Front Gate and Entrance Courtyard

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Front Gate and Entrance Courtyard

Post  Stephen Chesluk on Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:05 pm

The entrance to the Chesluk Estate is marked by a large 15 foot Obsidian wall with a pure silver palisade fence that extends a further five feet (overall height of this outer wall is approximately 20ft). There is a single break in the wall, a pair of heavy black granite slabs that slit in the center marks the front entrance. There is a mural depicting a scene with two women: the woman on the right side granite pannel is depicted as a very beautiful woman, while the left shows a despicable female demon with an almost thorny and toothy smile. Above the Gate's Door set in wrought iron posts is a gold plate with the engraving: "The Ravencroft Estate"

The cobblestone road leads beyond the slabs of this hinge less gate that would slide open on hidden rollers and set itself snugly into the obsidian outer walls before setting back into place once visitors who are given permission to enter walk or ride past the heavy slabs. The road leads straight to the rectangular shaped mansion, which seems to almost resemble a black marble coffin set against the rock walls that line the cliffs behind it.

Despite being underground, there were flowers and plant life clearly visible on either side of the carriage or car that would take one to the Grand Entrance of the Ravencroft Estate. There is a side road that leads away from the Mansion before inclining to a deep hole in the ground where the cobblestone road became paved with tar, and lead down into the basement complexes of the Estate Grounds where the Underground Garage would be.

The front doors of the Mansion were about ten feet tall and had ornate gold handles that would open up into the luxurious world of the Ravencroft's. Or at least, that was before the Ravencrofts went under and had to sell the house and grounds to the CEO of Chesluk Industries, Stephen Chesluk.
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