The Dining Hall and The Dining Hall 2nd Floor Balcony

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The Dining Hall and The Dining Hall 2nd Floor Balcony

Post  Stephen Chesluk on Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:11 pm

+1st floor description:

A long rectangular room with a checkered flooring. The tiles that make up the Dining Hall's flooring are made of solid pieces of polished smooth white limestone and polished smooth obsidian.

A long polished mahogany dining table sat at the center of the rectangular room, a white silk dining sheet covers the table and is trimmed in a crimson red. Gold candlesticks line the table with black wax sticks jutting out from their holders.

The walls were a plaster color, and hanging off of them to the far right side upon entering were multiple portraits and oil paintings that have been purchased from all around the world. On the opposite side, windows peering out to the front courtyard and gardens could be seen. Statues made of marble seem to be of the same beautiful woman wearing only a thin sheet that only barely covered her naked breasts and then wrap around her pelvis, but each of the four statues depicted her in a different pose; the last one left the right breast exposed. Each of their eyes were expressed by a pair of gleaming red Rubies set into the eye sockets.

At the far end, opposite to the double doors that lead into here from the main foyer was a white marbled fireplace with a large gilded framed portrait hanging above it. At either side of this portrait were a pair of banners that were both red and blue, covering the upper left and right corners of the ancient yet well maintained painting:

The portrait was of a man with long black flowing hair that was parted down the middle of his forehead, big bushy eyebrows stuck out like an owl and his eyes were a blaring deep crimson. His face was emotionless and lacked any discernible expression; he wore a long black tailcoat with a deep red satin vest. A silver watch poked out from the vest's pocket and the chain was connected to his Windsor tie. His left hand is clasped into a tight fist by his thigh. In his right hand he held an emerald skull. The skull's cracks were gilded and the teeth were of a platinum metal. He was painted standing amid the countryside, with a burning castle set into the background.

Below the portrait, set onto the gilded frame was a Copper Plate which read:

"Lord Xavier Ravencroft III"

At the far right side of the fireplace is a single black stained mahogany door. Upon it was a copper plate depicting the words: "West Wing Corridor"
Beside the door is a polished Garnet colored grandfather clock that is set into the wall. It tics constantly throughout the day, tolling every hour with a loud bell. Beside this clock is a large painting of two men who are fencing, one of the men look like Lord Ravencroft as he was depicted in the portrait above the fire place, with the exception that this man was not wearing a black tail coat.

+2nd floor description:

If one opens the double doors from the second floor catwalk, they will enter the Dining Hall upper Balcony. Not as grand as the Dining Hall below, the floor is cut out for observers to watch from at this level. Mahogany banisters keep people falling to the dining room below, and each peg that holds up a wooden railing are carved in the shape of spiraling wingless dragons. On the opposite wall from entering this room is a large stain glass window depicting the Chesluk Industries Crest (just recently set in place).

To the far right side of the room are a set of doors. Three of them are single doors while the one at the far end was another doubled door, upon this door a copper plate depicts the word: "Ball Room"

The three other doors had similar copper plates, but each read: "West Wing Gallery","West Wing Stairwell", and "Reading Room".
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