The 67th Floor

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The 67th Floor

Post  Succubus on Thu Sep 26, 2013 2:41 am

The Succubus did her normal rounds, after drifting from the 89th floor to this one with machinegun in hand. She was walking down one of the crumbled corridors when she felt..its presence. It wasn't near the office building, but being a demon and all she could sense this...things evil intent from where she stood. She began to walk towards one of the broken windows, and saw in the far distance a tall tower that was rising from the earth:

Darkstorm Zero wrote:With a sudden rush of insurmountable energy, a huge towering stone structure burst from the ground.

The eerie blue/green runes pulsed with unholy power, and immediately the spire burst forth and coalesced a beam of power from it's apex at the ground a few dozen meters from it's base. The beam produced the first of many Hellgates in the area.

Once the portal had been established, within moments, legions upon legions of monsters and horrors of every shape, size and type into this dimension....

With the gate opening and the bright light entering the sky, the succubus narrows her eyes in a questioning manner. She would make her way over to that site in a few moments, while she reminisced about this..old building.
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