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Characters: "The Wolf's Lament" Empty Characters: "The Wolf's Lament"

Post  Rufus Tenik on Sat Nov 16, 2013 3:53 pm

A Mercenary/Demon Slaying group based out of Ithteca City. A Company with a recent large following, the leader of the Wolf's Lament is a young man by the name of Alastor Grey. For recruiting, one must see him in character in order to be gaged whether or not if he needs of your assistance or not. Only those who work in the 'Wolf's Lament' can post their character's here.

Characters: "The Wolf's Lament" 1407396954116_by_keskewolf-dapmkg9
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Projectiles (Ammo):
Consumable Items (Potions, Poisons, etc):
Currency (in Gilex [gX]): 10,000,000,000

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Characters: "The Wolf's Lament" Empty Re: Characters: "The Wolf's Lament"

Post  Alastor on Sun Nov 17, 2013 4:07 am

Name: Alastor Grey
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180 lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown, curly
Occupation: Mercenary.
Physical appearance: normal build, clean, sometimes stubble

Clothes: Blue Jeans, black leather belt, underwear, White socks, Brown leather boots, White T-shirt, Gray Zip-up hoodie with a dark blue leather/denim jacket overtop, Glasses with transition lenses, Black leather gloves

Medical conditions: Due to a undisclosed incedent, his left arm is a highly customized prosthetic arm. and a left Bionic eye. Has a synthetic skin which can change it's shade to match flesh tones, but will revert to a blue coloring when in combat scenarios. Also due to the same incedent, his physical and mental abilities were increased beyond that of a normal human.

Skills: Sonic Reload lvl4
Enhanced physical abilities.
Strategist, high intellect


Nocturne: -A fully motorized and custom made sword developed by Alastor Grey in the year 2657. Some speculate that the blade may have been made by using drawing board design maps created by Grant Lennox-but whether or not this is true is still highly debatable. It has a highpowered throttle most similarily used in motorcycles to use as a fuel injector to heat the blade up-making it sharper do to it's increased heat.

Nightroad: A large caliber magnum revolver. It chambers six .50 Action Express magnum handgun rounds. The compensator provides less recoil to the user as it is fired.

Cyber Arm: has hidden blade and .45 gun with 6 rounds. inside, can also shift into a more feral appearance with claws. Also, it is made of an unusual organic metal, able to become larger than one would think (think Devil Bringer from DMC4) as well as a grappling function.

Characters: "The Wolf's Lament" PMG_Myweapon60.jpg?t=1303840326
PMG Submachine gun: An Uzi automatic handgun that has been used by most private military and security forces. One such would be the Azula Moon Base. The weapon fires a magazine of 45 rounds of 9x19mm ammunition. Easy to use, and reliable. Can be fired like a rifle or in one hand like a pistol.

Bionic eye: X-ray vision, Geiger counter, targeting system, night vision, heat vision.

Air Shoes: Upgraded boots, allowing quick dash(dash), air slide(mid-air evade), and air step(double jump).

He has also recently learned Parkour.

Hilariously, he is able to summon a bucket of popcorn and a roll of duct tape for comedic effect.

He is the bastard son of Rufus Tenik & Selphie Lennox.

Characters: "The Wolf's Lament" AlastorGrey-2.jpg?t=1310766559
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Characters: "The Wolf's Lament" Empty Re: Characters: "The Wolf's Lament"

Post  Wolf on Tue May 13, 2014 11:31 pm

Name: Unknown
Nick Name: Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: ?? (appears in 20's)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 117 lbs
Eyes: Riptide Green.
Hair: Blond, full length
Birthplace: Skizer
Hometown: ???
Occupation: Ex. Military, Mercenary and Demon Hunter
Rank: Captain
Physical Appearance: size 36D breasts; athletic tone body; beautiful, sensual.

Weapons (with links to most of the weapons): Psg1 sniper rifle (with 100 round twin drum magazine/and Infra-red Scope); Armi Jager AP85 Assault Rifle; DarkSEED Tactical Issue handgun w/laser sight & Suppressor; Chesluk Industries .50 Eagle (Remake); Combat Knife.

Clothes: Olive Drab tight jumpsuit (tight pants and military jacket that also trap body heat) that zips down to her belly button; black leather choker; black thong; black fingerless gloves; belt (with sheath for Combat Knife & the side pack) and connecting to a thigh holster for DarkSEED Blackfire (Tactical Issue Handgun); combat boots (with knife sheath).
Characters: "The Wolf's Lament" Sniper_Wolf_cosplay-1.jpg?t=1260299030

Characters: "The Wolf's Lament" Adba73a71036520e6c1a25331b1f8cf4-1.jpg?t=1260284211

Characters: "The Wolf's Lament" Adba73a71036520e6c1a25331b1f8cf4-3.jpg?t=1295278922

Possessions:  Sidepack; Psg1, first aid kit, Boot Knife.
2 boxes of .44 (60)
2 boxes of .50 (60)
3 boxes of 5.56 x 45mm ammo (105)
5 boxes of 7.62x51mm rifle ammo (750)

Personal Item: Wooden Piccolo

Medical Condition(s): None to date.

Skills: Advanced sniping, tracking, and hunting. Intense acrobatic displays, physical lifting, and feats of pervade stamina and endurance.

Natural Skills: Sniping accuracy (no scope), stealth movement, intense endurance and stamina (able to wait for a week without moving an inch to eat, drink, or sleep) due to photosynthetic traits and intense physical training, high flexibility, limber and balance. Mild resistance to the cold.

Magic Abilities: Soul Bond (to PSG-1): She can summon the weapon into her hands at will, making it teleport magically no matter where she is or where the gun is. The gun is also indestructible, and unless she is dead, it is not destructible. If the parts are removed, when summoned they will reattach again. Additions to the weapon (other mags, scopes or suppressors not standard to what she has right now) are indestructible till removed from the gun.

"Wolf's Story": Has been a friend of Grant Lenox for many years and was Alastor Grey's second Mentor in this world; disappearing for two years after Alastor lost his arm when he finished his training. She just recently returned to the area, and had been travelling around the world with a temporary residence in Beijio for a time. Though much of her story is still shrouded in mystery, prior to becoming Alastor's and Riley Pearce's mentor, she was a friend of Grant Lenox, Alastor's Uncle. Neither she nor Grant have spoken of how they met, where she was born and grew up and her exact origins are a mystery. Strangely, she seems to not age past 20, and can go for days without eating. Some may argue that this could be because of her exotic, highly intense training regiments. She also carries a unique rifle, not like many around these parts. Totally custom, with a large magazine capacity to boot. It was through this 'partner' she also taught Alastor how to shoot rifles with. She can magically spawn the weapon in her hands, due to what she calls a 'Soul Bond' which was made when she was a young girl. The rest, is yet to be discovered save a few living souls, like Grant.

(will add more as the story progresses or if she opens up more)

Personal things: She has a strong will to teach others, regardless of the outcomes or circumstances.
Characters: "The Wolf's Lament" Sniper_rifle.jpg?t=1260283742

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Characters: "The Wolf's Lament" Empty Character Update!

Post  Irvine on Tue Nov 21, 2017 2:52 am

Name: Irvine McKelly
Real Name: Sidirvine ‘Irvine’ Dragonwind
Titles: Lord Dragonwind

Physical Description-
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Height: 6'0
Weight: 154 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Reddish Brown
Body/Physical Appearance: Tall, athletic but slender in frame, he is of typical Northern Scardian in build. He has unkempt medium length reddish brown hair that curtains his face. He also has slight Elven blood heritage.

Default: Black spandex muscle shirt, blue belts connecting to holsters around his waist, underwear, white socks, black sneakers, brown pants. A white zip-up vest with red and black patterns on it and black dress collar and an unbuckled black belt wrapped around the midsection. Orange sunglasses, long elbow length black leather fingerless gloves that zip up and off, a silver chain with a cross on one end and a Medallion wrapped around and tied to his right wrist. a black dog collar, a necklace with a pendant on it, a black leather armband on his upper right forearm just under his bicep, and red double straps wrapping around his left thigh.

Characters: "The Wolf's Lament" York_neely__cross_edge__by_kikoaihara-dbud7e5

Hometown: Jemial City, Gailden
Birthplace: Mythgarde, Scardia
Alliance: Wolf’s Lament, Silver Craft
Alignment: Good

Employment: Currently a Mercenary, Ex A.D.N. Vanguard and Pilot, Former Pyrotechnician and Engineer for Silver Craft Theatre
Rank: Lord

Trained In: Advanced Engineering, Air Magic, Oil Manipulation from Alchemy Books, Picking Locks, Stealth, Expert Spearmanship, Ranged Weaponry, Improvised Weapon Use, Military Training, Explosives (Demolitions & Pyrotechnics), Piloting (Airships, Helicopters, Planes, VTOLs, Etc.), Gunsmithing, Repairing and Tinkering.
Sensei/Instructor: Mostly self taught, but learned a few things from his time in the military and by spending time with Wolf and Alastor.
Instructed: None

Relationship Status: Dating, (Makoto Nanaya)
Medications: None
Allergies: None
Likes: New Technology and Gears, Tomato Juice, Tinkering, Flying, Eating Good Food, Beautiful Women, Boobs, the Moons Azula and Celina.
Dislikes: Being Useless, the Dragonwind Family, Listening to his Brothers, Forced/Arranged Marriage, Cruelty.
Health Background: Healthy; Disease Proof: Thanks to his Elven heritage, he is immune to all diseases.

A friend of Alastor Grey and a genius with weapons and gunpowder. He is a rather rambunctious character, but easily loved and interactive. He's been living in the Silver Craft for the last three years, and has been an energetic protester against the Allied Defense Network.  

A mechanical and technological wizard, Irvine is a young and handsome genius who strives to be successful, and develop technology like the precursors in the HighWind family tree. Originally born as Sidirvine Dragonwind from Mythgarde, Scardia- he is the runt of the noble family and was cast aside to live with his cousin’s, the HighWinds.
When he was barely out of the womb, the HighWind’s were under attack by Tenik Inc. for conspiring against the company they had been a part of for centuries. For his protection, his name was changed to ‘McKelly’ and he was raised in Jemial for the remainder of his life. He grew up going to school with Alastor Grey, whom he shares a close friendship with. Being unaware of his Scardian abilities, he never really used them growing up, and was picked on by a few of the unintelligent kids in the early years. His lack of self confidence made him enlist within the Allied Defense Network (ADN) at fourteen.  

He is a happy-go-lucky individual who enjoys his work, and is accustomed to being drenched in engine oil. His love of flying made him an excellent pilot within the Allied Defense Network, where he also got in the field of pyrotechnics and demolition. For being a fifteen year old recruit, he was skilled in various fields within the ADN aside from piloting and demolitions. He was also trained as an engineer, and due to his size at the time was able to crawl through small spaces. He was also able to repair things in high altitudes as he has no fear of heights.

His time within the A.D.N. was short lived however, as politics involving the Scardian Foreign Legion thanks to his older brother, Commander Dragonwind, prevented him from excelling any further. He went AWOL after this, before being eventually caught and imprisoned for dereliction of duty. This made him resent both his family, and the ADN. He was bailed out of Adamantite Prison by Wolf and Alastor a year later. Too prideful to remain with them for too long, he came across an ad in the papers requesting live-in workers for the Silver Craft. He took the job, and became the theme parks pyrotechnician, but also worked as a maintenance worker when things were slow. He remained with the park for three years, till the C.K.B. made a muck of things, forcing the young Scardian to seek help from an old friend...

Irvine is a kind, gentle, peace loving person, with an intense curiosity for new things, and only the slight depravity of a pervert (he can’t help admire big breasts!). He harbors his secret lineage tightly, not wanting to associate his current life with the family which had abandoned him. Only Alastor and Wolf knows of his lineage, but both parties have kept his secret respectfully.


Weapons (he has MANY!): Irvine’s Broken Lion, a Stainless Manzetta Duvalia Special Pro (Manzetta SP), a Manzetta Duvalia MATCH Custom, a Manzetta High Powered Magnum Pistol (polished two-tone), two Quicksilver Model 2898 High Power 'Blackfire' handguns, a T.I.R.S. Shotgun (Ithteca 37), a Galideno Annihilator Auto-Shot, a Manticore Pump-Action Trench Shotgun, a Manticore Tactical Semi-Auto Trench Shotgun, a Tactical Scorpio A3 (with 30 round magazine and undermount 20mm Grenade Launcher), a Breland Type 56 Assault Rifle, a Chesluk Industries 'Banshee' Assault Rifle, an Armi Jager AP85, a DarkSEED SMGC1, a Manzetta 950 Assault Pistol, a T.I.R.S. Rg-8 Grenade Launcher, a Galideno/Jemial M66 Quad Launcher "FLASH", a SR-37, a SPW Exile - R6 ''Basilisk''

Equipment: Tool Bag, Radio Transceiver, Mobile Phone, Lockpick Set, 2x Tenik Stims, 3x Galideno Stick Grenades

Possessions: A warehouse in Beijio, a permanent residence in the Ghost Castle Biome of the Silver Craft.

Prized Possessions/Personal Items: Aegis Breaker: A heavy duty, Ithteca Steel double-sided adjustable wrench. Its heavy weight can seriously knock out enemies as well as bash through thick plating like a club. Its a family heirloom.

Special Abilities:
Scardian Abilities: Like any true Scardian and those born within her borders, Scardians by their very nature have the following stats, thanks to the will of the High King Scar’d upon his ascension into the War God Ranks, centuries ago. It's also these abilities which disqualify many Scardians from world sporting events such as the Mu-Irzik arena, unless specified otherwise.

-Scardian Speed/Agility: All Scardians (those born in her borders), are given unsurpassed speed and agility, much like the War God himself. No matter body type or size, as long as they are still able to use their legs, after the age of thirteen Scardians will feel as though they are the very winds themselves.
-Scardian Healing/Frost & Water Discipline: All Scardians can heal shallow to moderately deep wounds with snow, frost, and water; much like Scar’d had when he was a lad. They are also immune to the cold pinch of the frozen landscapes, the tundras to the north a non-existent obstacle for the average Scardian who can take the cold, and not feel it’s icy bite. Heavier wounds become shallower when ice/water is applied, but will need further medical attention to effectively stop bleeding.
-Scardian Strength: All Scardian born also show an extreme strength that is unlike other races of man or beast-kin. Even beast-kin of Scardian born are given this trait, making them appear like monsters with the ability to lift more than the average human.
-Diamond Body: Thanks to his Elven heritage, he has immunities against all known diseases.

-Impale: He can pierce just about anything with a melee weapon; a skill he learned from his Scardian bloodline.
-Enhanced Spearmanship: He demonstrates a natural aptitude in the way of polearms. Irvine is able to wield any kind of polearm with great speed, power, and skill. As one of the largest (or at least longest) classes of weapon that can be carried by normal humans, users of this ability excel in keeping enemies at bay and maintaining a superior position in combat, having a great advantage, at a distance, over opponents wielding smaller melée weapons.
-Create Ammunition: He can create special ammunition at a quick rate if materials are present.
-Mixed martial arts: Uses some physical attacks to break the concentration of opponents
-Free Running: can climb heights without much effort and without climbing gear.
-Wall Run: can run against walls for short periods of time
-C.Q.C Disarm: Can take an enemy's weapon advantage away by immobilizing their arm and striking nerves in their hand that causes them to lose the sensation of gripping and effectively stuns the limb. The arm is numb for about a post.
-C.Q.C Field Strip: If a projectile weapon, such as a gun is pointed at him within a range of 3 feet or if he gets within 3 feet of the gun-he can quickly and easily strip the weapon of its basic parts needed for it to perform in a matter of seconds.
-Sword kick: After gaining momentum in mid air, he can knock opponents back with the strength of a heavy blade to an opponent via this downward kick.
-Dragon Tongue: For some unknown reason since he left the Silver Craft, Irvine can now speak and understand the tongue of Dragons.

Magic Abilities:
-Piercing Void: A special magic skill known by only the eldest of the Dragonwinds; an ability given to their family by Scar’d himself, the user can pierce through matter/energy by creating a "hole" in the space it occupies, ignoring every form of defense/resistance. Anything in the path of the stabbing attack is penetrated without physical resistance. Because of its nature, Irvine’s attacks have extreme, potentially unlimited, reach.
-Eleokinesis: Irvine can create/generate, shape and manipulate oils and substances refined from them, which are defined as substances that are liquids at ambient temperatures and do not mix with water but may mix with other oils and organic solvents..

  • Shape Oil - can move, shape and animate oil; including compress and manipulate its properties.
  • Transmute Oil - he can transmute oil into both the flammable Napalm, or a poisonous kerosine.
  • Detection - he can detect oil.
  • Oleoportation - he can transport oil, merge it, and turn it into tar. Effective at slowing his enemies movements.
  • Adhesive Manipulation - create, shape and manipulate any/all types of adhesives, substance that is applied to the surfaces of materials that binds them together and resists separation, including glue, cement, mucilage, or paste.

-Aerokinesis: He wields magical wind and has a slight affinity for the element of wind.

  • High Jump: He can jump to an alarming height with a conjured compressed air around his body which produces an insane amount of lift.
  • Double Jump: He can jump in mid air, using magically produced air to form a barrier at his feet to help produce more lift.
  • Air Blast: Can send a blast of air like a barrier at his opponents to knock them onto their backs.
  • Air Explosion: Can cause the air to ‘explode’ in a non-lethal concussive blast which ‘pops’ the hearing of his targets.  
  • Healing Wind: Flows a cool breeze which is condensed with a healing aura and helps regenerate wounds to him and/or his allies.

-Pyrokinesis: Irvine is able to create and control fire. He cannot control flames he didn't create however and is not immune to other types of fire.

  • Create Fire: Irvine can create fire.
  • Fire Attacks: Irvine can infuse his attacks with fire. He can also completely cloak himself with his flames.
  • Fire Burst: Irvine can cause explosions and eruptions of fire.
  • Fire Tornado: Irvine can create a torrent of flame that spirals from the ground like a tornado and draws everything in, increasing its size with the more oxygen that is consumed.
  • Flame Thrower(s): Irvine can shoot a concentrated spurt of fire from his open palms, shooting out a constant flame up to 35 feet.
  • Fire Ball: Irvine can create a malleable ball of flame which he can throw at his enemies like a baseball. The fire remains after hitting its target, and will burn the environment if there is enough fuel to feed it’s flame.

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