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Post  Rufus Tenik on Sat Jul 20, 2013 11:13 pm

Setting up Bounties:
Well either you've been found wanted by the ADN (allied defense network), a business, or maybe someone simply wants to place a 'public hit' on you.

You may also be the bounty hunter, or the demon slayer who wants to check up on the quarry and who has a hefty price over their head.

Well how bounties or ''hits'' are set up here on Galiavan goes as follows:

Bounty Type:
There are only 2 types of bounties: PRIVATE and PUBLIC

PRIVATE bounties are topics set by site members to pin onto other site members or even NPCs.

PUBLIC bounties are those set up by the administration.

Be sure to label each topic made here as either PRIVATE or PUBLIC

Rank is the ''danger level'' of said bounties:

S rank: If the bounties are S rank, they are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS

A rank: If the bounties are A rank, they are HIGHLY DANGEROUS

B rank: If the bounties are B rank, they are MODERATELY DANGEROUS

C rank: If the bounties are C rank, they are SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS

D rank: If the bounties are D rank, they are SOMEWHAT DANGEROUS

E rank: If the bounties are E rank, they are a HARDLY DANGEROUS

F rank: If the bounties are F rank, they are BARELY DANGEROUS

Last Known Location:

Speaks for itself, the last known location or the whereabouts of target.


Till I, Rufus Tenik, sets up a true 'site shop' that connects this place to that place, users must pretend or mayhap even give other means of compensation, whether that be a fake monetary, or something a little more 'private' if you catch my meaning.

Demon Hunter Reward:

If the hit is also a demon, an optional choice of adding a separate reward for demon hunters is also available.

Additional Information:

Additional info concerning the target, like habits, tendencies, weaknesses, and the conditions that need to be met to be rewarded.

That concludes this tutorial.

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