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Post  Vincent Valor on Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:16 pm

Hello, I'm looking for anyone who'd like to join a demon hunting guild, lead by world renowned demon hunter, me-Vincent James Valor.

-You are required to be professional in at least one weapon type, doesn't matter what weapon you fancy.
-Required to be a good analyst and understand the differences between demons and non demonic enemys or monsters
-You can't drink blood. (thats a big hint to me saying you can't be a vampire. Personal reasons for that...)
-You must be able to tolerate an alcoholic leader.
-Bring your own vehicle, gear and weapons. I can provide for the ammo.
-In order to join, you have to speak with me IN the RP world.
Okay, requirements are over with; now I'll tell you what your doing working for me.
You are expected to work for a demon hunting legend. He is a little out of his prime, but still puts up a good fight and is still the leading expert on demon slaying; that again being me.

You will be sent all over the world to investigate sightings of highly demonic activity. If your investigation pans out, you are expected to eliminate any and all demons/monsters responsible by any means necessary.

You are paid greatly for each mission, and Head Quarters for Fallen Valor will be disclosed shortly....as soon as I create both HQ's.

Thank you, and hope to see new candidates soon!
-Vince Valor

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