Grand Entrance, Main Foyer and the Grand Stairwell and Catwalks

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Grand Entrance, Main Foyer and the Grand Stairwell and Catwalks

Post  Stephen Chesluk on Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:07 pm

The ambient music for this mansion:

Upon entering the Mansion, there are large buttresses and white marbled pillars that hold up the second floor hallway that looks down upon the Main Foyer. A long red rug extends from under the mahogany double doors that lead one into the Mansion and lead up the stairwell before melding with the carpeting that covers the wooden floors that make up the narrow cat walks that lead to both the left and right wings of the mansion. Pillars of mahogany that have been shaved and smoothed into railings line these elegant catwalks, and more pillars line the walls of the second floor to hold up the third floor which also has a catwalk that over looks the main foyer below. Up there, the crystal and diamond studded chandelier hangs from platinum chains and extend out branches of white gold that have magical bluish orbs that light up where traditional candlesticks would normally be.

The ceiling was made entirely of a single large chunk of white marble that swirled with speckled gold flecks and obsidian glass.

+1st floor description:

The floor at the very bottom in which the rug extends on to was a highly polished gold and silver tiles that extended out in a checkered pattern throughout the entire main foyer. Vases and display cases lined the walls of the foyer; to the left was a large double door that had a heavy copper plate upon the left Victorian styled door that read with enscrolled lettering: "The Dining Hall, West Wing Corridor, Billiards Room, Kitchen and Galley, and Servants Quarters"

To the the right of the foyer were a matching double door set that also had a single door off to the far left of them. There were copper plates upon both the double doors and the single door. Upon the single door which had a silver plate where the knob would be read in similar enscrolled type: "Cloak Room", while the doubled door's plate read: "The East Wing Gallery, East Wing Corridor, Library, Entrance to the Gardens and Lord Ravencroft's Study".

There is a set of stairs that lead behind the Grand Stairwell and walking down them from either the 'Cloak Room' side or the 'Dining Hall' side leads to another set of stairs that lead towards each other. For underneath the Grand Stairwell was a set of iron bar doors with another copper plate set into them. It read simply: "Basement Corridor, Basement Level 2 Stairway, and Parking Garage"

+2nd floor Catwalk description:

Upon advancing the Grand Stairwell, the red carpet would lead to the a set of short curved stairways that lead to the second floor's catwalk. Looking over the polished mahogany railings one can look down upon those who've entered the Grand Entrance as well as view and respect that which is the large stained glass window depicting the Czarina Pallenci smiling proudly in her armor, a window that hangs above the entrance doors. The catwalk stretches out to both the left and right wings, there is a set of doubled doors to the far right upon standing on the 2nd floor catwalk, and it is aligned with the set of doubled doors that lead to the dining hall below. Upon the left mahogany door's face is a similar copper plate set into the wood that reads with similarly enscrolled letters: "The Dining Hall 2nd Floor Balcony, West Wing Gallery, West Wing Reading Room, West Wing Stairwell and Ball Room"
To the far left of those doubled doors is another single mahogany door frame that has small copper plate set into it as well. It read simply: "The Grand Balcony"

On the opposite side of the Mansion was a similar single door who's copper plate read: "The Hanging Gardens"

Just a little walk down the East Wing side of the catwalk and not too far from the 'Hanging Gardens' doorway, was another set of mahogany double doors with a copperplate upon the left door frame: "2nd Floor East Wing Corridor, Storage Facilities 1-8, Armor Room and East Wing Stairway"

+3rd floor Catwalk description:

Though no physical stairway leads to it from the ground floor, the third floor catwalk is accessed via the "Third Floor Corridor". Two sets of Doubled Doors from both Wings open up to this high catwalk. This catwalk, also carpeted with a red rug, seems to almost 'float' above the 2nd floor catwalk and the Main Foyer. Its balconies and railings are made of solid gold, and being nearly fifty feet from the ground floor, this walkway can sometimes make visitors feel very uneasy. Another door connects to this walkway and is connected to the back wall. This doubled door made entirely of obsidian has a platinum plate with the engraving: "Observatory and Lab"
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