Guest Chamber: The Vice President's Suite (Floor 3)

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Guest Chamber: The Vice President's Suite (Floor 3)

Post  Stephen Chesluk on Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:09 pm

A Guest Chamber for visitors of the estate to reside in temporarily. This one is the second biggest of the guest chambers with painted azure walls, silver moldings lining the lower and upper walls, rose wood paneled floors with a couple of Polar Bear Fur rugs splayed upon the floor.

A large white marbled fireplace faces the bed, and a walk in closet's door is beside the fireplace. Back to the king sized bed with cerulean satin sheets and pillows and with heavy deep azure curtains enclosed around it for privacy, the door to the immediate left of the bed leads to a personal bathroom made entirely of polished white marbled tile. The roof of the bedroom is dome shaped, and has a mural of cherubs and wisps dancing in the daylight.

If one were to lay in the bed, the door to the far left of the room leads to the hallway of the 3rd floor corridor.
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