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Teri's Show

Post  Col'nabel on Sun Aug 25, 2013 7:35 am

Teri The Bunny

It wasn't actually Ithteca City, but that's where the studio of the real show had been, and so that's what this show imitated. Currently the studio was empty, and I waddled out onto stage, my fat bunny belly rumbling in anticipation of my coming fun. The kids watching at home, albeit watching other things, would see a crackling static on the screen, before they fell forward as if in a dream. They next found themselves right in a seat in the audience, unable to stand up. I waved to them a little, but didn't introduce myself yet. It would be rude to not wait for all my "fans" to arrive. Some of the kids appeared on stage, chosen from the start as participants. But if enough didn't, I'd pick members of the studio audience too.

(Open for young participants, parents seeking their kids, or other characters caught in the middle.)

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