Kitchen and Galley (1st floor/B1)

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Kitchen and Galley (1st floor/B1)

Post  Stephen Chesluk on Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:20 pm

In the off limits area of the Mansion, the kitchen is a clean and white wall tile room with an adobe tiled floor. Industrial sized refrigerators and ovens line the walls as stainless steel edifices. Five Pad Locks keep the Galley's stainless steel door on the far wall locked. A painted red stainless steel sign bolted to the door reads in bold: "Galley and Pantry-STAY OUT!"

There are four chutes that line against the back wall. Each chute has a name written upon it:
-To King-
-To Queen-
-To Princess-
-To the Master of the House-

The room is lit with glowstone blocks that are embedded into the wall and ceiling, and despite what should be a well lit environment, the room feels quite eerie and dark.
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