyal to the Empress, but are based out of Beijio's colonies to the north, the Beiji-Scardia Islands.

A unit that deals with unusual activities without raising much suspicion and without having to incur the Beijio Military. Diasuke is the Head Captain, and has made the military unit using technology both traditional, and up to date. There also is no discrimination within the rather 'family-like' group, and anyone who has the drive to become a member of the 12 swords, they can. Most wear black or grey kimonos when identifying themselves to the public, other than that there really isn't any regulated uniform with the exception of the uniform you get when you arrive (consisting of black hakama, and Kimono) for photos to send home or to use when in a formal setting.

UNIT SPECS: There are 12 units, each with it's own members who make up the unit as grunts, then with its own captain. Then there are the Vice or Assistant Head Captains, which run all 12 Units captains and members alike unless the Head Captain who manages the entire 12 Swords is inactive. Here is a list of how many members make up each unit and such:

There are 12 squads; each squad has one Captain who govern about 6 lesser members. The Vice Captains govern all 12 squads (Captains and Grunts alike), and then Head Captain Governs all of them (Captains, Vice Captains, and Grunts alike).

RANKS: The ranks are pretty basic, not as complex as the ADN ranking system:

-Head Captain: The leader of the entire 12 Swords of Hiiten. Unless Diasuke is unavailable, or has died during the 'plot', the Vice Captain will take his place. (there can only be 1)

-Vice Captain: The leader of the entire 12 Swords of Hiiten. They take position of Head Captain if they are unable to fulfill their role as leader.

-Squad Captain: A leader of one of the 12 units within the twelve swords of Hiiten. They control the actions of entire Squad unless authorized by the Head or Vice Captains.

-1st Class: High Ranking grunt. You can lead a group of 3 within the group

-2nd Class: Medium Ranking grunt. You can lead a group of 2 within the group

-3rd Class: Low Ranking grunt. You can lead one other member within the group

-Recruit: entry into the 12 swords, you always start with this rank and make your way up

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Head Captain Hirojawa

Post  Diasuke Hirojawa on Sat Sep 01, 2012 10:26 pm

Name: Diasuke Hirojawa
Nick Name:

Physical Description-
Age: 38
Sex: Male
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 158 lbs.
Species: Human
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black, long
Body: He doesn't look much, but he is at peek physical fitness for a man of his size.
T.I.R.S. Outfit: Dresspants, TIRS Boots, dress shirt, black tie. He still wears it due to it's special fibers making it a super light heavy armor.

Head Captain outfit: He wears a white haori jacket over top the T.I.R.S. Uniform.

Hometown: Beijio City
Alliance: Neutral

Employment: 12 Swords of Hiiten
Rank: Head Captain
Trained In: Karate, Shinido Style Battojutsu, sword fighting
Sensai/Instructor: Self taught.
Instructed: None

Relationship Status: Married
Medications: None
Allergies: None known of
Health Background: Scar on right side of his face from the eye down, Lost right hand.

A former member of the Beijionese Loyalists during the Beijio Civil War of 2629. During that war, he was a ten year old novice swordsman fighting alongside his 18 year old brother who was killed and he was given a scar down the right side of his face from below his eye by the Captain of Squad 7 of the Hiitengumi. 5 years later, the genius joined up with Rufus Tenik's T.I.R.S. and due to his incredibly deadly skills with a katana, he became a member of the Tenik Industrial Reconnaissance Service's 'Red 5ive' Elite operations group as an Assassin. He remained such for another five long, bloody years; killing former Loyalists and former members of the Hiitengumi as well as other officials; all of them were the same to him. In 2639, he was fired by his 'personal Hero', the Director of the TIRS, Revan Uptincross after a rather heated, and bloody argument. The Director removed his right hand during the conflict, and reveals to him that he prior to becoming the TIRS Director, he was the Captain of the Seventh Unit of the Hiitengumi, and apologizes for what he had done to him ten year prior.
After becoming terminated from the TIRS, Diasuke left for a life of enlightenment. He resided in a temple on Hiiten Island, where he learned more of the Hiitengumi, which he still considered to be his arch enemies, but did admire the teachings they placed upon their members of their group. He was sought after by Nora's DarkSEED after she had taken control of the HighWind, but immediately considered harmless for his disability. By the FINAL RAID, Diasuke, paired up with Revan Uptincross, infiltrated the servers of the Crimson Knight Brigades Military Software, and were able to disable their barriers that made them 'near impervious'. When Sephiroth was killed, and the war overwith, Diasuke heads to Beijio where he suggests to the new Emperor Demianu, of placing some interest in resurrecting the Hiitengumi. The Emperor agrees, and the 12 Swords of Hiiten are born. A special forces group that deals with unusual activities without raising much suspicion and without having to incur the Beijio Military. Diasuke founds this group as it's Head Captain, and has a mechanical right hand installed upon his person. Both traditional, and up to date-there is no discrimination within the rather 'family-like' group.

Weapons: Katanas in general

Possessions: Katana long sword

Special Abilities*:

Shinido Style Battojutsu Technique, Blinding Sakura: Using his Right hand, he performs a swift, near-impossible to predict swing that can pierce any defense, and can even cause wooden swords to slice through metal. (more info will come soon)

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Re: The 12 Swords of Hiiten

Post  Orihime on Sat Sep 01, 2012 11:06 pm

Name: Orihime Hanson

Physical Description-
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs (its...mostly upper body and hips -_-')
Species: human
Eyes: Red-Amber
Hair: A Deep red with a pinkish sheen
Body: young, Curvy, beautiful, athletic


Armored Uniform: wears when she's on active duty

12 swords of Hiiten Uniform/off duty: wears when she's around the base and not needing to fight anyone, or when she's off duty

Bikini: A strictly 'off duty' outfit used when she's walking about Breland or the beaches of the Beiji-Scardia Islands

Hometown: Danton City
Alliance: Neutral-Good

Employment: 12 Swords of Hiiten
Rank: 2nd Class
Trained In: Sword fighting, traditional firearms, spying, charm
Sensai/Instructor: Diasuke Hirojawa, her Mother
Instructed: No one yet

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: None
Allergies: None
Health History: Gunslinger Genes.

The daughter of Rouge Deserter Yoko Hanson, who was unjustly pursued by the Gunslinger Association and many Bounty Hunters for killing her Master. It later proved to be true that she had not killed her Master, but was a victim of corruption that was deep within the GA at the time. So, no longer having to fear being executed, Yoko eventually consummated, and gave birth to our beautiful hero Orihime!! (LOL)
But seriously, Orihime grew up where the Gunslinger Association was at it's most powerful, that being Danton City, former Capitol City of all of Galiavan. She was trained by her mother, and at 15 years of age, she left to become a member of the 12 swords of Hiiten, where she is a 2nd Class (medium rank) member.

Weapons: A Souba, naginatta

Personal items: Money Pouches

Possessions: Hair Clips
Special Physical Abilities:


-Entrancing Dance: Performs a dance that causes enemy to become stunned (if attracted whether male or female) or if not attracted opponent is sent into confusion/stun for two posts

-Morale Boost: Gives an ally a small 'boost' in stamina, and bringing them back from death or KO.

Special Magic Abilities:
-Lightning Rod: Enables the power of electricity to engulf her blade
-Liquid Strike: Forms water off her blade, when it connects with other life forms, they're body begins to freeze where the liquid touches-including from the inside of wounds.
-Dual Flame Strike: Swings a sword with burn-causing status ailments but with twice the damage.

-Hairclip: Physical M Barrier: A triangular shield of orange blocks all physical, magical, and status attacks for 3 turns till it shatters.

-Hairclip: Heal: An orange energy wraps around wounds and brings once separated flesh, poison, what have you-back to normal again.

-Shooting Star: A special technique she uses to blast people away from her with her strike; causes the person to fly back and be stunned for one post.

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Re: The 12 Swords of Hiiten

Post  barduwulf on Tue Sep 13, 2016 10:06 pm

Name: Barduwulf Owain Garamonde
Nickname: Bard, Bardu, Wulf
Age: 36
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 180 ibs
Species: half human
See sig for facial appearance.
Weapons:Right hand: Amanomurakumo(katana) {"Clouds of Heaven"- Sango (translation)}, Yoichinoyumi, longbow.
Clothes: traditional Samurai armor mixed with western plate and chainmail (Nuevo Coselete, Sakonji Kote, Sakonji Haidate, and Danzo Sune-ate), sunglasses

Vehicle: Fenrir Motorcycle(side panels can extend from main body, and with aid of thrusters, it can fly)
Collects various katana and stores them within Fenrir, along with various other things

Good or evil: good

Shukuchi(Reduced Earth): moves body at impressive speed, so much so that it can't be detected by sight

Shin-Shukuchi: enhanced Shukuchi, matches that of scardian speed

Meditate: restores TP(3 post delay until next use)

Hasso: offensive stance, increases attack power and speed(1 post delay until next use, lasts for 5 posts)

Seigan: defensive stance, enhances abilities of Third Eye.(1 post delay until next use, lasts for 5 posts)
(Cannot have Hasso and Seigan active at the same time)

Third eye: anticipation of attacks, can also counter attacks(1 post delay until next use, no recast if seigan is up. lasts for 1 post)

Warding Circle: temporarily weakens Demons(5 post delay until next use. lasts for 3 post)

Sekkanoki: allows one weaponskill to be used with only 100% tp. (5 post delay until next use, lasts 1 post or until one weaponskill is used.)

Sengikori: boosts the power of a skillchain started by my next weaponskill (3 post delay until next use, lasts 1 post or until one weaponskill is used.)

Hamanoha: greatly weakens one demon's abilities. (lasts 3 posts, 10 post recast.)

Konzen-ittai: Readies opponent for a skillchain, allows skillchain with one weaponskill (lasts 1 post, 3 post delay until next use)

Curing Waltz II: Restores some hp to the target(costs 350tp)
Spectral Jig: render's user Invisible and cannot be heard for 2 minutes.(0tp)
Healing Waltz: can remove most status ailments, except petrification.(200tp)
Divine Waltz: slightly heals all allies within proximity of user.(400tp)
Drain Samba II: attacks very slightly restore one's health (like no more than 30hp per hit. counterattacks do not count toward this. Does not work on the undead)(250tp)
Quickstep: reduces a target's evasion, stacks to 5 times, 100tp
Box Step: reduces a target's defense, stack to five times, 100tp
Steps accumulate into finishing moves, maximum of 5 can be had
Desperate Flourish: reduces a target's evasion and weighs them down, decreasing their movement speed
Reverse Flourish: converts finishing moves into tp. (1 into 100tp, 2 into 210tp, 3 into 330 tp, 4 into 460, 5 into 600tp)
Curing Waltz III: Restores a medium amount of hp to the target(costs 500tp)

Weapon Skills:
Tachi: Enpi: two slashes of normal damage
Tachi: Hobaku: a blow to the ground, releasing an upheaval of earth. very minimal damage, but stuns
Tachi: Goten: Blade is enveloped with lightning, and unleashes a thrusting attack, average damage
Tachi: Kagero: strikes blade on ground, releasing an explosion of fire, average damage
Tachi: Jinpu: Two slashes enforced with the power or wind, damage ranges from average to double damage
Tachi: Koki: releases a blast of light from the blade, average damage
Tachi: Yukikaze: a thrusting attack that causes an explosion of ice on impact with an opponent, and can temporarily blind them, high damage(non-elemental damage)
Tachi: Gekko: spinning slash that can temporarily render an opponent of casting any form of magicks, high damage (the image of a moon can be seen around the target during execution)
Tachi: Kasha: Powerful slashing move slightly resembling battojutsu, and can render an opponent paralyzed (an image of A Hanaguruma flower opening and it's petals scattering is seen during the execution of this move)
Tachi: Rana: powerful Three-fold attack, full damage from all three hits.

Tachi: Shoha: Powerful two-fold attack, deals high damage

(Note: not likely if at all to use Enpi through Koki.)

Skillchain: by combining two "Weapon Skills", a special elemental attack can be unleashed

Meikyo Shisui: Allows use of many Weapon Skills, at max power

Dagger: Cyclone: throw dagger to create a small cyclone, weak damage.

Polearm: Stardiver: 3 quick thrusts, followed up with a jump and strike down, medium-high damage.

Bow: Apex Arrow: Fire powerful arrow shot that ignores defense. Medium damage.

Unique weapon abilities: Amanomurakumo is able to manipulate the wind, aiding the wielder with it's power

Tachi: Kaiten: "Sword of Reversed Destiny" focuses power into sword, and unleashes a powerful attack and saps opponent of strength

Yoichinoyumi's arrows can pierce magical barriers.

Namas Arrow: powerful arrow shot.

(Note: not likely if at all to use Enpi through Koki.)

Skillchain: by combining two "Weapon Skills", a special elemental attack can be unleashed

Meikyo Shisui: Allows use of many Weapon Skills, at max power

Stronger skillchains:

Darkness: encompasses target enemy with a sphere of dark energy
Formula: Tachi: Rana, then Tachi: Gekko

Light: Encompasses target enemy with a sphere of pure light energy
Formulas: 1) Tachi: Yukikaze, Tachi: Gekko, and Tachi: Kasha
2) Tachi: Kasha, then Tachi: Kaiten
3) Tachi: Kasha, then Tachi: Fudo

Barduwulf is also decently skilled in  unarmed combat

Limit Breaks:
Tsubame Gaeshi: a Limit break thst reflects and counters Limit Breaks.

Twilight Waltz: A powerful string of attacks, finishing off with a powerful aura-infused attack.

Horizon Line: The finishing blow against Sephiroth. The attack was a joint final push by Tifa Lockheart, Shane Highsworth, and Barduwulf Garamonde, with the souls of those who died that day by Sephiroth's blade empowering the three heroes and their attacks, in a last act of defiance against the War God. This Limit break, besides being a combined Limit Break of Barduwulf, Shane, and Tifa, barduwulf is unable to perform this attack without them, and even then, would require the power those souls provided to pull off. Barduwulf simply named the technique as a small way of honoring those who had lent their strength for this killing blow.

(Character notes: Barduwulf's weaponskills require at least 1000% tp to be used, but can have up to 3000%. the gauge is reduced to 250% after a weaponskill is used, and is regained through melee hits. These points are also use for dances. If the weaponskil misses, tp is reduced to 0, except due to effects of sekkanoki or meikyo shisui)

Bio: The general of the Beijio army, as well as one of the five heroes during the rise of Sephiroth, Barduwulf's story began with his infiltration of the T.I.R.S., though none are certain what he intended to gain from such. Through his adventures, he met his wife, Katsumi, his friends, like Tifa, Shane Highsworth, Leland McKelly, and various others.

He was later asked by the Emperor Demianu, and the Empress Sango, friends from those days, asked him to join the Twelve Swords, both out of respect of his skill, and to honor his late father, general before Busujima, Cyan Garamonde. Both of Barduwulf's parents were killed during his childhood, due to the conflicts in Beijio around 2630. He was later adopted by the Rui family, his surrogate sisters, Shalua and Shelke. Sadly, Shalua was soon killed after aiding Barduwulf infiltrate the T.I.R.S..

During his time before serving as general, he had come into conflict with future member of the Twelve, Fuu Inoue, a rebel against Beijio and a pirate. Part of her criminal status was due to outstanding debts by her parents, which were quickly discovered by Barduwulf to be almost comically small. He decided to pay off the minuscule debt, telling Fuu that "No one should have to pay a debt that isn't theirs." They became fast friends and allies, later working together to thwart Busujima's mutiny against the Beijionese royal family. Their own assassination attempts were bested, as were many of the Busujima Loyalists, but were sadly too late to prevent the death of the Emperor, though thankfully the Empress survived. Some time later, Barduwulf was promoted to general. Now, with the recent attack on the Beijio Palace, the Feniran Insurgency, the death of Ikai Boontai, and attacks by demonic pirates, it seems the general is once again being drawn into conflict....


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Re: The 12 Swords of Hiiten

Post  Tsushi Kuchiki on Mon Oct 03, 2016 11:18 pm

Name: Tsushi Kuchiki
Titles: Lady Kuchiki

Physical Description-
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 128 lbs
Species: Human
Eyes: light green
Hair: Black
Body: A youthful-looking woman of average height. She has green eyes and wears bandages over her long messy black hair that parts down in half at the small of her back. She is missing her right arm and has a tattoo on her left arm.


Default: She wears a white skirt and provocative red robe exposing her ample bosom. She wears bandages around her right shoulder and both ankles. She also has wooden sandals and a cloak.

Hometown: Ryunoshi Island, Beijio-Scardia Islands

Employment: Instructor, Artillery and Explosives Expert, Noble of Beijio. Former Dragon Slayer.
Instructor: Tenik University of Breland
Instructed: Beijio Cannonades

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: None
Allergies: None
Health Background: Violent, Aggressive.

A noble of the Beijionese Court who was once a young dragon slayer, peddling scales for trade till she lost her arm about five years ago. At 19, the huntress became the hunted, attacked by a dragon whom had eaten her right arm, she managed to wound the beast before fleeing with her life. After that near death experience she has taken to the efforts of the Beijionese Military, working as one of the Nobles protecting Beijio from further Strife as a member of the 12 swords.

Weapons: Beijionese Type 45, a short katana mounted on her stub.


Abilities: Enhanced Strength, Keen Intellect, Explosives Expertise, firearms usage.
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Re: The 12 Swords of Hiiten

Post  Fujita Kogo on Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:50 am

Name: Fujita Kogo
Nick Name: Fuji, or by her title: 'General Kogo'; and 'Princess'

Physical Description-
Species: High Elf
Age: 516
Sex: Female
Height: 6'
Weight: 157 lbs
Eye: Gold
Hair: Golden Blond with deep Red streaks
Body/Physical Appearance: Tall and fair skinned, she is a High-Elven woman with long and narrow outward pointed ears with a slight nick in her left ear from an old arrow injury. In terms of body, she is ample with curves, with shapely legs and wide hips with a slightly noticeable thigh gap when standing attention. She has long golden blond hair with deep red streaks and undertones at the tips, and is parted at the center of her forehead with a rogue ahoge strand of hair rising from the part, her side bangs act like side locks, and extend to mid breast. Her bust, to be noted, is shapely but manageable for the Samurai Elf. She has a cataract right eye which she covers with a silk eye patch, which also covers the scar which dealt her the blinding wound. Her eyebrows are thin and shaved in the Ancient Beijionese custom.

Clothes: She wears a personalized mix of light and heavy Samurai armor, with gilded plate Sode, Bevor, Kusazuri, Kote and heeled Suneate. With her armor, she wears black leather half-fingered arm gloves, she wears thigh high, red and gold silk stockings that lack toes, black leather and gold silk trimmed thighless chaps. Her chest consists of a black, red and gold silk leotard, modified with an open bust and open back design with coat tails which run across her butt and behind her thighs, with a high collar and partially attached bellowing sleeves. A red silk obi is fastened around a gilded belt at the center of her being. She wears golden hoop earrings with small charms hanging off them, and a black and gold silk eyepatch over her right eye. To hold her hair in place in the traditional high ponytail style, she uses a golden hair comb that gives the impression of bunny ears like which adorns the crests of some Samurai's Helms.

Hometown: Beijio City
Alliance: Beijio Empire  
Alignment: Neutral

Employment: Former High General of Beijio, Loyalist, Beijionese Noble, Ex Samurai Warrior

Trained In: Resisting Torture, Resisting most potent poisons, deep underwater diving, holding her breath for extremely extended periods of time, Archery, Marksmanship, Demonslaying, Riding Exotic Mounts, Falconing, Santoryu Style Swordmanship, flying Airships, Ancient Elven/Beijionese Script, acrobatics and dance.
Sensei/Instructor: Shinichi Kogo.
Instructed: Those willing to learn and not quit her tutelage.

Relationship Status: Confusing... Widowed, was married 12 times over her long life, 10 males, two females (for hell of it); all were mortals with exception of the lone cat girl. She is currently single.
Medications: None
Allergies: None
Health Background:
Combat Injury Records
Was victim to extreme forms of torture in the 2200's, where she lost her right eye, not giving information to the enemy about the Emperor.
Was killed, but revived thanks to Freyd the Wise in late 2200's.
Experienced intense melee combat
A 'Full Tour' of a rather large Dragon (doesn't want to talk more about it...)
Shot (both gun and arrows/darts)
Broken Limbs
Etc, Etc, Etc...

Fujita Kogo was born in the early Spring of 2141, in the Nation of Beijio to two visiting High Elves from Minktail. Her parents, while travelling the countryside were murdered by Raiders who happened upon their carriage, and before they could kill her infant form, were run off by patrolling Samurai. The head of the guard was Shinichi Kogo, who took the young child as his own, since her parents could not be identified, and wished for her to see a future outside an orphanage. Raising her as his own flesh and blood, she was named 'Fujita' after his late mother, and given the family name of Kogo. Being raised as a human, despite her obvious Elven features was rough, but her foster father and mother loved her all the same; though when she was in her teens she did find out the truth of her origins, which has left her questioning her past even in this current century. Her father instilled patriotism for the land and Empire of Beijio, and even taught her the art of the sword as she got older. When she was 21, she was given the rank of Samurai, but acted more as a rear guard for civil defenses. It wasn't till she was in her 30's when she managed to show her effectiveness on the battlefield when Beijio was under siege by a nightmarish legion under the banner of Dycraura, 'War Goddess of Dreams and Nightmares'. She not only proved her leadership and loyalty, but was pivotal in driving back the invading forces out of the City gates, where she lead the enemy to their slaughter. Her popularity among the other Samurai and Nobles eventually lead to her first, of many marriages. Given how she was not yet sexually mature despite her age (as Elves are not able to produce children till at least 50 mortal years old), the marriage was rocky due to the lack of an offspring. Things got slightly worse when the Shogun bestowed his honors to her, which drove her husband insanely jealous. Not long after her husband's departure, her father passed away, leaving her the head of the Kogo house, which allowed her to retake her family name. Since then, she has not taken the family name of any other of her spouses, not only to preserve the family name, but to also act as a law, that she was head of house and home; what she said goes, and no one else had a right to say otherwise.

Even so, despite her vindictive nature she did get married another eleven times over her long life, but... her perils and conquests of love are a story best suited for another day. In the 2200's, with the Emperor acting as the governing officer of Beijio, she was given the Shogun rank, and was the Head General of the Beijionese Army. Still notorious for her rowdy, bloodthirsty behavior in combat, many questioned her position. At this point in time however, she was also known as the 'Immortal General', given her Elven background, a title that would be given to another several centuries after her fall. She acted rather ruthlessly to the Empires enemies, and made several grizzly warnings not to mess with the Emperor. However, this move eventually backfired when she was captured by Domescadian troops. She was exposed to severe treatments of torture, her captors demanding she relinquish the secrets of the Empire, and of the layouts of the Beijio Palace; but she would not submit. They tortured her, slowly, over the span of three months, resilient against their torture methods, even sacrificing her right eye's vision for the Emperor. By some grace of the divine however, she was rescued before her captors could produce further harm. It took half a year to recover, to rehabilitate with her now impaired vision before she was in the field again.

In 2282, she was still the acting High General of Beijio, labeled for some scrutiny however as she went through a rather damning, sexually active phase. The subject is still 'blurry', and she does not speak of her odd escopades of that period these days, keeping that personal part of her life locked away. In a vault. Under 12 tonnes of lava. In Hell. Guarded by Giant Fire breathing Scorpions made of white fire. With wings.

As the active General in 2282, she saw combat against the Domescadian armies once again, much wiser than she had several years earlier. She defended the Nation against Sephiroth, but was tragically slain in the final battle which took place over the skies of Beijio; the Black Emperor, Abdel Adham was the one who killed her, having proven a capable fighter against him, but not skilled enough. She cannot remember her time being dead, but she was carried off the battle field after her death so that the enemy would not claim her head. Thankfully her soldiers did this, as she was mercifully revived by the War God Freyd, as well as many of the other deceased troops around the war-torn kingdom before Freyd sealed himself away. Once revived, she reclaimed her position. In the 2284, the Emperor set up an elite force so that Beijio would not be so unprepared as it had been two years prior. Called the 'Hittengumi', Fujita acted as the Vice Commander while the Crowned Prince Garamond acted as the Commander of this unit. She helped pick out, and oversee 12 teams made up of twenty-one skilled soldiers and some of the best samurai the Empire had to offer. Counting the Prince and herself, the elite group was 254 strong, with their HQ on the Island of Hiiten off the coast of Beijio. She assisted the young prince, and maintained her High General status in the Capital for another 9 years, when she was discovered having sexual relations with the Prince in 2293. To avoid further scrutiny and tarnishing the Emperor's name, she resigned from her position as Vice Commander and High General, to tend to her Noble house which before falling into obscurity.

In 2629, tensions rose in Beijio after the assassination of Envoys from the Allied Island Nations (Beijio-Scardia Islands). Under a new Dynasty for the last 200 years, with the Garamond's now a Noble family, High General Cyan Garamond sought out an old family friend, Fujita Kogo to ask what side she would be on in this conflict, given she was the only survivor of the original Hiitengumi unit, the group he had been increasingly paranoid of as of late. The Former High General calmly announced she would remain neutral throughout this conflict, as choosing sides got in the way of her lounging around her mansion, and in the way of her growing boredom for the past three centuries. But she did give her successor some advice, that he should plan to bring external forces and utilize otherwise underhanded methods such as using Assassins into the matter. For despite the Hiitengumi's make up was still 254 individuals, these days, they had hundreds, if not thousands of foreigners working as 'recruits in training' to take up the slots of the 21 men and women of the 12 units in the groups entire output. She meant that for each soldier you kill under one of the twelve banners in the Hiitengumi, there will be another to take their fallen comrade's place who was just as trained, if not more skilled than his predecessor. 'An immortal army'.

The High General's fears were soon realized, when the City was attacked by three units of the Hiitengumi, an assassin, and over 500 mercenaries paid by the Hiitengumi. Happening late into the night, the city was engulfed in flames and chaos; this event came to be known as the "Night of a thousand fires". In her part, Fujita organized a group of civilians and town guard ill prepared for battle to help tend to the wounded and put out the fires around the Capital. Drawing her swords once again, she helped defend the civilians from the Mercenaries and help bring order back to the city once the flames of battle were purged. In spite of this, she decided her part in the Civil War would be limited, providing monetary backing to the Imperial forces, and minimal combat related roles.

Once the War was over in 2633, and the group she helped form disbanded, she slipped back into obscurity. It is unknown what she did in the year 2639, but the resurrection of Sephiroth had shook her morale, having seen what he could do first hand centuries earlier. However, in 2640, she was approached by Diasuke Hirojawa about reforming the Hiitengumi into the '12 Swords' she halfheartedly accepted, only going so far to teach him how the units are set up, and the skills which all members should be taught to master.

In the present, this Noble has pretty much insisted she is retired, and acts coarse to many who disturb her at her manor. Even so, despite this newfound antisocial behavior, she attends the Meetings of the Clans every now and then if she felt bothered enough to show up. Regardless of her lulled behavior, she still considers herself a staunch patriot of Beijio.

She was at one point given the ironic nickname of 'Princess', which only a handful are allowed to call her by without incurring some form of corporal and/or verbal punishment.


Weapons: Three Nodachi, which she is capable of using with exceptional skill.

Equipment: Blade maintenance kit, parchment, falconing equipment, quiver.   

Possessions: Mobile Phone.   

Prized Possessions/Personal Items: Unknown.

Special Abilities:
-Magic Resistance: has a certain level of Magic Resistance thanks to her Beijionese heritage.
-Beijionese Breathing: she can hold her breath very long compared to other mortals, thanks to her Beijionese Blood.
-Chi Sense: she can sense the 'chi' flow of individuals nearby, especially those with ill intent.
-Thick Skinned: she has mastered a level of physical training where she can resist the effects of physical attacks dished out to her, making her sturdy and able to keep standing even after heavy blows.
-Bullet Cut: she can slice bullets and repel them with multiple, concise, strikes.
-Adept Archery: Marksmanship is in her Elven lineage, making her quite the formidable ranger.
-Three Swords Style: She can manipulate her long swords in a manner which allows her to utilize all three of her swords in combat, using her mouth/and or heels to take hold of the swords grips as she maneuvers the battlefield with speed and acrobatics.

Magic Abilities:
-Lighting Vein: Summons tendrils of lightning from her right hand, covering a cone shaped field of about 20 feet with electricity with varying amperage she can control, from non-lethal tazing take down to shorting out electrical equipment.
-Fire Ball: Summons a ball of fire in her right palm, when thrown it will bounce about, setting environmental fire damage. The ball gets larger with each bounce, and by the third it explodes with a large plume of explosive fire similar to a grenade in a 20 foot radius.
-Barrier: She can summon a spherical barrier around her and three others for a short while (2 posts), before it shatters and she will need to cool down (6 posts). The barrier resists bullets, environmental damaging assets, and magic, but with enough force or dispelling/anti-material weaponry it can be broken through.
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