Pericles Cannon

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Pericles Cannon

Post  Rachel Renston on Mon Oct 07, 2013 4:46 pm


A large, partical energy weapon that was modeled in the same series of "Large energy/Artillary Cannon" that were used both on the HighWind Airship, and the Tenik HQ in Asrond in the year 2639. This variant is albeit different from it's sister projects, that being it fires a new mixture of part Planet Lifeforce Energy, and part plasmid; and it is the first of it's kind to be actually be christened with a name: The Pericles.

The Pericles was undergoing development since the year 2631 under the orders of Tenik Public Representative's Jack Renston & Charles Renston. Research upon the weapon was ongoing, but construction was impeded by James Renston (Rachel Renston's Father). Due to the highcost nature of the project, (and the risk of failing miserably when the first of these cannons were made in the year 2282), President of the Tenik Incorporated and Electrical Company Rufus Tenik was not all that impressed unless all three were on board for the project. To try and appease Rufus with the weapon's possibilities they installed a variant upon the President's personal Vehicle/Home/Base of operations, the HighWind. The prototype they made was rather successful and a second larger scale model was being prepared secretly in Asrond. However, the two brothers continued to pour money and resources into the research of 'their' cannon.

Originally filed the 'Renston XX' project, the cannon was supposedly supposed to be placed upon a satelite with a state of the art camera that could locate targets upon Galiavan's surface and remotely pummel them with a devestatingly powerful laser/plasma weapon. Research for the weapon continued, all the way to the latter end of 2639; when faced by the possibility of the weapon becoming useful against the War Gods, James Renston finally backed his lesser brother's ideals and went ahead by signing on to the project. The project was in the process of construction when James and Charles were murdered, and the project came to a halt. Jack, who then tried to save his fortune, tried to pool his funds into his bank in order to still keep a fortune when he was later found out by Tenik's T.I.R.S. (Tenik Industrial/International Reconnaissance Service) and was arrested and thrown into Azorgard Prison. He later died during the Sephiroth Wars, when the WarGod Sephiroth destroyed the prison and killed 95% if not all of it's inhabitants.

The project went onto a hiatus till 2641, when Rufus Tenik who was nothing but a rich man at the time, invested into the project himself. In 2649, with her lawyer's backing her case, ten year old Rachel Renston pooled her fathers funds into the project as well as pooling money for a moon base for it to be built around. Rachel, who was quite smart for a girl of her age, suggested the weapon would be better suited on a more 'grounded' location, for if the weapon was on a man-made satelite it could possibly knock the weapon and the platform it was welded onto out of Galiavan's orbit when it fired. This oversite had already been thought of, and was overlooked in the past, but Rufus who was now Chairman of the Tri-Continental Trust and a Section Chief of Security for the ADN branch in Ithteca City, had been intrigued with the idea of creating a moon base-which would be less costly than to build some man made piece of trash to hang around the Galiavan Orbit.

The weapon which was finished by 2652, went into space and became the primary defensive and offensive weapon on the newly founded Azula Moon base. Two years later, the youngest Section Chief of Security to date was appointed in charge of the moon base and became the proprietor of the established weapon and dubbed it the Pericles Cannon.

This SCS was a rather scientific young lady, and had known the weapon inside and out due to her family's design and money spent on the project that made it and the entire base possible-and Rachel Renston still tinkers with weapon to date.


Inside the Azula base, the reactor of the weapon steams and absorbs the energy recieved by the Aegis Energy Field. Upon the SCS's return, the crew deiced to reroute the raw energy obtained and redistribute it evenly amongst the Aegis shield and the Pericles itself. If the powerlevels were still to exceedingly high for firing, all that was needed to be done was to siphon more of the energy to the shield so the raw energy could be drained rather than the reserve energy that was already in place within the Aegis.


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