Third Floor Lounge Room

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Third Floor Lounge Room

Post  Mahou Takanuki on Sat Mar 15, 2014 5:23 am

"NO!!!!" she screamed, her vision blackening before becoming oblivion. The visage of Rufus Tenik's overconfident grin becoming the last thing she saw.

His face seemed to be engraved into her mind, a still image that remained for her miserable viewing for what felt like the longest time before it too gradually darkened and faded away...

She suddenly could feel her lungs take air again, her finger flex, crumbling dirty white marble which clambered to the hollow floor below her. She gasped, wheezed, choked and then coughed up a bout of dust, as her back bended and her body moved the thin white marble-like shell broke apart and fell away. She cried out in fear, her vision black, and began to panic even as the shell around her eyes fell away-to which did not help for even as she felt it fall away her vision was still black. Worse yet, as she pulled herself forward she realized that she was hitting some sort of wall. She was thinking irrationally, feeling as if she was trapped in a box. "Gods-have I been buried alive?!" she thinks, remembering suddenly of the gunshot that had turned her into a white marbled lawn sculpture...

She shuttered, thinking this of some morbid trick to just to fuck with her mind which was already under duress. She felt her tail break away from the shaft of what was white marble under all this blackness. Her ears twitched, trying to pick up anything at all, but could only hear her own labored breathing and beating heart. Trying to calm herself down, she patted herself down...realizing she was wearing the Maid Outfit yet before she then shrieked; feeling something crawling up her nylon clad legs. Shaking her leg vigorously before her toe was banged against something metallic and heavy. It took her a few moments to get the feeling of being crawled on off, but she reaches out with her foot and taps upon the metal object, pulling it towards her. It had a shape to it, something familiar yet at the same time not since she was using her foot.
With a wall in front of her, behind her, and on both her left and right sides in what felt like being in a wide shaft but with not enough depth, she realized she couldn't just bend over and pick it up. Instead with the item now under her, she pressed her back against the wall behind her and began to slide down it till her hands touched the floor. She reached about, clapping the ground till she grabbed it and realized what she was holding. She recognized it as a gun. But was it loaded? She checked, and felt the magazine feed-and realized it was. "A DarkSEED Combat Magnum... a fifty caliber handgun... but why?"

She gulped, her eyes widening in the dark. What if it was for her? No no no, she couldn't think that-that was too easy for Tenik if he wanted her to suffer. If that was the case...the bullets would have likely been blanks, but she felt the rounds in her palm, and they were definitely real. She slid her back up the wall again, and she huffs and puffs. She had to weigh her options now. She could either end it all here...or she could see if any of these walls would break. "Might as well start with this one.." She tapped the wall in front of her with the butt of the weapon, and was surprised to hollow. "Help! Anyone?" she exclaimed, but after no response, she banged again. "HELLO?" she screamed, slamming the gun harder and harder then-BREAK.

Her hand went through the thin wall, feeling cool air rush through to her and wrap around her wrist. She pulls the gun away, looking through the fist sized hole which did not help any more with her visibility. She was beginning to believe she was blind before her feline eyes managed to pick up traces of shapes inside the room ahead of her. She immediately hacked at the wall, breaking more of it down in her furious haste, and soon after a couple kicks by pressing her back against the wall behind her, her imprisonment was over. The pieces of wall fell apart and she fell onto her butt as the dust settled. Wincing in pain she slowly brings herself back up upon her feet, stepping out of the hole she had created. In the next room, she began to see a large rectangle ahead of her, something attached to the wall, and a couple odds and ends. The air was still--stale almost, with a somewhat moldy smell to it. She couldn't find any windows as she looked around. "Hello?" she called out, coughing. "Is anyone here?"

No response. She begins to walk over to what appeared as a door, the gun still in her hand as she gropes for the knob-

"-found it!" she exclaimed, turning the knob and yanked it forward--

She suddenly was blinded-bright light flooded her vision and caused her to recoil away and at the same time she heard something snap and felt something give. Eyes wide she realizes the heavy oak door in her hands was falling taking her with her to the large gap in the floor and she managed to let go in time before it would have taken her to her death what had to be a fifty foot drop. She backed away immediately, falling onto her butt again as she backed away from the gap. "Fuck! What the crap?!" She exclaimed, feeling her little heart beat miles a minute. She breathed heavily and sat where she was, allowing her vision to adjust to the lighting...

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