Forest Spring

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Forest Spring

Post  SleepingMaiden12039 on Sun Sep 16, 2012 7:25 pm

Deep within the Bamboo woods was a misty spring. There were two individuals at the spring, both female. One clothed, the other bathing:

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The woman bathing, was the Nobununga Clan's newest and youngest leader. Above her, on land was her adviser, Shura. Shura looks down upon the smiling bathing redhead and sighed, closing her eyes. "Madame...we really must be going. We have a scheduled meeting with the other tribes and Clans soon; it is at the uppermost importance to be there in the allotted time." she then pauses when the girl in the water looks up at her with her radiant smile. "Shura...I will be there; but for now let me bathe in peace." she giggles, turning around onto her back, looking up at the misty sky above. "Soon, this spring will be too cold to traverse to. I'd like to have some time alone please. Just head on ahead without me." she said closing her eyes.

Shura grunts. "Madame Nobununga, I cannot leave you by yourself-"
The Clan Leader's eyes open, revealing her crimson reds to the adviser sternly. "-I'm not a child...I can handle my own. Besides, there's no one out here for miles..if there is, I can kill them before they even lay eyes on me." she says closing her eyes again and yawned. "Now go, I'll be there just give me some space." she says with a sigh, sinking deeper into the pools and blowing bubbles up with her mouth.

Shura scoffed, turning away and leaving the Leader alone as ordered, grumbling something as she left.

Alone now, Kasumi opens her red eyes again. " what to do..." she asked herself.

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Re: Forest Spring

Post  SeiferHowling on Fri Oct 05, 2012 8:41 pm

Seifer had been traveling the woods for some time. He had known that women came to dip in the hot springs once in a while, so he hoped he may come across one or two. It was his lucky day to see Kasumi relaxing in the bubbling well. Hiding within the foliage, he gazed upon her beautiful body, eager thoughts racing through his mind.

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