Breland Port

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Breland Port

Post  Arcanda on Tue Jan 11, 2011 12:33 pm

Ships dock in and out of here.


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Re: Breland Port

Post  Shannon Quicksilver on Fri Jul 10, 2015 9:51 pm

Shannon supervised the Quicksilver personnel loading the shipping crates filled with some of the firearm industries top of the line gear. "I want you to check every crate and make sure that all are accounted for before and after you disembark, Captain." she says, her arm wrapped around him, hugging the salty man close as she uses her other hand to point at the 48 shipping crates upon the cargo ship. "Forty-eight, forty-eight crates Captain, not forty-nine, not forty-seven, forty-eight; for each shipping crate there should be, 500 units approximately, so..."

She looked at him with her seducing red eyes before answering for him: "That is correct, 24,000 units. Now, once my people in Ithteca get the shipment, there should be how many crates?" she asked, shaking his shoulder.

The tired grizzled man sighed heavily. He was clearly tired of this bitch. "Forty eight."

Shannon smiled. "Yes, correct, many units?"

The man rolled his eyes, shaking his head. "Twenty four thousand, now look here--" he began but he was cut off by Shannon's left index finger, her free hand.

"Shh. Yes. You got it. So, if you are missing any of my product," she started, her eyes closed her head cocked to the right slightly and a genuine smile upon her face as she said: "I will personally enjoy seeing to it that you'll never sail the salty seas again, and I'll also see to it that your vessel here becomes an artificial reef at the bottom of the Scardian Ocean! Okay? Great!" she says shaking his shoulder again. "Your such a champ, get on now, shoo, get busy before I make you busy! Haha you're such a doll!" she says in her most genuinely fake elated tone, pushing the Captain ahead. He looked back at her with a grumbling stare, but huffed and went to work barking orders at crewmen and other workers to attend to their haul.

Shannon smile became almost wolf like in nature. She may be doing a few things behind her precious 'younger sister's' back, but it was going to be making them rich. Twenty-four thousand units made up of Quicksilver Assault Rifles and 10mm Handguns were being deployed for use by some 'BS' Company under the name 'Armadeus' or some sort like that. Shannon herself pointed them out directly, and managed to bargain the 384,000,000 Gilex sale. This Cain White person she was ultimately negotiating with had cash to spare, and he must be richer than Rufus Tenik to purchase such an arsenal. What did they need it for? Shannon could really care less. This business decision was going to sky-rocket Quicksilver Firearms to the pinnacle of the firearm community! "Step aside Hawkethorne, get lost Chesluk, stay at the bottom of my heel Crest, know your place lowly cretins. We are the top of the food chain, the big sharks. Stay clear from us or we'll bite you on the ass!" she internally monologued, feeling ecstasy of power vibrate through her body, making her excited about the turn out of the deal! She'd have to put security staff on board the ship to doubly ensure the cargo is delivered safely. You had to lose some cash to gain some, so the 100,000 Gilex service fee would be worth it. A twelve man undercover security unit who will put her mind at ease till the ship arrives in Ithteca.

She grabbed a cigarette from her pack and lit it, standing outside the harbor house. She blew out a steady stream and grinned. "I'm so happy to be me." she smiles. She flipped through her phone, and saw that 'Dear Sister' was probably in another boardroom meeting with that other buyer. But wait till she brought up her resounding success to the board, they will see then who is meant to be the top dog! She began to chuckle darkly.
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