Secret Tenik Storeroom (basement)

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Secret Tenik Storeroom (basement)

Post  Rufus Tenik on Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:16 pm

Tenik pushes past the waves of endless cobwebs. Clearly the new owner had not found this hideaway as of yet, nor did Rufus suspect who ever ran this dump to know about it. The air had a musty scent, a moldy 18 year old smell. Rufus sighs as he enters the tight room. He shines the beam of his flashlight over to a small worn out desk, beside a now moldy cot in the corner of the small square room. He notices the years of dust upon it's simple wooden plank for a surface. Upon it, was a metallic green military case with the Tenik Emblem engraved upon it. He smiles, reaching for the case and lifting up the lid. Inside was a bunch of medical supplies, most inside were now banned by the A.D.N due to their...'potency' and/or side effects. He takes the entire case and leaves the room and it's contents alone. He could imagine his former Level 7 Clearance ID still upon the desk, covered in 18 years of dust as he exits the room.

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