East Wing Corridor & East Wing Stairwell (2nd Floor)

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East Wing Corridor & East Wing Stairwell (2nd Floor)

Post  Stephen Chesluk on Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:28 pm

Upon entering the East Wing on the second floor from the Main Foyer's Cat walk, one is again presented with a narrow hall that has multiple doors lining the hallway. Most of these rooms are unused, with the exception of storage. The current Master of the house has been debating whether or not to rent them out, but for the mean time they are each stamped with a sheet of paper listed from "1-8" with the additional tag of: "STORAGE" stenciled underneath.

The hall quickly bends left and to the immediate left again there is a pair of heavy iron doors studded with bolts upon the frame of the doors. On the left door's face is a stainless steel sign bolted to the door stating:

"Armor Room"

The hall bends yet again before coming to a stop at a wrought-iron bar wall with a mesh doorway, from beyond that one can make out the iron steps that lead to the third floor. Upon the wall is a copper plate that read:

"East Wing Stairwell "

Above that a sticky note has been planted with precise penmanship: "The Future Home of the"
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