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Post  Ikai Boontai on Sun Dec 22, 2013 10:58 pm

So a friend of mine posted a hand drawn picture of an angel on their facebook. Seen here:

Angel Talk 1486738_10201012270088947_1473381583_n

He had put the caption:

She's got some hard hitting information to lay down on you. Mostly angel stuff. Not really applicable to you.

Of course I had to jump on this opportunity so I replied with the following:

She be like "You know what happenin' up there? Pssh...of course you don't know, only I know....You wanna know? Na, I'm not going to tell you. really wanna know? We all be like did those humans just do that? and God be like yeah they did and we be like duuuuuuude....yeah that's about it"
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