West Wing Gallery (2nd Floor)

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West Wing Gallery (2nd Floor)

Post  Stephen Chesluk on Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:22 pm

Upon entering from the 'Dining Hall 2nd Floor Balcony', the room opens up to a rather modest rectangular shaped room. Much like East Wing Gallery, however the room is high and the walls are a bleach white. Serial Barbarian Art Hang on the left side of the wall, and upon the right wall set into large picture frames are black and white still images of Herensuge and a picture taken during the second Scepter Trials of entrenched Droxis Soldiers who are in knee deep mud and appear to have been suffering. Another picture shows a similar photo, but they are Jechx troops. Among one of the soldiers, there appears to be a dark haired man who looks almost like the Lord depicted in the portraits in the Dining Hall, but his face is too hard to make out in this fuzzy photo's light. Vases and Earthenware Plates sit atop marble pedestals, and artisan blades are mounted upon the walls on red oak hooks.
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