Gazatine Fortress: Ritual Chamber

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Gazatine Fortress: Ritual Chamber

Post  Darkstorm Zero on Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:50 am

Within the newly constructed edifice, a foul and heretical ritual was about to take place

Fresh from the portal chamber, a cadre of 12 immortal acolytes entered the ritual chamber.

Each one, floating towards the central apparatus, a great circle of candles surrounding the central sigil of arcane power.

Atop the pulsing rune, stood a creature of immense magical power, to lead the ceremony, an Arch Vile.

As the ritual began with the Acolytes chanting in whispered voices the dark rites and incantations of blasphemous power, the Arch Vile made it's shrill voice heard.

{"Hear us and obey, all children of dark heart and hatred! Rise now, in the name of all evil! Come to us, the source of your foul deeds and powers! We raise you in the name of the fallen, to crush the foes of our glorious and terrifying armies! Rise now, and take your place among the victorious evil!"}

As the heretical powers lit the Arch Vile's hands, a tremendous surge of it's command resonated within the massive fortress, and spread outward across the land, in perfect synch with the other two towers. 3 beacons, calling to all those of evil heart upon the planet to rise, gather, and join the coming slaughter.


You will bow before the throne of Hell, or you will become part of it.
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