Maintenance Tunnel

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Maintenance Tunnel

Post  Rio Tachibana on Wed Nov 20, 2013 5:10 pm

Rio lead Alastor down the steel and concrete tunnel, above them were rows of halogen lights beaming down upon them, giving the long corridor a steely and eerie air. She locks the tunnel behind her from western parts, and takes Al's hand again. "Security and Staff use these tunnels to get from Biome to Biome without interrupting the integrity of the themes of each Biome." she says guiding him down the way. They reached a six-way intersection with an elevator at the center. "Below us is the Central Security area." she says, then points to the other five paths. Each had a sign depicting where each tunnel lead; "Ghost, Beach, Edo, C-Town, Tower and the one we're standing in is nicknamed 'West' for Western Parts." she added.
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