East Wing Corridor (1st Floor)

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East Wing Corridor (1st Floor)

Post  Stephen Chesluk on Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:25 pm

Upon entering from the East Wing Gallery, the traveler is greeted by a long and creepy hallway. The entire right side upon entering is spaced with windows that overlook the front garden and entrance way to the Estate, but after a short walk the hallway abruptly turns left. Upon the left hand side there are a set of doubled doors with a gold plate set into the left door's face. Written upon it's polished face was:


Further up ahead on the same side was a single door that was made entirely of platinum and had a matching platinum plate upon it with gold enscrolled letters written upon its polished face:

"Lord Ravencroft's Office"

Further up ahead was a single door that was heavy and made of iron. Upon its face it had a copper plate that stated:

"Entrance to the Gardens"
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