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Post  Arcanda on Wed Jan 05, 2011 1:16 pm

Demon Hunter: Demon Hunter is an American metalcore band from Seattle, Washington. A Christian group, it was started by brothers Don Clark and Ryan Clark. Demon Hunter's members are Christian and express their love for Christ in many of their songs. Although the brothers created the band, only one remains, Don Clark having left the band to take care of his family.[4] As of Early 2010 the band has sold over half a million albums.[5]


Though here in the Galiavan and Mu-Irizk Arena home a demon hunter is a person who possesses the special powers to hunt demons, and in some cases control them..


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Characters: Demon Hunters Empty Re: Characters: Demon Hunters

Post  Alastor on Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:58 pm

Name: Alastor Grey
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180 lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown, curly
Occupation: Mercenary.
Physical appearance: normal build, clean, sometimes stubble

Clothes: Blue Jeans, black leather belt, underwear, White socks, Brown leather boots, White T-shirt, Gray Zip-up hoodie with a dark blue leather/denim jacket overtop, Glasses with transition lenses, Black leather gloves

Medical conditions: Due to a undisclosed incedent, his left arm is a highly customized prosthetic arm. and a left Bionic eye. Has a synthetic skin which can change it's shade to match flesh tones, but will revert to a blue coloring when in combat scenarios. Also due to the same incedent, his physical and mental abilities were increased beyond that of a normal human.

Skills: Sonic Reload lvl4
Enhanced physical abilities.
Strategist, high intellect


Nocturne: -A fully motorized and custom made sword developed by Alastor Grey in the year 2657. Some speculate that the blade may have been made by using drawing board design maps created by Grant Lennox-but whether or not this is true is still highly debatable. It has a highpowered throttle most similarily used in motorcycles to use as a fuel injector to heat the blade up-making it sharper do to it's increased heat.

Nightroad: A large caliber magnum revolver. It chambers six .50 Action Express magnum handgun rounds. The compensator provides less recoil to the user as it is fired.

Cyber Arm: has hidden blade and .45 gun with 6 rounds. inside, can also shift into a more feral appearance with claws. Also, it is made of an unusual organic metal, able to become larger than one would think (think Devil Bringer from DMC4) as well as a grappling function.

Characters: Demon Hunters PMG_Myweapon60.jpg?t=1303840326
PMG Submachine gun: An Uzi automatic handgun that has been used by most private military and security forces. One such would be the Azula Moon Base. The weapon fires a magazine of 45 rounds of 9x19mm ammunition. Easy to use, and reliable. Can be fired like a rifle or in one hand like a pistol.

Bionic eye: X-ray vision, Geiger counter, targeting system, night vision, heat vision.

Air Shoes: Upgraded boots, allowing quick dash(dash), air slide(mid-air evade), and air step(double jump).

He has also recently learned Parkour.

Hilariously, he is able to summon a bucket of popcorn and a roll of duct tape for comedic effect.

He is the bastard son of Rufus Tenik & Selphie Lennox.

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Characters: Demon Hunters AlastorGrey-2.jpg?t=1310766559
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Characters: Demon Hunters Empty Re: Characters: Demon Hunters

Post  Aika on Thu Mar 31, 2011 10:29 am

Name: Aika
Nick Name: Ai
Age: ??
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 121 lbs
Species: Kitsune
Sex: Female
Hometown: Yakamakoto island
Eyes: Red
Hair: Long, light brouwn. Fox ears and Bushy fox Tail.
Good or Evil?: Neutral
Trained by: Self-Trained
Force User: nope
Occupation: Unemployed/voice actress for an anime series/Part-time Demon Huntress
Rank: n/a
Physical featurez: Athletic and extreamly fit, Bust size: D, beautiful & Foxlike Razz; a three clawed scar on her left upper thigh.
-DarkSEED Vulcan Sniper Rifle
-Strider "Elegance" Stockless

Clothes: scarf, dark blue and red bikini top, dark blue spandex fingerless gloves, gold chopsticks in hair, dark blue short shorts, silver belt, dark blue and red cowboy boots, sheer knee high socks. Skull Hair clip.

Personal items: Skull Hair clip: Opens up to give the user survival equipment such as a lighter and some special medication.
Possessions: First aid kit, Radio, Skull Hair Clip, thigh holster for her Strider "Elegance" Stockless shotgun, strap attached to Vulcan Sniper Rifle to carry around; Jeep.

Medical Conditions:
Traits & Skills: Agile body, superb balance, high sensory detail, great reflexes; Long Jump: can jump farther distances than most humans with ease

Limit break: Nine-Tailed Fox: Transforms into the mighty beast for up to a duration of only five minutes before transforming back and lacking clothes :^_^\\\':
Character Date Status: Single
Taste Stats: *****

Story: A demon hunter part time, a voice actress for a cheaply drawn anime, and overall a young kitsune (young by her species terms) who simply needs to make a living for herself. Pretty strong despite her slender frame, she can weild a Strider Two Barrel stockless as if it were a handgun and fire both barrels at once-even more so she can carry the Vulcan Sniper Rifle she owns as if it were made of plastic. She is currently in the country-continent of Rolan. She is single, witty, and up for a fight if need be-as long as there is a good time in the end, she's fine.

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Characters: Demon Hunters Empty Tasha Fallensky

Post  Tasha on Mon Apr 25, 2011 9:43 am

Name: Tasha Fallensky
Age: 26
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 123 lbs
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Hometown: Jemial City
Eyes: dark blue
Hair: brown, short (just like sig)
Good or Evil?: Neutral Good
Occupation: Dragon Slayer/Unofficial Gunslinger Fanatic
Trained by: many people, but no one in particular aside herself
Force User: no

Weapons: Halcon Semi-Auto Rifle, Regardia La Familia DUEX*

Clothes: Blue jacket that cuts off at mid-torso and with a deep plunge with leather straps that run acrossed her prominent torso and buckle to her curves and with buttons that fasten the shirt to her chest securely; brown leather choker; Gold hoop earrings on both ears and with a brass ball-bearing earing on her left ear; a tiara in her hair; black gun-metal wrist bracers on both arms; black leather fingerless gloves on both hands; a metal gauntlet on her left arm; a blue frilled mini-skirt held onto her by two leather belts (one of which connects to a metal rear Faulde she has on); Blue thigh-high cloth stockings that cling to her legs; brown leather boots.

Personal items: Regardia La Familia DUEX*

Possessions: camping supplies; Ammunition:
Ammo Type:Ammount in Stock
Flame Shot: 5
Aero Shot: 8
Tranqulizer: 10
High Power: 22
Heavy Caliber: 39
Anti-Aircraft: 18
Large Bore: 56

Physical featurez: blue eyeshadow, lipstick, Bust is prominant but you dont need to know the size; average fit.

Medical Condition(s): Dragon nip?- A strange condition that effects the body after one consumes certain dragon meat over and over again. Now forever she becomes a target for Dragons who will come after her if they are in her vacinity. It is really hard to break free of this for the scent she gives off is too good to pass up for the common predatory dragon.

Taste Stats*: Due to some medical conditions, completely intoxicating to dragons-for some reason she tastes so delicious to dragons in particular that upon eating her they become drunk off her taste and are instantly tipsy.

Special Abilities*: Far-Shot: Can increase the range in which she fires her weapons by adjusting the power of her bullets; mug; cause drunkeness in Dragons if devoured??

Gunslinger Abilities: The Sight; Bullet Barrage (lvl 3/10).

Limit Break: Charged Shot: Channels energy within her gun and fires a more potent ammunition round that increases it's effectiveness by 10 times.


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Characters: Demon Hunters Empty Both bait and executioner! :p

Post  Satori on Fri Jun 17, 2011 9:16 pm

Name: Satori Kabuki
Underworld Title: "Joshi Kousei of Death"
Age: 18
Height: 5'6.553"
Weight: 117 lbs
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Hometown: Beijio City
Eyes: blue green (beijionese)
Hair: blue
Good or Evil?: Neutral
Occupation: student/demon slayer
Force User: no

-Weapon of choice: Katana & Satori's Custom Handguns

-Weapons (traditional)**: Kabuki's Ceremonial Nodachi, Imperial Claws.

-Weapons she can use: light weight poles swords and knives and clubs; as well as lightweight fire-arms


-School girl/Demon hunting outfit (default): A school girl uniform with thin leather gauntlet gloves and a pair of shiny spandex thigh high socks; white loincloth and sarashi.
Characters: Demon Hunters Satori45.jpg?t=1308410595

-Night robe: A simple white robe and white silk panties. (was her default on Galiavan Nightmare)
Characters: Demon Hunters Satori.jpg?t=1304210988

-Traditional**: A ceremonial blue spider-silk kimono with gold depictions of dragons and with metal plated hem; black metal and leather shinobu armor (greaves, gauntlets, paulderons, faulde; etc); black leather fingerless gloves, leather belt wrapped around waist, white loincloth, black metal and leather bandana; red spider silk scarf laced with the anti-disolving magic (makes her impervious to digestion).
Characters: Demon Hunters SatoriTraditionalnew.jpg?t=1308409728

Personal items: Special Ribbon: A red ribbon given to her during her childhood by a young boy as a gift. She has it in her hair.

Possessions: concealable katana, Satori's Custom handgun:

Characters: Demon Hunters SatoriCustomhandgun.png?t=1308375658, Characters: Demon Hunters SatoriCustomhandgunlaser.png?t=1308375658.

Physical featurez: A blue haired young woman who is cunning, intelligent and with a cool personality. She also at times can be very energetic; generally depends on what you think by looking at her signature because i'm too modest too Razz

Medical Condition(s): NA yet.

Taste Stats: Unknown; first one to eat me can say, kay? haha Razz

Taste Stats**: Has a taste-but provides no nourishment

Special Abilities (default):
-Disguise Aura: can mask her presence as of a non-hostile and average school girl; thus allowing large hungry monsters to come to her without caution.
-Chi-Swing: uses inner spiritual and physical strength to utilize the optimal use of her razor sharp sword.
-Mixed maritial arts: Uses some physical attacks to break the concentration of opponents
-Free Running: can climb heights without much effort and without climbing gear.
-Wall Run: can run against walls for short periods of time
-Sword Step: Can support her weight on any blade/pole
-C.Q.C Disarm: Can take an enemy's weapon advantage away by immobilizing their arm and striking nerves in their hand that causes them to loose the sensation of gripping and effectively stuns the limb. The arm is numb for about a post.
-C.Q.C Field Strip: If a projectile weapon, such as a gun is pointed at her within a range of 3 feet or if she gets within 3 feet of the gun-she can quickly and easily strip the weapon of its basic parts needed for it to perform in a matter of seconds.
-Sword Grab: Concentrating her energy, she can catch the blade of an opponents downward swing.
-Precision Shooting/throwing: She is quite a marksman, and has an impecable steady aim even in the most frantic of situations.

Limit Break: Kiyome no gishiki: A circle of light below her feet glows-and transforms Satori into her traditional uniform where she can use her Traditional Costume's skills. She cannot use firearms while in this state-or rather she prefers not to.

Special Abilities (traditional)**:
-Flame Strike: Swings the blade with baptism by fire, and scorches the target and wounding them at the same time. She can ony use this swinging horizontally.
-Advancing Flame: Stabs sword into the ground and sends gizers of flame towards target. She is left vulnerable when she uses this attack, for she has to remain crouching till the flame either hits or passes the target.
-Mist Escape: If grappled, she can escape the grapple by transforming into mist by prayer. Can only use once.
-Teleport: Can teleport from one place to another in a space of about 12 feet. Can't use repetitively and minimized to only 3 times use before fatigue.
-Super Parkour: Can run up and climb higher structures with ease
-Revert: Returns to default costume. *Note-she can't keep the Traditional outfit on because it is a spiritual manefestation of clothing that no longer exists. Therefore-win or lose-at the end of battle it reverts back to her default or other alternate costumes)

An "average school girl" at a Beijionese school for young women. Attractive and unmodestly popular in the region. She had met a young man named Jack and considered him a very weird individual who could be on par with 'stalker'.
While she's not pulling off the school girl act, she goes out and slays demons for a modest profit. In this underworld, she plays the part of both the bait and executioner; and has thus been considered very successful so far-earning her the nickname: "Joshi kousei of Death"

Personal stuff (2/9 unlocked):

-She like's guns and swords: Alastor's Nightroad (revolver) and Nocturne (long blade) are intriging to her; and she wants to get a closer look at them.
-She thinks kittens, cats, and Neko's are adorable ^-^
-Satori and Saeko were good friends, till each other's role model faced off in mortal combat
-Satori's bust size is actually slightly larger than stated. Its because of her sarashi that they are bound tighter against her body for faster mobility.

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Characters: Demon Hunters Empty Re: Characters: Demon Hunters

Post  Vincent Valor on Fri Oct 14, 2011 12:47 pm

Name: Vincent James Valor
Nickname: Vince
Age: 43
Height: 5' 10"
sex: male
hair: dark brown, low ponytail
eye: blue

Clothes: a short sleaved leather coat, Army green Military jacket overtop, darkbrown button up shirt , black leather fatigues, black fingerless gloves. A Slouch Hat. Black eyepatch on left eye.

1.)A Falcon 5 Combat Sniper Rifle [gun]
2.)Breland Type 56 Assault rifle [gun]
3.)A TARU .357 [gun]
4.)AMI Tarus's: two enhanced rapid fire action .45's automattics [Primary handguns]
5.)Transedge+Ragnarok (the War God Freyd's blade) [sword]
6.)Combat knife and Bowie knife [knives]
7.)Beijio-Civil War era Mauser Beijionese Pistol[gun]
8.)Lever action shotgun [gun]
9.)Frag grenades (x2)

New Weapons:
1.)Vincent Valor's Izhevsk All Purpose Rifle [Primary Assault gun]
2.)"Black Bolt" 50AE HandCannon [back up handgun]
3.)DRG 'Witch' .45 Auto Revolver [Primary handgun]
4.)Valor's Machete [Primary Knife]
5.)Combat knife and Bowie knife [backup knives]
6.)Beijionese Type 45 Mauser[Special handgun]
7.)West Ithteca Arms Shotgun w/Under-slung grenade launcher[shot gun/grenade launcher]
8.)Frag grenades (explosives x10)
9.)Grandpa's Musket

HIDDEN.) Two enlengthend .22 stainless double derringers that slide out from under his coat when needed;( they also can be silenced for covert missions). [gun]

Items: Lighter, tranciever

possessions: A self custom 'Stealth Quick draw' mechanisms, that is attatched to the arms, and when the .22 derringers are holstered in, he can flick his wrist, and the gun will slide up the arm and into his "ready-to-fire" hands.

Neo-Mjolnir: A black customized Chopper Motor-bike with silver break levers, and chrome rims. The tires are composed of a material that enables the ability to run on unstable or rough to coarse terrain, with shocks that enable the bike to be lifted up for landing on steep jumps; the bike has a built-in sheath, that can be used to hold Vince's katana, and is oiled to enable a quick and stable "slash", when confronted by "unwanted visitors". He is able to a variety of moves with his two main foot long handguns while driving...

Special Skills: Last Call: Drinks specially made liqours that enable him several of useful skills-however he has a limit of three drinks only-any more causes him to throw up and cause all the previous three drink's effects to wear off.

-Ithteca Whisky: Allow's "Fire Breath" when added to matches.
-Hiiten-Gumi Paralyzation Sake: Alows him to perform the '静寂しばらくの間' or "stillness spell", which makes the opponent to become 10 times as heavy as they naturally are each time he snaps his finger-but becomes powerless once the enemy finds a way around it, thus the reason Vince is imune to it.
-Izhevsk Vodka: Allow's him to perform "Flame Strike" with his blades when he pours it onto them.
-Rolan Gin: Allows him to heal gashes and wounds.
-Scardia "Fine-Wine": Allows him to quicken his speed by 10 times, allowing him to be temporarily a scardian-before he throws up
-Feniran Bourbon: Allows his resistance to elemental spells to be at a maximum and has no effect on him for the duration of the battle.

Story: Son of the legendary demon hunter Steven Valor, the Valor family is a long line of demon hunters. Now as the last member alive of the Valor line, he continues his family's work. He still is wrecklace as always, as he trys to make the world demon free. He lost his right eye to a demon when he confronted the daughter of the leader of the vampire clan that killed his family. He was seduced by her-and when he snapped back to reality-a demon drew an umbrella and ran it through his eye.
He now wears an eyepatch and some new clothes.

He lost his team, his sword and later on most of his reputation. He still resides in the old place, but he's been struggling to figure out if he should rebuild his father's legacy, or let sleeping dogs lie.

Likes: Liquor, Sake, Women, and s3x.

Dislikes: Vampires. Yes, some are so damn adorable, but they conjure bad feelings about the past...

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Characters: Demon Hunters Empty Re: Characters: Demon Hunters

Post  Mink on Wed Apr 03, 2013 6:03 pm

Name: Mink Alutari
Nickname: Ebony
Age: 25
Height: 5' 10"
sex: Female
hair: a white, light purple
eyes: green
Species: Dark Elf
Hometown: Domescadia
Physical Features: Dark skinned, tattoo on her midsection.

Clothes: Brown worn out and nicked witches hat, a brown leather corset that comes down in the back like a cape with green lining, brown leather hip hugging thong with a leather hip holster on her left hip, brown leather steel toe boots with green lining and laces. Black thigh high stockings with leather fringe, black spandex fingerless gloves under leather arm guards. Her right arm guard has a hologram projector and on board computer. Attached to that, is also a grapple gun with a 1000 ft magnetic reach.  

Bikini: Not worn most of the time, but purchased it when she first arrived in Ithteca Very Happy

Characters: Demon Hunters MinkBikini1_zps1067f876

-A large double edged buster type blade that is larger than her whole body.
-A blackwood Mintail Short Bow

Characters: Demon Hunters Combatrevolver.jpg?t=1301765806
-Combat Revolver
-A slightly more compact version of the Classic Revolver. It chambers six .44 magnum shells. It has a medium sized barrel and is built for mid to short range combat.
Items: Lighter, tranciever

possessions: ammunition, a leather side bag to hold her possessions. Her on board computer Razz

Special Skills:
DarkFlame Arrow: Embues arrows with black flames that cause a flurry of darkness to slowly consume the target till they are unable to move.

A young Dark Elf from Domescaidan wilds. A very capable huntress at a young age, she has hunted everything from small to large game. But now, she's going for the bigger package. She's after demons now, and she's put her services out into the world to help alleviate an ever growing demon epidemic. First though, she's heading to Ithteca-seeking out one of the most legendary Demon Hunters ever known.

Likes: Liquor, Sake, s3x, brisk fighting, hunting excursions, and making money.

Dislikes: Perverts, extreme cold, and scent of gasoline.

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Characters: Demon Hunters Empty Re: Characters: Demon Hunters

Post  Ennis Erauqs on Fri Sep 06, 2013 11:11 pm

Name: Ennis Erauqs

Age: 15
Height: 5' 6"
sex: Female
hair: Blue long
eyes: Ocean Blue
Species: Human
Hometown: Ithteca
Physical Features: fair skinned, well toned and quite 'ample and endowed' despite her age.

Clothes: Combat Nun outfit: Essentially a tight fitting navy blue combat suit made with durable spider webbing threads, fingerless gauntlets and armored boots, a tunic that is buckled at the sides with strong leather straps, and a Mitre.

Weapons: A hardy compact crossbow, a holy sword, and the Holy Rod.

Characters: Demon Hunters EnnisCrossboq_zps00898f38

Characters: Demon Hunters Ennisswordpose_zps5ed3d197


Special Skills:
-Holy light: Can cast 'Holy' Magic that deals damage against all sorts of demonic entities
-Pray: Can heal others with a form of magic that imitates prayer
-Light Arrow: Can imbue an arrow with holy magic and cast it out against the darkness! (LOL WOW)

A young woman who was born into St. Micheals Cathedral's Combat Program. Since the age of five she has been trained to be a skilled warrior priestess and trained to specifically combat demons of any type and dispel evil auras as well as perform regular battle against them.

Likes: peace & tranquility, the goodness within others and children

Dislikes: unneeded brutality, bloodshed and death.

without hat:

Characters: Demon Hunters 1_zps666c99b8

Characters: Demon Hunters 2_zps0c2599f1

Characters: Demon Hunters 3_zps1544b67d

Characters: Demon Hunters 4_zpse246afbf

Ennis Erauqs

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Characters: Demon Hunters Empty Re: Characters: Demon Hunters

Post  Chie Arakawa on Fri Jan 30, 2015 4:18 pm

Name: Chie Arakawa

Age: 21
Height: 5'9"
Sex: Female
Hair: Silky Black
Eyes: Red
Species: Human
Hometown: Yakamoto Island
Physical Features: A partially tanned athletic and beautiful young woman with incredibly long black flowing hair, usually held back in a ponytail and with bangs similar to that of a Hime cut.


Islander Priestess:  Wafuku, or Traditional Clothes worn by the Island Priestess. It consists of a Priestess Scarlet Yukata made of breathable fibres to make wearing some of the more 'heavy' garments more comfortable to wear in the humid tropical environment of Yakamoto Island. The red hakama is ventilated to bring air to the legs, as is the kimono portion which is sleeveless for equal ventilation. A cute red bow has been fashioned from the obi that is tied off at the upper portion of the chest to provide support for the breasts as well as tie off the kimono's tabard like shape to the hakama. The tight and skin indenting straps of a black and red string bikini and triangle top are visible, are is portions of the triangle top itself; this is also to provide comfort to the priestess in the hot environment of Yakatoro Island. White and red bridal gauntlets connect to red and black fingerless gloves with bronze knuckle coverings for hand protection. A beautifully crafted bronze arm bracelet is worn on the upper left arm, as well as a matching bronze choker around her slender neck. Gold hair accessories hang from Chie's hair, and her ponytail is held via a ornate gold and white silk head piece and band that has an ornate red bow tied to it. She wears whit toeless heeless socks with straw sandals for foot wear.

Characters: Demon Hunters 423615a6-8d9b-4bb0-84df-fc3c89bbe343

Full Kimono: Characters: Demon Hunters Sample-9948452af38475533b21309a69affee0

Priestess Kimono: Characters: Demon Hunters C5fb8c41fe0ad86a78db52b671f4bd4f

Melee: Butterfly Blade: A full length blade. It's blade doubles as it's hand guard, and it was a weapon that originates from Ninja warriors. Characters: Demon Hunters Destroyer-ninja-sword

Side Arm: N/A...yet.

Long Range: Heretic Composite Bow: A mechanized high powered pneumatic bow that increases the pull weight at the user's whim to double the original string pulls poundage (at the loss of waiting for the bow to pull the string). This makes the bow's projectiles able to penetrate through solid rock or hardened armour like butter. It takes a post to super charge the bow, and it can only fire a single projectile accurately while in this power up mode. Characters: Demon Hunters Heretic_composite_bow__top_view_by_samouel-d4qtdzx_zpsa60fbcbd

Items: Boxed lunch, Purifying Sutras (500 sheets), Holy Water (10 Bottles), Prayer Beads, Notebook, ink pen.

Possessions: A large quiver filled with heavy harpoon arrows (30), a tube of explosive tipped arrows (5), a tube of napalm arrows (5), a harpoon arrow smelting kit, a leather satchel bag to hold her possessions. 500 feet of braided rope.

Special Skills:

Rope Dart Shot: Fires a penetrating arrow with the 'Heretic Bow' to ensure penetration, with a portion of the rope tied to the arrow. Once it strikes the enemy, she can either pull them towards her, or use them as an 'anchor', or string them high.

Purifying Harpoon: Blesses the harpoon, causing any with evil intentions to back away from it's mark or to writhe in uncontrollable pain  for a brief period (1 post).

Grapple Shot: Using the Heretic bow as a grapple gun, she can fire a penetrating arrow with rope attached at any hard surface then almost instantly she will zip up to that surface, using the bow's mechanical properties to zip up the line. Unlike the rope dart shot, this skill can only be used with a Heretic Bow.

Purification Aura: While sitting in a prayer position, she can protect herself with a purifying aura. She cannot break her concentration or else the barrier will have little effect, but it can ward off many mental and physical ailments, but only for a brief period anyhow. If people huddle close to her, she can also protect them as well. The skill saps a lot of strength and mental awareness from her, and makes her physically weak once the duration ends. Duration: 10 posts maximum. Recharge: 50 posts

Quickdraw (Heretic Bow): If the Heretic Bow is in it's collapsed state and then drawn, it will automatically set it self to it's 'super charged' mode, allowing an arrow to double its power, range, and piercing ability all in one post without having to wait for the additional post delay. However, in order to perform Quickdraw again, the Heretic Bow has to be in it's collapsed store awayed state again.


A young woman who is from a traditional line of Priestess's and Demon Slayers. She herself, performs exemplary in the latter, and considers herself more 'modern' in terms of the Priesthood. She often has a kind heart, but do not piss her off, for her wrath is quite debilitating and may cause nightmares. Otherwise, she is a bit boyish and rough though again if one labels her as such she may go off the deep end. She is quite in love with technology, having spent most of her life on an island devoid of any electronic appliance with the exception of a radio used to communicate to other cities as well as the ADN or the Beijionese Government.

Currently, she is on a pilgrimage to slay 99 demons, before she can return home and be awarded with the Mark of Passage, which will allow her to sever her loyalties to her Village and finally become a 'woman of her own'.

Likes: Tea, Sake, paintings, 'modern things', some traditions, glasses, hunting excursions, and generally helping those who are being harmed by demons.

Dislikes: Demons, bugs, people with purely evil intentions, peeping toms, pure traditionalists.
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Characters: Demon Hunters Empty Kisara

Post  Jynx-Soo on Fri Aug 28, 2015 11:36 pm

Name: Jynx-Soo Kisara
Nick Name: Jynx, or 'Kisara' for formalities

Physical Description-
Age: 37 (physically in her 20's)
Sex: Female
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 119 lbs
Species: Cambion
Eyes: Red
Hair: Black
Body: An average height humanoid half demon with mid-back long black hair which is usally held back into a high ponytail with asymetric bangs (right side longer than the left) and blunt bangs cut just above the eyebrows. She has thick thighs, shapely legs, a toned buttocks and central core region of her abdomen, but otherwise a thin waist and medium breasts. Her arms are toned, and express her strength by only a fraction, and she als has long fingernails, and somewhat tanned skin. She appears to be of Beijionese (Asian) descent, but her origins are a tad more demonic in nature.

-Robe of Leviathan: A simple and scandalous garment, this demonic robe is made of a special kind of silk that is only made in the Demon Realm, and is adorned with bronze like demonic plate and pieces. The silk is red and black, woven with the 'souls' of those devoured by the demonic spiders who weave it's threads, and stained with the blood of fallen demonic nobles. It is a garment that regenerates when torn or cut or stabbed through, and can withstand the strongest of heats, and coldest of areas, as well as repel acids from breaking it's binds. The armored bronze pieces are of light demonic forge make, shaped into the faces of demons who have long since passed into the 'void'. It is said that such an elegant and noble light clothing can only be removed by its user, and no one else after it is worn. Though if it's user becomes deceased, it no longer binds to it's wielder, but only if they are fully dead.

Description: A demonic looking hairpiece which holds her hair back into a ponytail with a red streamer like ribbon tieing it off, a black and red scantaly clad garment that shows off her bodice, showing off the under swells of her breasts with a ring holding a pair of straps of her top, and also shows off her upper shoulders and part of which falls across her ass like a red tabbard while her sleeves appear 'detached' with demonic armored pieces adorning such; a black ribbed high leg thong with red trim with another demonic armor piece that goes across the upper bikini line and holds the tabbard in the back; demonic armored pieces buckled onto her thighs, and a pair of black high heeled knee high boots.      

Characters: Demon Hunters 8da0c62732f75684891354ce9c48b87d

Hometown: Unknown region in the Demon Realm
Alliance: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral-Evil

Employment: Demon Huntress  

Trained In: Demonic magic, swordplay, Illusion, Slyness, alcohol & tobacco tolerance, Corrupt Chakra, Natural Finesse, Naturalized (human), Nimble Dash, Seduction, High Acid Resistance, Regeneration, Skin Repair, reattaching limbs/detached body parts[1], Scythe Play, Demonic Lineage, Demonic Soul Destruction, Sealing Magic, Resistance to Fire, Resistance to Ice/Snow, High Resistance to mortal inflicting wounds (arrow piercing, bullets, swords of human/mortal make).
Sensei/Instructor: ...
Instructed: None

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: None
Allergies: Bad Pickup Lines, Strawberries.
Health Background:
-She smokes pipe tobacco and drinks Alcohol which has no effect on her body, mind or vision.
-She can take otherwise fatal blows or damage that would otherwise kill or maim humans or mortals.
-She has enhanced physically hidden strength, untapped agility, and reflexes than that of the standard human.
-She can perform otherwise dangerous and unrestricted skills and demonic powers.

A bastard child born from the unwilling intercorse between her Mortal mother stolen into the Demon Realm, and her Demon father of Noble blood. She was born before her mother was devoured, and was raised as a slave to her Demonic father's family, not understanding that she was half demon. Due to her Demonic Lineage though, she would recieve visions of her mother being tortured through her father's eyes, and could understand the scrawlings of demonic writing. Still, she only thought of herself as 'human' for many years despite the nightmares. She only found the truth upon reading the Master's Journal, which she discovered her true origin and that her Master was her father. Outraged for being treated the way she had for so many years, she slew her 'father' with his own scythe and murdered his family.

Backstory aside, she now lives as a Demon Huntress, who, will use almost any means necessary to slay a target. With her knowledge of her Demon history, and all the 'flashbacks' of her mother's death, she has no qualms of letting innocent mortals getting killed in the process of her 'hunts'; having become desensitized to such things long ago.  


Weapons: Kurenai: An ebony, feral looking double sharpened long blade scythe made for two hands. Scythes are weapons that are popular with the noble classes of demonic hordes in all demonic realms. This two handed weapon is one of demonic origin, and is adorned with a weighted end, allowing for more momentum when swung.

Possessions: Cash Inero, Tobacco Inero, Bento Box (to store food),

Current Food Items: 8x Apples, 2x Rice Balls, 1x Jar of Demonic Essence, 2x Demonic Swine Meat

Prized Possessions: Ebony Kiseru: A Beijionese (Asian) style smoking pipe. Otherwise a common sight, for some reason Kisara has some physical attachment to it.

Special Abilities:

Demonic Magic

Demonic-Fire- She can extruthe a red and black fire from up to 6 feet away from her body either via her Scythe, Melee weapons or limbs. The flame is searing hot and can burn on contact.

Nightmare Illusion- She can set up a false sense of reality, that is eeriely true to it's user, in which they are trapped in a nightmare of their own devices.

Devil Trigger: N/A

Blood Scythe: Creates an arc of demonic energy from her scythe in a ranged form, to slice distant targets.

Low-Light Vision: She can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.

Succubi Seduction- Though she isn't of a Succubi blood line, she can perform something similar to a Succubi's skills. A form of mind control, this 'seduction' is a simple and common skill. By using her feminine wiles, and, or by meeting the gaze of a target, she can temporarily stun a target and make them inable to move. This type of mind control is purely by magic, mind you, and can be broken by certain magics, or wards.

[1]This only is possible as long as her head remains intact.

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Characters: Demon Hunters Empty Re: Characters: Demon Hunters

Post  Vivian Highswallow on Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:39 pm

Name: Vivian Highswallow
Nickname: Viv
Codename: Light Nighthawk

Characters: Demon Hunters 6c9d915e51a77fd5165c59eabf5b1fe9_zpshwdycy8y

Physical Description-
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7
Weight:  125 lbs

Species: Human
Eyes: Deep Sapphire 
Hair: Dark Red, long
Body/Physical Appearance: An average height young woman in her late teens with a curvaceous body with an admittedly nice pair of ti--er, large breasts, and a well rounded buttocks. She has thick, athletic thighs leading down long slender legs. She has a descent upper body strength as shown from her moderately muscular arms and shoulders which have been possible thanks to her strict military style regiment of exercise and working out she has done over the countless years of her youth into adulthood. She has a pristine, beautiful youthful face with large deep sapphire eyes and lush glossy pink lips. Her hair is a dark red color, and runs down to the small of her back with triangular fringe around her forehead. She sometimes wears a ribbon in her hair (if she is in School Uniform), and always wears the silver cross necklace with the red gem set into the top of the cross around her neck. She's a little on the plumper side, but to her, it's alllll curves


Vivian's Holy Garb: A traditional royal blue set of robes with gold embroidery and white silk lining. In Vivian's case, her robes are in the shape of a tabard style cleavage dress with a double slit and white frilled lace around the open portions of her cleavage cut out, serving as her ''support'' for her ''dangerous duo''. She also wears white silk elbow gloves, a black belt with gold buckles holding the sheath for Scarlet Ghost on her left hip, white cotton leggings with gold trim and white garter belts, black garter holsters for each of her four Silver Daggers on both thighs (2 sheaths per side), black leather thigh high heeled lace up boots, white full lace panties (not a thong as you can clearly tell Razz) and a habit for her head gear. Black and gold wrist and back of hand protection guards on both hands. 
Characters: Demon Hunters 1191c12dd114512bcd1cb679501a8baa_zps3galykrp
Other Picture (backside):

Characters: Demon Hunters 6ab53de600e995024d275fa76356ed71_zps4rk2ijxv

St. Micheal's Cathedral School Uniform (Default Equip): Vivian's standard attire when she is not doing her Knightly duties, and is instead trying to rank up to Knight-Sergeant. A school uniform with a dark jacket with dark purple lapels and cuffs, a white silk dress shirt, a royal blue necktie, a purple pleated mini-skirt, dark thigh band pantyhose, white full panties under said pantyhose (definitely not a thong when you look at it ;P), a leather garter holster on her left thigh for two of her Silver Daggers, black leather calve high lace up boots with white frilled lace interior. She wears a white and silver bow ribbon on the left side of her head in her hair instead of her habit and the same silver cross as with her other outfit.  
Characters: Demon Hunters 438da1f96a2c1dd33630496ce2ab09f6_zpssbmhukps
School Uniform (backside):
Characters: Demon Hunters Bea12c7862a5e73f668f87d79e748f77_zps8dfmf9gg

Nationality/hometown:  Scardian, Ithteca City
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Employment: Member of 'The Sanguine Shroud'
Rank: Knight

Trained In: Demon Hunter Training, Read Magic, Detect Chaos/Evil Law, Detect the Faithful, Hallowed Beacon, Bless, Sanctuary Barrier, Magic Circle against Evil (Abjurent Salt Required), Swordplay & Swordsmanship, Combat Training, Riding Exotic Mounts (Galiavan Toad, Bluwyrk).
Instructor: Many teachers at St. Micheal's Cathedral School of Demonic Exoricism 

Instructed: None

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: Medicinal poultices and energy drinks
Allergies: None
Health Background: Healthy as an ox!

A young woman who is a follower of the Eastern Cathedral of St. Micheal, and is a member of The Sanguine Shroud. Like Monks and Priestess' in the Western section of the continent of Gailden in the far reaches of Beijio, the followers of the Shroud are exorcists and priests who seal evil and vanquish the damned, but have a different practice on doing so. They wear the proud royal blue robes and arm themselves with blessed blades to vanquish darkness and wayward demons. There are 11 ranks of the Sanguine Shroud: starting with Squire at the bottom, and ending with Sentinel at the very top of the Knightly order. Vivian Highswallow, is a Knight, ranking forth out of the 11 ranks with Aspirant behind her, and Knight-Sergeant in her promising future. She is one of the youngest in her time to make the rank of Knight, as the average Knight is in their mid twenties, but by far not the youngest. Viv hopes to reach Paladin like her father before her, as she has was born to under take this task of slaying evil and exorcising demons. Her father, Ethane Highswallow, was eaten by a sea serpent when she was still a Squire, and it left her heartbroken and without a body to properly put to rest. Despite being raised in St. Micheal's Cathedral, she couldn't ask for any other life. As a Knight, she is a member of the regular rank and file warrior's for the Shroud, and someone for the younger generation behind her to look up to. Otherwise, she performs her scholarly studies and works her butt off academically in the hopes to raise her Rank as quickly as possible. The following are the eleven ranks in The Sanguine Shroud:    

    Star Paladin


-Scarlet Ghost: A blessed double edged one handed arming broadsword with a dark ornate hilt with inlaid gems of infused and condensed magic material. The blade is made of carbon and has been coated with pure silver and then sharpened with a diamond cutting edge. Vivian has outfitted hers to have a quick strike ability and the ability to draw magical flames around its blade. 
-Silver Daggers: Four Blessed 8 inch double edged daggers that taper down to a fine needle point. The blades have inlaid sapphires to mark them as belonging to St. Micheal's Cathedral. The blades can be used for defensive purposes, as well as throwing weapons. 

Equipment: 1x Waterproof Satchel, 4x Bottles of Holy Water carried in one large silver flask with a holy symbol engraved upon it decoratively, 1x Large Silver Cross, 1x Bedroll, 250 feet of reinforced rope, 1x Holy Text, 1x silver tube of Abjurant Salt, 1x waterskin.

Possessions: some food and traveling supplies, books and school materials. 

Prized Possessions/Personal Items: Scarlet Ghost

Special Abilities:

Flame Saber: Uses the gems in Scarlet Ghost's hilt to douse her blade in purifying flames, able to sear and burn through her enemies with relative ease. 

Stabilizing Kiss: A magic technique that allows a critically injured individual to hold on to life and keeps them from slipping away thanks to a magical spirit lifting kiss. 

Holy Barrier: While in a knelt prayer position, she can protect herself from various demonic powers and physical trauma as long as she holds her position. 

Other Pictures :

Characters: Demon Hunters 6bfa9447b5de2afbd1dc0464bab5a34d_zpsuij0eum8

Characters: Demon Hunters F23885e27694dca49c6a85dbf7899c42_zps7tizoxyj

Characters: Demon Hunters 3a26c5647a192009b00051e5359b6da1_zpsbaiwqu6y

Characters: Demon Hunters B777ad7b9ae102f0073b3cd2edef2aa5_zpsq0763i46

Characters: Demon Hunters 50e304bea57c055c37f1f32d29dafb63_zpsift05pez

(Holy Barrier shown above)

Vivian Highswallow
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Characters: Demon Hunters Empty Re: Characters: Demon Hunters

Post  Leona Galette des Rois on Wed Feb 24, 2016 5:13 am

Name: Leona Galette des Rois
Nickname: "Leo"
Titles: Knight-Captain Galette des Rois
Characters: Demon Hunters B81aca8a4cc09b3b85bab880656ad8b8_by_kikoaihara-dbtsixd

Physical Description-
Physical Age: 30
Sex: Female
Height: 5'9
Weight: 140 lbs
Species: Lioness Beastkin (cuz I don't know what a 'lion-eared' cat species would be called in Japanese LOLZ)
Eyes: Gold
Hair: White, long
Body: She has long silver almost white coloured hair that goes to her waist with a single side braid on the left side of her head with a red bow tied around it, also has a large unruly strand on top of her head with long fringe bangs across her face. Atop her head are small, pointed cat-like ears, which she will close when she goes into "ignore mode", which is used when she does not want to hear a further argument against her views. She also has large, shining gold coloured eyes and has small feline like fangs. She is also very well-endowed with a curvaceous figure and notably large breasts. She has a long lion like tail that extends out from the base of her spine.  

Characters: Demon Hunters Fe066d324c872b326e95ad12a00ae8c1_by_kikoaihara-dbu5p13

-Leona's Holy Garb: As I will detail the under clothes in the next clothing option, I will only detail the jacket itself: Consist of her Light Garb, it is an outfit consisting of a mini vest like jacket with padded shoulder armour underneath and a dark blue cape. A matching long skirt and falde like armour around her waist which have crossing straps over them used to hold the armour in place.

Characters: Demon Hunters 27960e6e439fa09699c14cd9c76c3175_by_kikoaihara-dbu5p3a

-Leona's Holy Garb (light/default): As this is her usual garb, and not accompanied by the bulkier armour jacket and skirt, it allows her quicker movement and evasion at the cost of being less protected. She wears a white lacy bustier that barely leave much to the imagination as her breast's areolae often slip but lucky for her, has never fully slipped!...Except that one training accident...ughh, annnny wayyy: Along her wrists and forearms are large black gauntlets with black fingerless gloves underneath. She has a white detached collar with a set cross into it with a small cross at the base of the silk cloth. She also wears very short denim cutoffs with frayed fur fringe revealing the straps of a highleg white string thong underneath. She wears tall, armoured, black boots on her feet that have a slight heel, with tall white socks with fur fringe at the edges of the opening and can be viewed easily; she does sometimes switch this out for regular short greeves while wearing the white socks.
Characters: Demon Hunters Pbucket

-Leona Relaxed: Her 'lazy' or 'sleep wear' consists of only her bustier and her high leg string thong.
Characters: Demon Hunters 4c5d6629518ecd9379b05df6badce34c_by_kikoaihara-dbu5pa0

Hometown: Rimedenn, Southern Scardia
Alliance: Galette des Rois territory, St. Micheal's Cathedral School of Demonic Exoricism and 'The Sanguine Shroud'
Alignment: Neutral

Employment: Member of 'The Sanguine Shroud'
Rank: Knight-Captain

Trained In: magic, swordplay, Natural Finesse, Nimble Dash, Enhanced and Graceful Acrobatics, archery, small arms, military arms.
Sensei/Instructor: mostly self taught with some exceptions from the Cathedral among other mentors she's had.
Instructed: A few recruits here and there.

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: None
Allergies: None
Health Background:
-"Primal Urges"

Leona Galette des Rois originates from Rimedenn, Southern Scardia; in an area known as the Galette des Rois territory. The Territory belongs to her family, which have owned the lands for countless generations and since they acquired the otherworldly Granveil blade. As the next family head, she was expected to run the territory once she came into possession of the deed to the land, but instead she ran off and joined the 'Sanguine Shroud' based out of the St. Michaels Cathedral. She had risen to the rank of Knight-Captain, and is expected to lead Knights of a lower rank with order, but she herself is a bit of a 'wild card' and doesn't neccessarilly play by the rules. As one could tell, she is not your average Neko. More primal, she is a ferocious Lioness that is impulsive, magnificent, and belligerent. However, primal urges also increase in... other fields. Although her primal abilities make her proficient at hunting prey, she will aggressively attack and attempt to mate if there's a human man who strikes her fancy. Her body gets incredibly hot and she will almost certainly (and shamelessly) begin to or attempt to 'satisfy' those sexual urges.

On a side note, she has the ability to eat raw meat without getting sick, and with some meats, primarily that of a woodland or grassland creature, she prefers them raw.

Characters: Demon Hunters 5dfee4d8084b620cadab04186ebe52e5_by_kikoaihara-dbu5p9d



-Demonic War-Axe Granveil: Is one of the treasure swords pair that belong to Galette des Rois territory, after it had been obtained nearly 400 years ago, and seems to not be from this world. The war axe can transform into other weapon forms according to the user's preference:

  • Great Sword: Used when during in the battlefields.
  • Halberd: Used when during in the battlefields.
  • Archery From: For a bit more penetrating power using manifested energy as arrows.

Characters: Demon Hunters Pbucket

-DarkSEED Combat Magnum (Reupdated) [click to see where I found it Razz]
Characters: Demon Hunters Pbucket

Possessions: 4x bottles of holy water, several boxes of fifty calibre bullets of both silver and normal leaded type, a Bento Box (to store food items), a harmonica, some cash.

Current Food Items: 3x dried rabbit meat, 3x Brown Rice Balls, 4x Deer Jerky, 2x 'Exotic Dried Meat', 1x Hard Boiled Egg, and a bottle of Sake.  

Prized Possessions: Demonic War-Axe Granveil

Special Abilities*:

Enhanced Strength: She has enhanced strength thanks to her inhuman lineage, and can easily manipulate heavy objects with greater ease than humans.

Enhanced Stamina: Her stamina is far above that than a regular human's, and is less than likely to tire out before one.  

Feline Balance: Due to her tail, she has greater balance and is rather dexterous, naturally so compared to an average human.

Enhanced Jump: due to her feline traits, beastkin strength, and highly efficient leg definition, she can jump farther and leap higher than the average human.

Enhanced Sound Detection: She can pick up the slightest of sounds from a great distance away thanks to her lioness ears on top of her head.

Enhanced Smell: She can easily isolate a smell from a large crowd thanks to her natural feline abilities and her lioness traits. This allows her to be a rather effective hunter.  

Low-Light Vision: As a beastkin, she can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, and other conditions of shadowy illumination.

Natural Claws: She has sharpened nails on her fingers as well as her toes. This allows her to have a piercing-flesh digging weapon, even if she is unarmed.

Natural Bite: Her fangs and maw alone can easily tear away unprotected flesh, but such a grotesque display is of course, saved for a last ditch defence/offense.

Sword Skills:

Wind Cutter: A magical sword skill that allows her to pierce the air and in turn cause a rushing narrow vacuum that both abrasively cuts an enemy and pushes them back from a long range.

Flashing Blade: Charges at target at intense speed, so fast that the enemy doesn't see it coming. When she strikes, the non-bladed part of her sword is smacked into the enemies eyes, causing them only momentary physical blindness that lasts for three posts.

Sword Grab, Counter & Disarm: Concentrating her energy, she can catch the blade of an opponents downward swing and will retaliate by countering by sending the user's blades pommel into there sternum and then from there she can disarm them.    

Full Swoop: A charged attack. Swings blade back and then swings fully around. Leaves her open while she starts her charge, but the amount of damage received is increased.

Breaking Flash Strike: Breaks the enemy's defence, then hits the enemy with a quick flash of multiple slashes ending with a finishing kick.

Magic Abilities:

Celestial Divide: Sword becomes engrossed in light, the blades reach extends to about 30 feet, and is swung with explosive damage that is unbreakable and causes enemies to be knocked down.

Phase Blade: Granveil can 'phase' through a blocked blade as part of it's unique demonic abilities. However, it can only be done with every second block, which makes it somewhat if not highly predictable.

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Characters: Demon Hunters Empty Re: Characters: Demon Hunters

Post  Roxanne Woolf on Sun Aug 14, 2016 2:53 am

Name: Roxanne Woolf
Nick Name: 'Blink'

Physical Description-
Age: 29
Sex: Female
Height: 6'
Weight: 147 lbs
Species: Human
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Body: A tall, provocative woman with deep blue eyes, pale white skin, ruby red lips and a model like physique. She has long black hair held up into a high ponytail, with asyemetric bangs with long fringe over her left eye, while short bangs near her right. She has multiple earrings on both ears, and wears gothic jewelry. She has seductive long legs, and a lovely 'caboose' and a jiggly chest (D)
Clothes: Consists of a skin tight leather and latex corset style body suit, black leather studded belt and black tassles, red silk side packs and rear holsters, black leather thigh band belts with silver buckles to hold her throwing knives, a red silk high collar vest with fringed ends and silver and black lining and silver spiked shoulders (as well as a loop to hold either a sword or rifle on her back), black leather half fingered arm gloves with with red silk adornments and cuffs, black short high heel boots with silver laces and buckles and chains.

Underwear: Black mesh thong.

Characters: Demon Hunters Blink_by_recbdrakeplz-dae0531

Hometown: Breland City, Rolan.
Alliance: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral

Employment: Demon Huntress  

Trained In: Acrobatics, Dual Wielding, Demonic magic, swordplay, Illusion, Slyness, alcohol & tobacco tolerance, Corrupt Chakra, Natural Finesse, Nimble Dash, Seduction, High Acid Resistance, Regeneration, Demonic Soul Destruction, Sealing Magic, Resistance to Lightning/Electricity, Resistance to Wind, Gunplay.

Sensei/Instructor: Do you really need to know? I won't update this unless someone else teaches me something new.
Instructed: I've not passed my trade down to anyone, yet.

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: None
Allergies: Bad Pickup Lines.
Health Background:
-She can perform otherwise dangerous and unrestricted feats of acrobatics and combat.

History: (don't read into it too much, still working on it, but hey? I'll make it up as I move along)
A sexy and cool Lady hunter. She's capable, independent and petulant. This isn't surprising considering for someone with a past similar to those who survived 2639.

She was born in Breland City in a fairly rich family of an important city official, she lived happily until she was about 11 years old, when things took a turn for the worst.

She did something terrible during a global disaster that was present across Galiavan in 2639, as Demons summoned by Sephiroth ravaged the city. Her family were killed and was now alone, miserable and abandoned. Reunited with a friend she had to survive in a relentless world. But with her cunning and eagerness, she managed to escape hell and remain out of reach of danger. This has turned her into the woman she is today.

Having not yet found a significant other, she now works as a travelling gun for hire, a hunter of beasts. By doing so, she hopes to find vengeance against demons and monsters and finally find some meaning in her life while on a search for such a significant other.



-Dark Mithril Revolvers: Blink's favorite. A pair of customized Diamondback .357 (eight shot + eight shot) side break revolvers, made from mythril and loaded with custom .357 incendiary tracer rounds.
Characters: Demon Hunters Blinks%20357s%202_zps3sbrk2oy
-Strange Key: She doesn't know what it is, but its damn near indestructable with the ability to act as an axe, bladed tonfa or spike/stake.
-Grapple Cannon: A shoulder mounted grapple gun with a 1000 foot reinforced cordage.
Characters: Demon Hunters Syndicate_concept___grappling_launcher_by_torvenius-d5e30jy_zpsnwmqhmck

Possessions: Silver flask, rusty lighter, grapple gun Gilex.

Prized Possessions: 'Strange key'

Special Abilities:

Anti-Barrier Round: Magically allows bullets to phase through barriers for a limited time.
Roxanne Woolf
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Post  Miki-Hiromi Yurui on Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:19 pm

Name: Miki-Hiromi Yurui
Nickname: ‘Mikimi’, or Miss Yuru
Birth Name: Chiaki Dragonsworn
Characters: Demon Hunters 3426a593341de49469fc2486c228b246__anime_art_anime__by_tamamonomae1112-dbnc7f0

Physical Description-
Species: Kitsune (Standard Variety)
Age: 374 years old (Looks about 19)
Sex: Female
Height: 5’9
Weight: 115
Eyes: Light Amber/Gold eyes
Hair: A deeper pinkish red
Body/Physical Appearance: She is depicted as a beautiful, nubile woman in her late teens, that is tall in height with toned yet supple features; she has long reddish-pink hair that is worn down with a cute heart clip on her right side fringe. She has fuzzy red and white ears atop her head with eight matching fuzzy tails that extend from the base of her spine down her lower back which is similar in coloration and pattern to a red fox. She has six traditional asymetrical tattoos on her face, three on each side of her cheeks that are light in coloration, giving her the impression of ‘fox whiskers’. She has small canine like fangs with a set of semi-mortal looking teeth, and long claw like finger nails.

-Ivy League School Girl: She wears a somewhat modified St. Micheals Cathedral/School of Exorcisim uniform that somehow doesn’t strain from the pressure caused by her massive bust. The uniform consists of a white cardigan, a white and blue long sleeved dress shirt, a red neck tie that is partially tied into a bow at the base of the neck, a plaid mini skirt, black thigh high socks, mary janes. She has an accessory of a kitsune like emoticon hanging off her right hip, and also wears a wristwatch on her right wrist. Her undergarment vary in style and coloration.

Characters: Demon Hunters __academy_ahri_and_ahri_league_of_legends_drawn_by_by_tamamonomae1112-dbawkab

Hometown: Unknown, was raised in Ryunoshi Island
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Employment: Student, Exorcist/Demonslayer in Training
Rank: 8 Tails

Trained In: Beijionese Priestess training, Scardian Fighting Styles, Kitsune Magic, self defense, double kodachi style, firearms.
Sensei/Instructor: Chiharu, St. Michael’s Cathedral, Herself
Instructed: Unknown.
Family: Chiharu (Mother), Master Dragonsworn (Unknown Father)

Relationship Status: None (lol)
Medications: None
Allergies: None; but she can say she has a disinterest in wolves and dogs and associated Beast-Kin, for they are easily able to see through the Kitsune’s illusions.
Health Background:
-She overindulges herself when it comes to food and liquor, and through this misuse and mischief often pays for it in the long run.


A charming and clever seductress who is the likely ruin behind numerous drop outs of St. Michael’s Cathedral school of Exorcism, where she attends. She goes by the rather long winded name of ‘Miki-Hiromi Yurui’, and is an upper class woman of the esteemed college that trains its quarry the art of destruction against demons; under the Goddess Hazoria.
Aside from her famed beauty about the school, she’s also credited as being one of the most skilled and experienced demon slayers at the academy; with over 80 credits to her name of demons vanquished thanks to her purifying fox fire.
To other students, she is admired for her beauty and skill while also despised for it, being called a ‘Fox-Demon’ by those who are jealous and or fearful of her powers. She is however, playful, mischievous, with a seducing, deadly charm; which could warrant such negative criticism against her. She is a powerful eight tailed fox for a reason. Of the standard kitsune variety, she is unfortunately lacking the ‘purity’ to become a Miyobu, aka Inari servant, not that she cares anyhow.
She collected her eighth tail last year, trumping her own grandmother’s record who had collected her eighth tail around the age of 500. Unlike her grandmother or mother, it was incredibly easy for the nubile lady fox; given her college environment where the two before her had to work for it a little harder. She’s far more powerful than her mother and grandmother, whose names she has for some reason, does not speak out loud or in personal company.
She, like her grandmother though, has increased her power by misleading attractive young men at the college and using them till she was satisfied, and they, expelled.
Aside from her dubious activities, and haughty and snoblike personality when it comes to power, she truly is endowed with a powerful force due to the mixing of her mother’s and father’s bloodlines; though she herself has never met her father personally, who was ‘gone’ before she was old enough to use her senses.

Characters: Demon Hunters Tumblr_nuouzmynbg1tdm9gso1_1280_by_tamamonomae1112-dbn8yqm


Weapons: Mostly uses her magic abilities, two .32 Izheveskian K18 'Skorpion' SMGs, double Kodachi, Beijionese Silk Fan.

Equipment: Spirit Mirror, Sacred Bells, Sacred Sutra Talismans, ammunition and blessed bullets.

Possessions: 10,000 Gilex, an iDroid 7LX (cellphone).

Prized Possessions/Personal Items: Gate Orb: It allows her to pass between the real world, and the illusionary home of Lilylake Chateu.


Special Abilities:

-Yokai: As a Yokai, she is technically leaning towards the side of demons, but in a more spiritual light; creatures such as she are based through the nature of the land, tied to it even. These halflings are blessed and cursed, not accepted by either humanity who sees them as witches of evil intent (though many Kitsune are actually closet priests/priestess’), or demonic realms who are jealous of them, because like humans, they have the ability to choose where demons have no choice but be damned when they are born. As spirits in a sense, they can chose to be supportive of man and beast or of demonic influence, regardless of how the latter may initially perceive them.

-Enhanced Natural Regeneration- She can regenerate her wounds, no matter how fatal they can potentially be, given time or safety.

-Enhanced Durability- She can take quite a beating before being too weak to carry on. She can even take an arrow to the throat and survive it’s lethal potential.

-Enhanced Strength- A kitsune is a being of supernatural manifestation and are generally imbued with greater strength than most humans, mostly comparable to that of a beast kin mind you, but more so than a human; however this doesn’t mean they can easily outmatch a human in a feat of strength.

-Enhanced Agility/Speed- If anything, Kistune are quite agile, and fast on their feet. They can bound quicker than most mortals, perhaps save for Scardians, and are slippery to catch if one is chasing a Kitsune, given she or he hasn’t used illusions to aid in their escape, a physical feat of their own which they are generally quite proud of.

-Supernatural Acrobatics- She is inclined with superb acrobatic abilities, showing extreme flexibility, speed and grace as she moves from tree to tree with a grace of a dancer or a leaf that is carried by the wind.

-Enhanced Senses- Her ability of hearing, tasting, seeing, smelling, and touch are greatly enhanced; she can sense a person’s intent or will by touching someone and reading their heart beat/anxiety levels, an ability to taste contaminated food or drink by dabbing her tongue and without having to risk swishing a mouthful of poison, the ability to see farther than most humans are capable of in even the worse of conditions, an ability to smell particular scents be it food, poison, a potential mate or friend in a sense that a dog or beast-kin may, and the ability to pick up sounds a great distance away, or determine if the voice of person also carries ill intent. An old Beijionese warning to travelers goes like this: “It is unwise to lie to a Kitsune, being creatures of deceit. Before you even meet their gaze, they will have already seen through your machinations, and will lay your plan bare as you fall into their own clever plot.”

-Low Light Vision- Kitsune can see twice as better than humans in conditions of dim light.

-Telepathic Communication- She has the capacity to commune with someone via thoughts, if she is particularly bonded with them. However, she is also able to speak to beings of spiritual or demonic superiority as well via thoughts, regardless of bond.

-Spirit Qualities- A character with Spirit Qualities is immune to all charm effects except for those of other spirits. She is hedged out by effects that hedge out outsiders.

-Shifting Mind- A kitsune's shapeshifting abilities make her resistant to mental attacks, particularly false illusions.

-Skulker- Kitsune are able to hide undetected from others with ease, given the appropriate cover.

-Shapeshifting- She can shape shift her body (or any part of it) to any way she likes.
-Fast Shifter- She was born with an innate talent for switching between her natural and mortal forms, and can do so almost instantaneously.

-Kitsune Seduction- A form of mind control, the kitsune ability of 'seduction' is one of the most commonly-mentioned skills in legends. By using her tail or tails in a swaying manner, or by meeting the gaze of a target, the kitsune is capable of taking over their mind. While under the control of the kitsune, the victim sees, thinks, and lives in a world designed by the kitsune, all inside the target's mind. The target is controlled until someone breaks the magic the kitsune's using. This mind control is purely by magic, mind you, and can be broken by certain magics, or wards.

Kitsune Self Defense
-Tail Spike- Hair stiffens on tails like that of dense metal, striking with the rigidness of steel while retaining a measure of flexibility.
-Compact Tail- She can fold her tails, making them one or even make them vanish in order to avoid losing them.
-Venom Nails- She magically coats her nails with a potent venom that eats at the enemies Ki.
-Blades of Blood- She can transform her blood into blades which she throws at her enemies as projectiles. The blood manifests into arcs of iron, which vaporizes after striking anything.
-Nature to Weapon- She can turn ordinary leaves, blades of grass and reeds into deadly weapons and throwing knives, usually into a kunai of sorts.

Kitsune MagiK

-Purifying Fox-Fire- An ability granted to all Kitsune. She can conjure a ball of bluish green fire from up to 6 feet away from her body. The flame is searing hot and can burn on contact. Her flames are enhanced with the ability to purify the ‘unclean’, enhanced because of the blood of her father.

-Tail Fire- As it is possible for some Kitsune, she can shoot fire from each of her tails, in various directions.

-Illusion- To a kitsune, their illusions are reality. What they make, for them, and for others, is as real as anything found or crafted in nature. Anything that a kitsune builds or transforms, becomes what the kitsune desired. A kitsune can make people, animals, and objects, which can't be distinguished from the real thing.

-Fox Lantern- summons 'fox lanterns', which are floating dancing lanterns that can light her path.

-Kitsune Void Pocket- A space devoted to carrying objects and personal effects, but unlike a bag of holding it is accessed via magic.

-Change into Yokai Form- She transforms into a massive monster fox, and all the strength, speed, and ferocity that comes with it!

Support Magic

-Shrink-Spell- She can shrink people down, including herself to various sizes.

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Characters: Demon Hunters Empty Re: Characters: Demon Hunters

Post  Sirius Dirgemoon on Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:03 pm

Name: Sirius Dirgemoon
Titles: Professor
Nick Name: Mr. D

Physical Description-
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 157 lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair: Black
Body: A tall, mysterious man with a pallid complexion, raven black hair and piercing, almost glowing red eyes. He is fit in appearance, with long black hair and wears under framed glasses.

Clothes: A black turtleneck bodysuit, a white dress shirt with the sleeves bunched up around the elbows, a red tie, black pants with belts around his waist for his weapons, black combat boots, a red bandana.

Hometown: Unknown
Alliance: St. Michael’s Cathedral
Alignment: Neutral

Employment: Professor of St. Michael’s Cathedral, Demon Slayer.

Trained In: Acrobatics, Dual Wielding, Demonic magic, swordplay, Illusion, Natural Finesse, Nimble Dash, first aid, High Acid Resistance, Regeneration, Demonic Soul Destruction, Sealing Magic, Resistance to fire, Gunplay.

Sensei/Instructor: Unknown
Instructed: The students of his class

Relationship Status: Unknown
Medications: None
Allergies: None
Health Background:
Not Available.

A mysterious professor who teaches at St. Michael’s Cathedral of Slaying, in Ithteca City. Prior to becoming a teacher at the academy five years ago, he was a wandering Demon Slayer like the infamous Vincent Valor, who worked alone and hunted his quarry with a taste of their own medicine. He gave no reason to joining the school’s staff, and is the target of rumor and speculation among both staff and students alike. He’s a quiet man who often keeps to himself, listlessly wandering the halls of the Cathedral in his off hours or wandering about the city of Ithteca.

He volunteers for the city watch and other city functions.


Weapons: 1x Modern .45LC Custom, 3x Scardian Style Daggers (Silver), Quicksilver PDS12 'Mongoose' (revolver shotgun)

Possessions: 12x Silver Buckshot, 3x Valor Buckshot, 30x Silver Bullets, 6x Valor .454 bullets.

Prized Possessions: Unknown

Special Abilities:


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Characters: Demon Hunters Empty Re: Characters: Demon Hunters

Post  Lloyd Faeswift on Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:43 pm

Name: Lloyd Faeswift

Physical Description-
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Height: 5'7
Weight: 135 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Body/Physical Appearance: A slender young man with unruly blond hair and bright blue eyes. He often wears a smug or confident expression. He has a toned form from his training as a Gunslinger, as well as scars across his body from both training and his travels.

Characters: Demon Hunters B0149056363eb3dff9e227c650d786ac__fate_zero_moon_by_rachelrenston-dbpg6e0

Clothes: A tan dress shirt, a black neck tie, a brown leather vest with intricate designs on them, silver magic bracers, black leather gloves, a silver belt, black leather pants, leather cuff boots with spurs on them, a brown leather long coat or a black leather coat, a red silk scarf, and a black leather stetson.

Characters: Demon Hunters Archer__billy_the_kid__full_2108978_by_rachelrenston-dbpg6dt

Characters: Demon Hunters __billy_the_kid_fate_grand_order_and_fate_series_d_by_rachelrenston-dbpg5wa

Characters: Demon Hunters __billy_the_kid_fate_grand_order_and_fate_series_d_by_rachelrenston-dbpg5w7

Characters: Demon Hunters __billy_the_kid_commando_movie_fate_grand_order_an_by_rachelrenston-dbpg5wg

Hometown: Ithteca City, Gailden
Alliance: Saint Michael’s Cathedral
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Employment: Rogue Gunslinger, Student at Saint Michael’s Cathedral
Rank: Gunslinger Apprentice

Trained In: All known Firearms, some experience with the newer vehicles, close quarters battle techniques, sniping, assassination, taming dangerous animals with lasso techniques, advanced tracking through various terrain (snow, desert, forest, etc.), sabotage, gunsmithing, ammo smithing, dungeoneering, the lore of certain ancient areas, and setting up and creation of advanced and complex traps.
Instructor: The Gunslinger Academy of Grey Mountain; Gunslinair Del Reina Ceras Deltora

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: None
Allergies: None
Likes: Showing off, target practice, alcohol, women (he is semi-lecherous), money, killing demons, making things explode, putting fear into bullies.
Dislikes: Corruption, backstabbers, bullies of the weak and unfortunate, other show offs.

Health Background: Healthy.

History: A former Gunslinger apprentice, he broke the Gunslinger Association’s codes and became a ‘Rogue’. Becoming an outlaw, the young man escaped the Association’s clutches for a year before being cornered in Ithteca City. It is there he randomly and boisterously claimed a newfound loyalty to St. Michael’s Cathedral and pledged to trade his Gunslinger abilities to the Demon Slayer’s cause. Both associations were confused how to proceed, and in the end the G.A. allowed it, on the condition he sent reports to them monthly and the Cathedral kept a close eye on their wild gunslinger student.

He is a loud, charming and yet smug bastard of a young man who lives in a rather carefree lifestyle. He enjoys showing off in front of the ladies, and can sometimes appear as a schmuck. However, if not a runoff from his days as a Gunslinger Apprentice, he still proudly upholds the peace, and doesn’t agree to the corruption within Galiavan’s major cities. This may also be because of his upbringing as an orphan on the streets of Ithteca.


Weapons: Gunslinger’s Best Friend (six shooter), a spare Manzetta hXd (handgun), Galideno/Jemial Quad Launcher "FLASH", 2x Greaser Mini Sized SMGs, Glass Bearded Axe, Ebony-Steel Serrated Bowie Knife.

Equipment: Unlimited .45LC pouch, Gunslinger's Satchel, Flip Lighter, Flask, Lasso, Canteen and Mess Kit, Portable Radio.

Possessions: Bullets, 8x 60mm Rockets, Manzetta hXd Supressor and Flashlight Attachments.

Prized Possessions/Personal Items: Silver Bracer’s of the First Gunslinger: Partly the reason why he ran from the Gunslinger Association. A pair of rare, intricately designed magic bracers that shrug off bullets and magic projectiles alike. An heirloom of the Gunslinger Association which he stole for his personal use. The Association would really like them back, but the Rogue won’t let them go.

Special Abilities:
-Spiritual Shot: transforms the bullets one's using into a shard of purified light, causing severe damage to enemies made of darkness..(demons).
-Rain of Lead: Leaping several of feet into the air, guns aimed down upon the enemy and while spinning and firing at once. Gunslingers seem to 'hang' in the air longer than untrained individuals. This is a Gunslinger Trait through and through.
-Fireworks: A magic like ability which causes single bullets to become multiple, wide shot firing projectiles that leave the barrel of the weapon in a cone shaped pattern.
-Artillery Shot: A magic like ability that causes the projectile one's using to become armour piercing.
-Ocelot's Game: A technique used to ricochet bullets off of walls/barriers/the environment in general and still allows to hit the target at the cost of reduced damage to the target.
-Super Sonic Rapid-Fire: fires guns at rates which they are not accustomed to. Example: Bolt action weapons, or single action weapons become automatic.
-Dead Eye: Move only Gunslingers have that allow them to see oncoming bullets.
-True Grit: A magical like skill that physically toughens the Gunslinger's body, allowing them to take more damage that would be considered 'fatal' to non gunslingers.
-Rapid Reload: Reloads Guns almost instantly, no matter the capacity.
-Gunslinger Hypnotism: Uses a medallion or bullet to induce supernaturally heavy sleep on whoever is being hypnotized, and they will follow the user's every whim in terms of handling information until the medallion/bullet stops its movement.
-Bullet Barrage: Fires bullets into bullets that have already been landed, causing deadly shrapnel to form within the target.
-Sonic Reload: An advanced form of rapid reload. The user is so quick with reloading weapons, it's as if the gun was never empty (no reloads)

Magic Abilities:
-Resist Magic: He can sometimes resist magic spells.
-Redirect Magic: He can redirect magic cast at him by blocking it with his silver bracers. (Only if they are equipped or undamaged)
-Demonic Revolver: He can summon a red and black double-action revolver that does tremendous, otherworldly damage.
-Phase Equip: He can draw large weapons from his storage almost instantly. His weapons have to be somewhat nearby in order for him to ‘manifest them’ however.
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Characters: Demon Hunters Empty FINISHED!

Post  Yoko Zypher Dragonfallow on Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:30 pm

Name: Yoko ‘Zypher’ Dragonfallow
Nicknames: Dragon Rider Yoko, Zypher
D.O.B.: Octobris 13th, 2640

Physical Description-
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Height: 5’10
Weight: 150 lbs
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Black
Body/Physical Appearance: Curvaceous, with medium short black hair, wide hips, thick thighs and a toned scarred body. She supports a generous bust and ample pair of buttocks, large gold eyes and somewhat fair skin. Her eyes are Beijionese in shape, narrow and slightly angled.

Characters: Demon Hunters 31fa05b42d1e7d5323d62b7dbe2f3b06_by_keskewolf-dbqf7xu


Uniform: She wears a white collared dress shirt with a black cardigan, black checkered neck tie, a black pleated mini skirt, black thigh high socks, maryjanes/dragon rider boots. She also wears black fingerless gloves.
Characters: Demon Hunters 99bd7013d5c301d8cbceab8ed70ad99c_by_keskewolf-dbj9mqx

She also wears a different variation of this outfit:

Characters: Demon Hunters 5cc426ec175195f19b31d86e684465bf_by_keskewolf-dbqf6uc

Lingerie: A pink babydoll nightie with a matching lacy thong. Reserved for only the ‘lucky’ ones.

Characters: Demon Hunters Cc56ee2e2719e31b6e73643200714d91_by_keskewolf-dbqfhh5

Hometown: Cretu Capital City, Scardia
Alliance: St. Michael’s Cathedral
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Employment: Demon Slayer

Trained In: Scardian Fighting Style, Battojutsu, Iaijutsu, Iaido, many mixed martial arts, Archery, Fire Magic, Wrestling.
Sensei/Instructor: Self Taught, Scardian Warriors, her Clan’s teachings.
Instructed: Her younger siblings.

Relationship Status: Single, was arranged marriage but said ‘fuck that’.
Medications: None
Allergies: None
Likes: Eating (Spicy things are a plus), brawling, helping others, physical shows of personal strengths (be it a literal strength or one using their heightened cunning), her family, training and raising dragon mounts.
Dislikes: Losing, weak threats & threats in general, clowns, bad Sake.

Health Background:
-Scardian Born: She is half Beijionese, and she was born in Scardia’s borders and was raised there. As such, she has Scardian abilities as well, however some abilities also conflict with her natural racial traits.
-Alcohol Tolerance: She has a high reserve and can drink quite a bit before becoming drunk. Also, she rarely has hangovers, less the alcohol was ‘bad’ (or so she claims in such events).

History: Known for being a bit of a punk, this tomboy demon slayer can be found in Ithteca at St. Michael’s Cathedral, working for the order of Hazoria. She’s a tough, stubborn and vicious warrior with the blood of Scardians and Beijionese running through her veins. Aside from her warrior like demeanor, she also trains dragons and rides them. She’s had tremendous success with them, getting to know them inside and out, (literally unfortunately).

Characters: Demon Hunters Tumblr_o9sggqivw81thhoh1o1_1280_by_keskewolf-dbqf8ij

She has a few younger brothers and sisters whom she is sometimes tasked to babysit. They can get out of hand at times, but she loves them dearly and would do anything to keep them from danger. Even if they are snot nosed brats...

Characters: Demon Hunters 47b652d8339e8626e1d2ca1bb16e03d2_by_keskewolf-dbqfgvt
(handling little sister)


Weapons: A custom sword taken from an engine blade from the infamous ‘HighWind’ airship. It has been modified with a high frequency device that allow the blade to vibrate and heat up when unsheathed and swung. She also has a Burkov Izvheveskian Military Pistol (BMP) and a Manzetta High Powered Magnum for a sidearm.

Equipment: Sake Jug, Assault Harness for Dragon Mounts, R.A.B.I.T. (Range-Active Broadcasting Integrated Transceivers) Ears (Range boost receptors essentially. I'm not too sure that's the proper term but yeah, they pick up signals better for comms from much longer distances or something.), Solid Eye - Eye Patch

R.A.B.I.T. (Range Analytic Boost Interceptive Transceivers) Ears

Possessions: Blade maintenance kit, The writings of Daichi Beijiosaki, .50 AE bullets, .32 Bullets.
Prized Possessions/Personal Items: TBA

Special Abilities:
Scardian Abilities: Like any true Scardian and those born within her borders, Scardians by their very nature have the following stats, thanks to the will of the High King Scar’d upon his ascension into the War God Ranks, centuries ago. It's also these abilities which disqualify many Scardians from world sporting events such as the Mu-Irzik arena, unless specified otherwise.
-Scardian Speed/Agility: All Scardians (those born in her borders), are given unsurpassed speed and agility, much like the War God himself. No matter body type or size, as long as they are still able to use their legs, after the age of thirteen Scardians will feel as though they are the very winds themselves.
-Scardian Healing/Frost & Water Discipline: All Scardians can heal shallow to moderately deep wounds with snow, frost, and water; much like Scar’d had when he was a lad. They are also immune to the cold pinch of the frozen landscapes, the tundras to the north a non-existent obstacle for the average Scardian who can take the cold, and not feel it’s icy bite. Heavier wounds become shallower when ice/water is applied, but will need further medical attention to effectively stop bleeding.
-Scardian Strength: All Scardian born also show an extreme strength that is unlike other races of man or beast-kin. Even beast-kin of Scardian born are given this trait, making them appear like monsters with the ability to lift more than the average human.
Magic Resistance: She has a certain level of Magic Resistance thanks to her Beijionese blood. Because of this, ice/water magic doesn’t heal her as effectively like a Scardian.
Beijionese Breathing: She can hold her breath very long compared to other mortals, thanks to her Beijionese Blood.
Beijionese Bone Structure: Her bones are quite strong and durable, traditional Beijionese traits given their diet and thanks to her Beijionese Culture.
Chi Sense: She can sense the 'chi' flow of individuals nearby, especially those with ill intent.
Chi Weapons: She can summon Chi infused weapons.
[*]Swordsmanship: As a blademaster, she relies largely on her brooding, physical strength and speed as her main offense & defense, usually taking enemies' attacks until she finds the right opening to unleash her built up aggression and end the fight quickly with a winding, wind fused sweep of her incredibly large blade. Even while unarmed, she has been able to quell juvenile dragons into submission.
[*]Physical Condition: Yoko is in excellent physical condition due to her vigorous training as a Scardian dragon tamer, her demon hunting and her being raised among the warrior clans of Scardia.

  • Strength: Yoko has been shown to have enough strength to cut clean through solid rock with little effort and slice clean through solid steel—a task that not only requires excellent physical strength, but great physical fitness. She was once noted for having been eaten alive by a dragon that she was attempting to train, only to ‘rip its scales away from its belly’ as she made her own exit, with her bare hands.
  • Durability: Yoko has been shown to have remarkable physical durability, having been formidable enough to survive hungry and angry dragons, being shot, stabbed, blown up, punched, kicked, slammed, crashing from extreme heights, and falling into a ravine. She carries the scars from which with pride, and always looks forward to more ‘badges of honor’.
  • Stamina: Yoko has been shown to have endurance for harsh treatment in many forms, in conjunction with her high durability. She has been able to go a month straight without consuming any food when she was cast away at sea after being dunked by a dragon she had been training.
  • Agility: Yoko has remarkably great agility in combat, better than any she knows of personally. This is an important aspect of her fighting style, as she usually evades or block her enemies' attacks until she finds the right opening to end her fights quickly using her primary weapon: Brute Strength.
  • Accuracy: Yoko has been shown using kunai knives, guns and crossbows several times when necessary and hitting her mark spot on when doing so.
  • Acrobatics: Yoko has been shown to be a remarkable acrobat, in and out of combat. She uses such acrobatics to keep her enemies in sight and when handling dragons in the air. She uses these feats in conjunction with her agility and strength, which makes her warrior status somewhat known in the realms of Scardia and Beijio.

Energy Reflector: A Higa technique, she can reflect projectiles made up of energy from her blade, siphoning their energy which is channeled back towards her opponent, while also being imbued with her spiritual energy. Since she is a master of this technique, it can explode violently upon impact, sending enemies flying.
Wind Projectile: Yoko, because of her freakish strength and speed, can strike the air with enough power that the air pressure damages her target from a distance.
Super-Speed: Yoko can move herself so quickly that she leaves several images of herself when she moves; its a mixture of illusion from her Higa Clan abilities combined with her Scardian Speed.
Energy Arrow/Bullet: Yoko can shoot arrows or bullets fueled with ki energy.

Climbing: Due to her training, Yoko is an expert with climbing surfaces, and is skilled at free running.
Wall Run: She can run across the flat surfaces of walls for a short period of time, tied in with her climbing abilities.
Weapon Mastery: Yoko is an expert in multiple weapons including various sword styles, axes and polearms, as well as archery & guns.
Rapid Slashes: Yoko can slash her blade, despite its mass and size, in a very quick, powerful succession of blows with hardly any fatigue. The ‘wind’ which is created from this even seems to draw enemies closer to her blade…
Rapid Blows: Yoko can punch her enemies multiple times in a blinding succession, her form quick and precise thanks to her mixed racial traits.
Quick Draw: Yoko can draw and sheath her sword quickly thanks to her training
Deflection: Yoko can deflect projectiles with her blade, and even weaker blows with her own body with visibly no harm given her awareness and timing.
Pyrotechnical Attacks: Yoko can explode a bomb to fend off her opponent.
Bone Breaking Taijutsu: Yoko can use specific hand-to-hand fighting skills, grabs and acrobatic moves to break the bones of her opponents. Then again, she’s just naturally strong enough to do this anyway without any technique.
Scardian Martial Arts - ‘Bear-Hug’: A technique which she grapples an opponent in a tight grapple which leaves their arms helplessly pinned at their sides and unable to move. With her ironclad strength, Yoko can incapacitate an enemy by keeping them immobile, or squeezing enough to sap the air from their lungs. She can also snap their spine as well in this hold if necessary.

  • Suplex: She can evolve her hugging move into a suplex, incapacitating her enemy from connecting their head to the ground.
  • Overhead Throw: She will squeeze them hard enough to stun her enemy, then will take advantage of that momentary weakness by pulling them above her head in which she then throws them.
  • Overhead Backbreaker: She will squeeze them hard enough to stun her enemy, then will take advantage of that momentary weakness by pulling them above her head in which she then curls her arms around their legs and neck, bring them behind her neck and press them down against her shoulders, till she breaks their back. She can also modify this by instead bending them over her knee in a Bane style ‘Back-Breaker’ move.
  • Piledriver: She will squeeze them hard enough to stun her enemy, then will take advantage of that momentary weakness by turning them upside-down, and dropping into a sitting or kneeling position, and then driving the opponent head-first into the ground.
  • Double Underhook Piledriver: In this piledriver, Yoko will bend her opponent forward, placing the opponent's head between the her legs (a standing head scissors), and hooks each of the opponent's arms behind the opponent's back. She then pulls back on the opponent's arms lifting her/her up so that the opponent is held upside down facing in the same direction as Yoko, who then drops to a sitting or kneeling position; dropping the opponent's head into the ground.

Magic Abilities:
Chi Mending: An ability which she channels the chakra, or chi, of her body to mend the wounds of allies or herself. However, the constant practice is physically demanding and eats at her body, causing fatigue and hunger when in prolonged use.
Higa Shinobu Technique - Wind Cutter: Yoko channels her Ki into her blade, as she slowly brings the blade back and parallel with her target. After her blade is spiraling with her spiritual energy, and when it is at its peak, she strikes out in a wide arc, launching a wide projectile of spiritually infused wind that cuts most things clean through over a long distance, if not knocking enemies back with near concussive force.
Kanashibari no Jutsu, 金縛りの術, literally "Temporary Paralysis Technique": This jutsu paralyzes an opponent, leaving them open for attack. She knows of the technique, but doesn’t like to operate it unless necessary.
Pyrokinesis: Yoko is able to create and control fire. She cannot control flames she didn't create however and is not immune to other types of fire; however her Beijionese blood allows her to be resistant to magically created flames.

  • Create Fire: She can create fire.
  • Fire Attacks: She can infuse her attacks with fire. She can also completely cloak herself with her flames.
  • Fire Channel: She can channel fire through her clothes, weapon and anything she touches.
  • Fire Burst: Yoko can cause explosions and eruptions of fire.

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Characters: Demon Hunters Empty Re: Characters: Demon Hunters

Post  Claire Farwillow on Tue Jun 26, 2018 10:55 pm

Name: Claire Farwillow

Physical Description-
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Height: 6’1
Weight: 220 lbs
Eyes: Glowing Red
Hair: Dyed, two toned Strawberry Blond natural Red.
Body/Physical Appearance: A tall, curvaceous woman with short two toned hair, lidded glowing red eyes and plush pink lips. She has mixed Izheveskian heritage, and can withstand the cold of the Far North. She is packing some massive protuberances, each orb jutting from a highly toned torso and thick body that is mostly muscle. Her thick voluptuous thighs and wide child-bearing hips can crunch boulders!  

Consists of a zip up sports bra too small for her body, showing off plenty of cleavage and side boob. A pair of tight fitting denim capris with frays and holes above or around the knees, black sandals, and a blue long coat with a white fur trim and lining.
Characters: Demon Hunters Claire_by_devil_v_d9ufg4m_png_by_akiyamamoto77-daz8imc

Hometown: Windscar Lake Village, Southern Izhevesk
Alliance: Unknown
Alignment: Good

Employment: Monster Hunter
Rank: Unknown
Trained In: Picking Locks, Dark Magic, Stealth, Close Quarters Combat (advanced), Ranged Weaponry, Dagger Throwing, Knife Play, Sword Play, sleight of hand, assassination, cooking.
Sensei/Instructor: Unknown
Instructed: None.

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: Unknown
Allergies: Unknown
Likes: Alcohol, shows of strength, competition.
Dislikes: Heat.
Health Background:
-Minor Physical Damage Resistances
-Poison Immunity

A unique demon hunter from the reaches of the Far North, Claire Farwillow is a demon slayer who has taken up the rarely used mantle as a ‘professional monster hunter’ for in these days of mercenaries and unified countries, such a job is in low demand. She has been in the business since she was seventeen, and is recognized from her dangerously jiggling assets and her even deadlier red and black ninjato. She has a dislike for hot and humid environments, and likes to show off and party lively. Her eyes have a distinctive red glow, and she has a plethora of dark and powerful magical, as well as physical abilities in her vast arsenal of skills.


Weapons: A (daedric) Ninjato, a Shadowblade Kukari.

Equipment: Military Folding Knife, Canteen, Sidepacks, Remote Mines, 3x Stick Smoke Grenades, Cellular Phone, Lighter, Lock Picks.

Possessions: Box of Cigars, a magically chilled flask filled with Vodka from the Far North

Prized Possessions/Personal Items: Her Ninjato

Special Abilities:
-Magic Resistance: She has a certain level of Magic Resistance.
-Dark Vision: Her eyes are so well enhanced that they can see farther than most mortals or even demonic creatures. They can also see in total absence of light, and make out shapes just as easily had there been a light on in such an environment.
-Hearty Bone Structure: Her bones are quite strong and durable, less strain is put on them.
-Chi Sense: She can sense the 'chi' flow of individuals nearby, especially those with ill intent.
-Izheveskian trait: Cold resistance: Because of her mixed heritage, she is highly resistant to cold weathers and environments. This also translates to sudden changes caused by spells or elemental attacks.
-Izheveskian trait: Hearty: She is very resilient to physical fatigue and stress, as well as damage thanks to her Izheveskian heritage. Her body also breaks down alcohol faster because of this.
-Izheveskian Strength: She has enhanced strength and hardiness which stems from her harsh Izheveskian/Far North roots.

-Sexy Clothing: Due to the nature of her clothing, she can easily distract foes attracted to her.
-Seduction: She uses the power of sex and provocation to lull some of her enemies into a false sense of security.
-Diamond Body: She is immune to all poisons of any kind.
-Adapted Technique: Smothering Suffocation: Based on long lost ancient manuscripts left by Hiyori Busujima; being her favoured subjugation and assassination techniques makes use of her rather generous assets, combining her seduction and kunoichi skills. She usually performs the technique by pinning her target beneath her, and simply smothering them between her breasts, suffocating them slowly.

Magic Abilities:
-Hydrokinesis: Claire can create/generate, shape and manipulate water.

  • Create Water - Creates water. She can move, shape and animate water; including compress and manipulate its properties.
  • Steam Blast - She can cause water to explode into volatile steam.
  • Freeze - She can make the water she animates freeze solid.
  • Healing Waters - She can gather water upon the surface of her hands, and apply it easily to wounds, making the water glow with a bright blue as it mends injuries on an almost surgical level.

-Cryokinesis: Claire has the power to control frost, ice and snow to a limited extent.

  • Create ice - She can create ice out of thin air.
  • Ice Blast - She can blow freezing cold air out of her palms.
  • Ice Shield - She can create a shield of ice. The shield is hard enough to withstand superhuman strength.
  • Freeze - She can completely but temporarily encase her opponent in ice.
  • Ice Spikes - She can create large, dangerous, pointed spikes made of ice.

-Dark Energy Manipulation Master: Claire has the power to control a special dark energy.

  • Dark Energy Attacks - She can can infuse her basic attacks (punches, kicks...) with dark energy for increased damage.
  • Dark Energy Projectile - She can can create waves of dark energy to attack distant enemies.
  • Dark Paralysis - She can imbue her projectiles, that when they strike they can cover and paralyze opponents with darkness, leaving them open to her other attacks.
  • Absorb powers - She can has the ability to absorb the powers from other people to increase her strength.
  • Dark Flames - She can create & control dark flames.
  • Possession - She has the ability to merge with and possess other individuals. Her influence varies.

-Shape/Size Shift: She can alter her size from ‘normal’ to smaller sizes.

Claire Farwillow

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Characters: Demon Hunters Empty Re: Characters: Demon Hunters

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