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Crest Lodge

Post  Arcanda on Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:00 pm

Jessie "Shotgun" Crest's family lodge and inn. Perched on the side of Windscar Lake, and under the Mount Houoh.


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Re: Crest Lodge

Post  Jyllynn "Jessie" Crest on Mon Aug 08, 2016 6:12 pm

Jessie \"Shotgun" Crest @ Aug 29 2007, 10:38 AM wrote:Jessie was an average girl... "Now where is that gun oil..." ..Well sorta... "Oh there you are, never mind Dad!" Jessica or "Jessie" was an expert hunter, she had been hunting since she was four. She oiled up a rag and just like cleaning a spit tube on an instrument, she pushed down the shaft or 'Barrel', of the gun. She had been a gunslinger in the arts of the shotgun. No one really appreciated this, but she didn't care. Then there was a knock on the door to the lodge. "Its open!!" She yelled from the backroom. "Jessica !!" a harsh voice came from upstairs. She sighed leaving her unfinished gun. "Oh...o.k..." She ran to the door putting on a fake smile. She opened the door. "Welcome to the Crest Lodge! Stay as long as you..." The person brushed her aside. "Hey hey whats the big idea?!" She asked.. The man was in a dark suit. "I'm looking for-" Then a man came running down the stairs. "Jessie! Don't bother the guests! ..I-I am so sorry to bother you kind sir, what room would you like..?"

"I don't need a room.."


"Im looking for a 'Jessie Crest', and I presume that is you?"

Jessie was sorta startled. "Uh, hm, uh yes." She said blushing and smiling. The man shrugged. "I was hoping for someone more older and experienced looking, not some childish brat.." He muttered. Jessie's eyes flared red fire and her fist was coiled tightly. "...What did you say..!" She punched him in the gut hard. The man was bent over the fist.

"J-Jessie !"

"Now what were you saying Mr. Mafia man?" Jessie said with a cheerful smile on her face.

The man stabilized himself. "Ehhh... well this only concerns you Miss Crest, you must leave the room sir.." The old man was in shock.


"Its a matter of security, and it doesn't concern you.."

"Hit 'em again Jessie !"


"No! WAIT!!" the man said with his arms up in the air.

She halted her punch, and understood everything.

"Well I understand everything now.."

"Huh?" her grandpa cocked his eyebrow.

"Huh?" The mans shades slid down to the rim of his nose.

"You want me to be Arcandas Girlfriend!"

The man fell to the ground hard.
She smiled. "Well I'm not giving myself up to that freak of a mob man! NO WAY!!" She said turning to face the other side of the room.

The man got up adjusting his tie and sunglasses. "Im not with the Mafia..So if you excuse me for my rude actions..." He grabbed her by the wrist, taking her to the backroom where she was cleaning her gun. "AHHHhhhhhhh! PERVERT!!!!!" she screamed out as he closed the door behind him and locked it. He grabbed her shoulders. "Listen to m-" He stopped when she kicked his balls. He fell to the ground with a thud.

"Serves you right!" She said, sticking out her tongue and pulling down her eyelid.

".....Lord Tenik would appreciate your services.. You have been.. accepted into the Tenik Spys." He said holding his sore nuts.

She was mind boggled... then she blushed. "Oh I am so sorry, but I don't-" The man got up to his feet.. "-you are an expert hunter and shotgun marks woman...That is why you have been selected to join the Tenik corporation's Elite DarkSEED operations known as T.I.R.S."

"Tenik Incorporated Relations Services?"

The man shrugged. "..Heh...No.. Tenik International Response Services.."

She smiled. "I-Im sorry but you must have the wrong girl! Hehe.."

He frowned.. "Sadly not..."


The man had a pretty big lump on his head. He closed his eyes. "This is you dossier, and resume... As well as your death notice and espionage license..."

"D-Death notice?!" She took the files from his hands and over looked them. "So..I get to travel the world? Hmmm... I can have any weapon I want..."

The man was kinda drawn back. "Uhh.."

"Where do I sign up?"

Jyllynn wakes up with a soft moan, face lifting from the desk. A few papers clung to her face and her heavy lids blinked, turning towards the window. "So.... hot...." she exhaled, blinking a few more times, peeling the work paper from her cheek before setting it back down onto the desk. Her eyes glance at the photo of Grandpa, the 'Old Man' from her dream. He passed away when she was five, but was the one who had set her nick name into stone.

"JESSIE? ARE YOU UP?!" Came the booming voice of her mother, just like the voice she heard in her dream, though it was considerably less older sounding in the dream.

She sighed. "Yeah..."


She frowned, her lidded eyes turning to her bedroom door. She sat up from the seat of her desk, striding to the door, her night gown billowing and flowing against her while mumbling incoherently as she threw open the door and yelled down stairs: "YES! I'M UP!!"


Jessie frowned, rubbing her aching head. Thats right. I have to meet with the Foreign Legion, present them the custom attachments for the Type-45 handgun... she thought, moaning as she rubbed her eyes. I shouldn't have stayed up all night trying to file all of the companies paper work...

"YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE STAYED UP ALL NIGHT TRYING TO FILE ALL OF THE COMPANIES PAPER WORK!" her mother echoed her minds thoughts from down below.

This made Jyllyn shutter slightly, squeezing her forehead and grumble as she hung her head. "Grr... YES I KNOW THAT!!" She exclaimed, blushing.

"DON'T YELL AT YOUR MOTHER!!" Came her father's voice from down the hall.

"DAD!" she yelled down the hall in frustration.

"DON'T YELL AT YOUR FATHER!" her mother also chimed.

"UGHH!!!!" Jyllyn exclaimed, slamming her door, not wanting to take part in a shouting match with her parents. Though, this was the norm, it just wasn't the same without Grandpa. She sighed, rubbing the back of her head. Her right eye half open while her left eye was closed, that single eye fixed upon the black and white photo of the 'original' Jessie Crest, the sister she never met. That dream was odd... it felt like a repressed memory, but I'm quite certain those thoughts were not my own...

She sighed again, and made her way to her personal bathroom inside her office/bedroom. She grabbed the suit enclosed in the dry cleaner's bag on her way to the bathroom, and when she entered stashed it upon the opposite side of the white tiled room. A glass enclosure for a shower and a tub on the side for bathing was on her left, while a long sink and wall mirror to her right reflected her appearance as she walked in. There was another door beside the bathroom which had a separate toilet, cut away from the bathroom. She wondered if Jessie, the original Jessie, ever had problems with the separation when this room was her own. She shook her head and grumbled closing the door behind her.

"Hon, I left you a cup of joe on your desk!" Came her father's voice from the other side of the bathroom door.

"Thanks Dad!" she exclaimed back, feeling like she needed the coffee once she was done. She removed her nightie and underwear, her large breasts bobbing and hips swaying as she turned and stepped inside the glass enclosure of the shower room. Naked in the cool room, she was grateful for the steamy hot water which shot from the shower head. She bathed in the steady stream, smiling as the hot water poured down her generous modelesque curves. Like her older sister, people considered Jyllyn either a vixen, or a model of innocence. Still though, it was eerie how identical they looked. She began lathering soap across her fair skin, rubbing the lather deep into her pours, rubbing between her breasts, down her toned abdomen and core, and around her back and buttocks, using a scrub brush to get at her back.

That dream returns every time I overwork myself in my room. Its so freaky, I wonder if I should tell somebody about it... she thought, still not too concerned to voice it to her parents. For all she knew, it was just a reoccurring dream. She lifted her boobs, rubbing their undersides with soap and water. She then reached between her knees, past her shaven pelvis and scrubbed there, albeit with blushing features as she played with herself down there. She chuckled, shaking her head before finishing up, grabbing her shampoo and squeezed it into her hand. She rubbed it deep into her incredibly long hair, digging into her roots before rinsing.

Once she was finished, she removed herself from the misty shower enclosure, and grabbed a towel from the rack beside her and dried then wrapped her body with it. She began the semi-difficult process of combing and drying her hair, which easily ran past her thighs from behind. She used a hair dryer and a thick bristled comb, and after several minutes got her hair into place. All the while, she wondered about the dream a bit more. Arcanda? He sounds like something made up. I'm sure if there was a Mob boss with that name he'd be a laughing stock to his men... Jyllyn thought. T.I.R.S., Grandpa...Jessie. Jessie couldn't have been that ditsy, given what I was told about her. After she was finished combing and drying her hair, she took a long pink ribbon and tied her hair into a high ponytail, copper hair covered her bangs and fell to the sides of her face in a pair of side locks. Her beautiful blue eyes glared back at her from the mirror and she couldn't help but glow with confidence at how beautiful she looked. She walked out into the other room with the towel wrapped around her. Her mother was in the room, making her bed and was tidying up.

"You're going to get a crick in your spine if you continue to sleep on your desk, Jess" her mother scolded her, in a light tone. The woman looked like her, though with green eyes and a little older in appearance, and looked well for a woman in her 50s. "Here, you forgot to take your underwear into the bathroom again. You do know that those windows look out to the town, don't you?" her mother grumbled, looking irritated. She handed her a pair of black lace panties, which admittedly would match with the suit she was going to be wearing today.

Jyllyn rolled her eyes with a sigh. "Mom..." she groaned, shaking her head. She grabbed the skivvies, and made her way to the large window which lit the room intensely before closing it with her curtains.

"You have to be careful and protect your image, Jessie. You never know if you'll be targeted by the paparazzi, or worse. You're working against big, big companies. They will do anything to get you and the Crest name deep into the dirt." her mother replied, filing her papers for her in a neat pile.

"Mom, please... you're being over protective again." she complained, grabbing the mug of coffee left by her father, and set the panties and bra on the chair, leaning against the desk. Her boobs jiggled behind the towel dress she had tied around her bodice, cleavage poking from above the tied hem. "You're as worse as Dad, I swear..." She grumbled, taking a long sip from the mug. The energizing dark liquid was piping hot and burnt her lips. She pulled the mug away, long lashes clenched tight, face pink, and expressing pain. "Ow, hot" she whimpered.

Her mother, walked up to her, tapping her hand against the side of Jyll's face in weak lovetaps. "Well get used to it, just because your eighteen doesn't mean we're not your parents anymore kiddo. You're growing up into a fine young lady, and well unlike most girls your age, you're special. And I don't mean that in just a parental manner, sweetie."

Jyll blushed, frowning and turned her head to the right, mumbling as she took another sip of her coffee, though much slower this time. Her mother simply grinned, walking towards the door, picking up Jylls dirty clothes laying in the basket. Jeans, shirts, towels, a pink bra draping over the corner, as she lifted the basket up, turning once more to Jyll before she stated:

"The helicopter pilot on the lakeside is going to take you to the meeting location dear. If your cousin gives you a hard time, just let him know I'm with his mother today."

Jyllyn raised a brow, lowering the mug under her red lips, her right eye open, her left eye closed. "The twerp is coming along? Does Thomas really need a copilot for this? It's not even that far out in the wilderness."

"Be nice... You know Riley looks up to you, and your only by a year his senior. He's working hard to get that bushpilot permit, so it also helps him by helping his favorite cousin."

Jyll frowned, sighing heavily. "He's annoying. Gods, he is as awkward as a turtleduck trying to wade in sand. Not to mention he just does not shut up!" she exclaimed, shaking her head with a groan, puffing her cheeks and taking another long sip from her coffee; her eyes lidded and brows furrowed in irritation.

"Hush now, he's your only cousin. Unlike you, he doesn't have six other siblings, he's an only child. I can remember how adorable you both looked as a faux couple at the last White Light Festival!" her mother said, closing her eyes and smiled brightly, before a sputtering noise erupted in the room. She blinked, looking at her daughter who had blushed vehemently and had spewed coffee in a stream across the floor.

"M-Mom!" Jyll started, pulling the coffee away from her lips, lowering it as she sat on the corner of her desk. Her face was red and she looked very distraught.

"Dear, your making a mess of the floor. Besides, you both looked adorable! Its not like its a real relationship, that'd be awkward!"

"But he grabbed my butt!"

"Fufufu, you know that was only an accident! Be nice to your cousin, he means no harm." replied her mother, waving her hand as if to physically wave away the complaint. She then backed away and leveled her own lidded eyes in a mischievous manner towards her daughter. "Well, clean that mess up and get dressed hon. I've kept you long enough." she giggled mischievously before closing the door behind her.

Jyll grumbled. "Whats that supposed to mean?! I don't appreciate your mischievous looks, mother!!" she huffed, blowing fringe from her eyes irritably. She scoffed, setting her mug aside after she finished what little remained and picked up the spilt coffee on the floor. She then returned to the bathroom with her bra and panties, slipping them on inside. After brushing her teeth and doing her makeup, she tossed the towel aside, slipping on the suit. Thigh-high ring band nylon stockings held by a pair of garters on each leg, a tight pencil skirt with a double side slit, a collared white dress shirt and a dress jacket which matched her skirt. She slipped on her heels, and then pulled her long ponytail behind her, shaking her head gently left and right to let it sway its way out behind her.

She stepped back out to the bedroom, and looked to the long mirror near where her older sister, the 'Original Jessie' was framed. She looked from her deceased sister inside the frame to herself framed in the mirror, and frowned. "We...really do look identical, don't we Sis?" she asks the air. Her voice was sorrowful and gentle, but she had a hint of resentment in her tone. People couldn't help but call her 'Jessie' that it was just her nickname, and she reacted to it easily. Even people who knew her sister, like General Barduwulf and his wife, called her Jessie mistakenly when they last met. Still, she guessed it could not be helped. She had her sister's looks, some of her mannerisms. Where did the 'Jessie' part and the 'Jyllyn' begin? It was a minor identity crisis she had often mulled over, but again, felt no need to voice her opinion to people about it. It was nonsensical talk that just wasn't needed to be brought up. It felt unnerving though, people would say how she was just like her sister, though she herself never got to know the woman before she died...

Jyllyn was born on August of 2639, on the very same day 'Jessie ''Shotgun'' Crest', her older sister, had died. She was killed in a helicopter explosion while fighting against Sephiroth. Her body was never located, having believed to have been vaporized by the intense heat or it was simply never recovered. Her older brother, Seth was also killed in the same city, two months prior to Jessie's untimely Jyllyn, Jessie was only eighteen years old. Ever since, her birthdays have been a mix of celebration and mourning. She's always felt that her family, though knowing they loved her, felt a bit of resentment in her birth. Jessie was a big part of their heart to them after all. She often wondered if she was honestly Jyllyn, or simply a replica of Jessie...

She sighed, heavily and took the photo of her beautiful older sister off the wall, and placed it face down upon the end stand beside her book shelf. She was determined to be her own person, her own identity. Jyll would accept the moniker of Jessie, perhaps even introduce herself as such, but she would, deep in her core try...try to tell herself that she is her own person, and not a ghost of the past.


Jessie said goodbye to her mother and father, leaving the inn and tavern home as she walked down the cobble streets, heading for the lakeside. It was a beautiful day, the sun shining and it was warm with clear blue skies. "Okay, time to meet up with the Legion..." she whispered to herself, confidently throwing back her long high ponytail, letting a gentle breeze carry it. She looked older than an eighteen year old, dressed the way she did, and confidently strode to the lakeside to meet up with Thomas and Riley.
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