Merry 'Willow' Graves Cabin

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Merry 'Willow' Graves Cabin

Post  Merry 'Willow' Graves on Sun Jun 29, 2014 3:04 pm

Alastor wrote:"Well, I hope you brought a bucket of popcorn, cause I'm gonna give you one hell of a show." He said, hanging up, then jumped out the window.

"Well, I'll expect a good show from you then," came Merry 'Willow' Graves's voice as the Neko pulled her chair away from the several monitors which were connected to the Silver Craft at the moment, with the monitor she was previously looking at before pulling away to slurp more of her slurpy still zoomed in on Alastor's arm. "...good luck, Alastor Grey." she says bringing the caffeinated blue icy drink up to her mouth again.


Willow's Cabin was similar to other wood and log construction around the Lake Village. Hers was perched on the side of a large hill near by the Windscar Wilderness. The interior had a single level, with most of the house devoted to Willow's machinations, her computers and her tall book shelves filled on Demonic Lore.

These books and papers littered the house, which was otherwise clean, and thick black curtains covered the windows to reduce glare on her computers by 100%; needless to say, if someone pulled them away during the day after she has been inside for more than three or four hours, she will possibly scream in pain, especially if it was a bright day.

There was a futon in one corner of the room, and a small kitchen and dining area which was mostly empty, with the exception of a fridge and freezer, sink and microwave.


Willow folds her legs up onto the chair, hugging her knees close to her chest. She was blushing, which was usual for her, especially after adding a little Izhevesk Vodka to her blue colored drink. She swivels around, the screen's lights glinting off of her glasses as she continues monitoring the young demon hunter. "Alastor Grey, not too much info on him other than the fact he had suffered an accident a couple years back which ended with the removal of his arm. Strangely, he was given the ultimate care-package: An ADN scientist hired by an unknown benefactor soon after refitted him with a brand spaking new and state-of-the-art arm. But... no matter how you outfit that wonderful piece of bio-organic material, that arm..." she closes her feline blue eyes and beamed. "...Is still a 'devil arm'!" she states gleefully, twisting in the swivel chair like a child.
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