Outside (Back Alley behind the rear exit of the building)

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Outside (Back Alley behind the rear exit of the building)

Post  Yuu Kirei on Tue Dec 24, 2013 4:28 pm

Archie Mcgraw wrote:Her voice dropped from the line for a moment, taking in a long pause which Arcanda relished. He was always for giving out surprises and collecting the spoils. In this case, he had given Ms. Kirei a large task that would earn her very high distinction in the ranks of Arcanda's employees. He had just entrusted her with having to entertain and host the world's leaders against their will. He listened as she seemed to be fighting for Jack Handy to stay apart of his ranks before he heard her chuckle before saying, "Ah, well I hope you won't put me in the same kind of job you put Maron through. I mean, your methods of 'firing' people are just plainly gruesome if I may say so." she says with another chuckle. Arcanda smirked while he leaned back into his leather high back office chair. He knew he had reeled Ms. Kirei into accepting the job whether she realized she had a choice or not.

As Arcanda listened to Ms. Kirei talk he was reminded of the days when he had multiple underlings that were of the same caliber as her. Those days however were far behind him and he hated to wallow in the pain of the past unless it was fueling the future. The smooth voice of the chinchilla-girl once again brought his thoughts back to their conversation. "Well if you only want me to entertain a bunch of rich snobs, I can do as much--of course though there is an additional fee if any said jerk-offs touch me. I don't like 'freebies'." she says with a slight snarl. She paused again, but only briefly this time. "So, what exactly are you planning Mr. A? I mean...your just acting so generous to me this evening...are you trying to tempt me with your flattery?" she asked in a sly sarcastic manner. "What else do you want?" she asked him. Arcanda smirked at how unsure of his actions Ms. Kirei was. "The fear of a truly faithful underling." Arcanda thought to himself before replying to the woman.

"Kirei, if any of them touch you they will be causing an act of war, and I'm sure none of them want that." He commented smugly with a brief pause before continuing, "You see they are going to teleport into a room that you will have filled with the normal V.I.P. Access beverages and the like but you will also put together a crew that will keep them there against their will. I have a lot to explain to these important people and I don't want anything getting in my way. That means security on the building being tripled, and your customer service at it's highest. As much as they will be our captives, this will be my type of diplomatic summit, so we still need our guests to be as comfortable, and happy as can be." Arcanda finished explaining, before the sounds of a lighter could be heard on the other end of the line. Arcanda had taken out a cigar, and put it to his lips, and lit it before blowing out smoke with a smirk of satisfaction. Without waiting for a reply, Arcanda started to talk once again, "As a result, you need to get that money from that estate, you need to pull some jobs quick, and you need to recruit. We have a deadline Ms. Kirei, and I intend to keep it. The political climate is just ripe enough for this to happen now...I will not miss this chance. You have two weeks." Arcanda slammed the phone down ending the call before turning to review a new file folder in front of him labeled: "The Summit"

Kirei's painted green nails clicked the cellular closed after listening in to her Employer's orders. She was leaning against the brick of her building, her gray tail swaying and wagging behind her, scraping against the surface of the building. She was wearing her black leather jacket over her current outfit, which consisted of a zip up cropped halter leather top that exposed the underside of her boobs, her breasts themselves were about half exposed. She wore a tight leather low rising short shorts that zipped down her crotch and along the length of her womanhood; the shorts themselves were attached by guarders that connected to the edge of her fishnet stockings, which slid under the leather of her thigh high green strapped high heel sandals she only wore when she 'rode the pole'. Her fishnet fingerless gloves encompassed around her cell which she withdrew to the breast pocket of her jacket, she stepped away, brushing back long green bangs from her face and shook her long black hair behind her free from any snags to her clothing. Her gray ears twitched with their small gems and earrings dangling off of them; her belly button's chain swung with the small charm she had attached to it, a gift from her Employer when they first met. She looks to her men who had taken the Estate's current owner away to be tortured till he signed the deed over to her. Well...Arcanda more than her.

She sighed, waving them off as she goes back to enter the fray of the club once again. She had to at least squeeze 20,000 Gilex from the patrons before she would personally stock up the VIP room. In the meantime, she'd have her assistant Philip do that dirty work till she was done working with the patrons. "He's making me work for my money, but lets see if I can turn on just enough just to get what I need. I'd rather be stocking the room, but Philip doesn't really get the men excited down here." she says to herself, taking a breathmint to her mouth before chewing it and placing it under her tongue.
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