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Chamber of the Magi

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(NOTE: forgive me, I know it's a lot of text, but if you want to see how I brutally murdered the council and want to know my intentions of taking over the Feniran country, then do not skim. There is mostly dialog and description of me killing the council members, and my towards the end my oath I pledged to make come true for this Country of Fenira.)

3 Days Earlier...

"We cannot afford to lose any more time! Gilded Tree is becoming vastly too powerful!"

"We shouldn't have appointed that impudent wench to the rank of Commander! She was way too ambitious, not to mention her mentor-"

"-Father Verric, I dare hope you insist on not speaking of that equally displeasing cockroach's name in this Chamber. We don't need any more ill luck to hinder us."

"Father Mayhew, please, you need to calm down;" came the voice of Mother Francene, who was holding the strong armed Father Mayhew down in his seat. All of the Magi were wearing traditional red robes and hoods, and each had a red artificial diamond and ruby studded circlet hanging over their foreheads, and brass and gold and silver rings upon their hands studded with various other jewelry.

"Enough!" Came the voice of the tall and bearded Father Shinra, who was the "impromptu" head of the Council. He clasped his hands together and closed his eyes, his bushy eyebrows coming together, almost making the Beijionese man appear to be an Owl. "We should not dwell on to the past, and instead look to the future. If Comandante Salazar has gathered a strong enough following to overrule us, the Council of Magi which has been in rule since the nation was first formed, then we will have to stop complaining and start preparing for an all out battle." This causes the other twelve members to become silent and they slump back into their seats on this curved table which acted as their individual podiums. There were two members who were missing from todays meeting, Mother DaShir, and Father Portantello, so their seats were retrospectively empty. They had their reasons, but he believed that Mother DaShir was feeling ill again. Either way, he would fill both DaShir and Portantello after todays facilities.

"How long do you think it will be till Comandante Salazar will arrive? It is not an unpredictable event that she will try to usurp us. Therefore, I conclude we either perform the dark ritual of placing a Nemesis Hex upon her soul, or by summoning the Tarrasque to destroy her and all of Gilded Tree." He says with some nervous sweat dripping down his forehead. This caused the others to talk and chatter amongst themselves.

"A nemesis hex involves actually touching the subject, I'm not inane or insane enough to get within a couple yards of that wench!"  

"She'd kill us before we even attempted to place the dark spell upon her!" "She'll tear us to shreads with that loathsome sword of hers!"

"A Tarrasque?! Are you daft man! Last time the Council summoned one, it devoured almost 30% of Fenira, and the Council members were hung for high treason!"

"Summoning that vile creature will be the end of not only her, but ourselves! We don't have the mana to control the beast!"

Father Shinra sighed, biting his lower lip. "ENOUGH!" he called out again, stifling the crowd. He looked at all the members, removing his hood so that they could see his monk shaven head. "Do we have any other choice? She has taken the strength of our Elite troops, and bewitched the minds of our prized generals. She killed Lord Malcor three days ago, and he had access to foreign troops we could have used against her! I cannot stress the importance of this task any more urgently. Either we risk our lives, the lives of our nation, or our long historied tradition!"  with this he sighed again, and leaned back into his seat, folding his hands together before him.

"We are at a cross roads my Brothers and Sisters... we are standing before a powerful and venomous serpent who threatens to end our reign, and to ultimately kill our culture-"

Suddenly the dark room was echoing with a soft repetitive clap. This caused the Council members to become unruly, since it was against tradition for any other than members of the Council to be present in the room while a Meeting or Hearing was going on. Father Shinra stood up, his face twisted into rage. "Who dares break the ultimate taboo of entering our Court while we are still in session?! Reveal thy self!" he exclaimed, swinging his arm which lit all the candles leading up to the large double doors that lead to the other portions of the castle. He couldn't think of who would enter and interrupt them, unless it was either Mother DaShir or Father Portantello. As soon as the corridor was lit, it was obvious that the one who had entered was Father Portantello. This caused the members of the Council to breath a sigh of relief. Portantello, who looked as pensive and shaky eyed as he ever had.

"Yes... I'm a powerful and venomous serpiente..." Came the familiar female voice from down the hall. Stepping out from behind a column, a few feet in front of Father Portantello and still clapping her black leather gloves together was a blond woman who's hair almost appeared red in the aura of the crimson flames. She was wearing a white military uniform, that of the Gilded Tree's officers. "A serpiente that will swallow you up if you're not too careful. And by the Graces, have you picked me up by the wrong end." she says with a toothy grin. She picked up the corners of her pleated mini-skirt, and partially bowed to the Council in a mocking fashion.

This caused the council members to all stand from their seats or gasp wide eyed at the intruder. Shinra raised his hand, trembling with fear and anger. "B-blasphemy! Father Portantello you have betrayed not only the Council, but Fenira and Fenira's most honoured tra-" before he could finish Shinra's eyes bulged red, his body tensing up and before he could finish he was burst into flames.

The members were shocked, turning from the pile of ash that was Shinra to the woman in white. "Ey yah... that man just never learned how to shut up. 'Tradition this', 'honor that', it's all about but driven me completely loco mixed with all his Hermano and Hermana bullshit." she says with a sigh, looking up at the rest of the council with disinterest. "Huh..perhaps I should have waited a little longer then, 'cause I think I executed the only Magus who could be at least a little interesting to fight;" she says pointing at them all, swaying her hand from left to right. "Ay, I'd say even all together, you're not going to be much but lambs to the slaughter *sigh* what a pain..." she says with a slight pout.

Father Mayhew screamed with rage. "Murderous Wench!" He leaps from his podium and lands before the young woman, spreading his legs out and placing a hand upon the ground as he slowly began to rise to his feet. At his max height of 6'7, he easily outsized the smaller and frailer blond. He raised his fist, clenching it tightly enough to spill blood. "I'll send you to the lowest cycle of Hell! Die whore!" he exclaimed, raising his right fist, his blood materializing into a floating magic circle which spun then glowed a dark red before he placed his other hand upon his right wrist for stability. "HELLFIRE!" he screamed, the light becoming a torrent of flame and molten earth which slammed into the white clad woman. The Chamber shook and people continued to scream and gasp. Father Mayhew screamed with sycophantical laughter before he felt warmth touch his hands. Then it was scalding, then the Magus was screaming as his own special magic attack was reflected! "HEh--ehhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" he screamed as he was fully engulfed with the fire and melted brimstone. He shook about, his body nothing but a standing human shaped lava before it fell to the floor in an impossibly thin pool which quickly hardened and then blackened before fading into dust; as the dust was picked up by a draft, they could clearly see that the woman was untouched. She was also smiling.

This caused members to try and flee, witnessing two of their most powerful mages being transformed into a mere pile of dust before their eyes. As two ran past the woman, she only bowed her head and pulled at the edge of her peaked cap. "I wouldn't do that...." she says as they reached the doors, only to be blocked by the armored soldiers of Gilded Tree. They screamed heading back the way they came only for both of their faces to run into the woman in white's open palms. The Comandante smiled, clutching their faces as electricity was sent through their bodies, instantaneously frying their brains like scrambled eggs and causing smoke to jut out from their ears. "...that makes four..." she says as she then made a whip of flame erupt from her hands, wrapping it around a group of members, tightly bounding them together as they screamed in agony for a moment before all four turned to blackened ash and bones, falling to the ground with clattering crunch. "...Ocho..." she says hopping up and over the Council desk.

Two tried running around her as their hiding spots were discovered, but she grabbed onto their clothes, and almost instantaneously both their clothing and bodies became see through ice. "Diez..." she hummed, giggling too much like a school girl after being asked out by the varsity quarterback. She saw Mother Francene who was backed against the wall, one hand upon the marble surface while the other reached out. The woman's eyes were puffy and watery. "Please, think about what your doing Agu-"

But the woman in white only maintained her almost cute grin. "-Once..." she says this as Mother Francene's body became stiffened, the woman in her mid thirties struggled to breath and her eyes rolled back as her body and internal organs shut down, turning to sandstone and becoming the perfect statue with her arm held out for mercy yet.

As another member was running by her, the Comandante grabbed Mother Francene's arm and broke it off by the joint, sending sandstone dust to the polished floor and turned and SWUNG it right into the skull. The man fell onto his back, blood rupturing from his nose, his dazed eyes looking up to see the smiling blond looming over him. "Oh Gods, nooooooo!" he screamed as his body became ash as well, burning up with intense flames, causing to scream out one final time before the fire settled and the smoke raised. "...Doce."  

She turned to the last member, Father Verric who stood encased in a bubble of sorts. The Comandante raised an eyebrow, placing her hands upon her hips in almost a cute fashion, making her look as if she was looking upon a troublesome youngster, well with the exception Father Verric was nearly three times her age.

He looked nervous, sweating profusely beneath his cowl. "You have no power against my Spirit Shield! It negates all magic that crosses it's threshold and it then damages the magic circuits of it's user! There is nothing you can possibly do or..." as the Father ranted on and on about how uncouth she was, the Comandante whistled for her troops and one tossed her Espada. She grabs it above her head and slowly lowers it down to the Father's head who now just registers the weapon before him. " untraditionalist bit-"


The Council member fell back from his bubble, his limbs and body riddled with bloody gaping wounds, his right arm fell right off onto the floor. As he gurgled and as blood poured from his mouth the Comandante charged forwards with the blade with a smile. "You can tell your tradition to suck it!" she exhaled, cutting the man bilaterally in his pieces slowly fell to the floor they were engulfed with red flames which then turned him to ash.

She let out a sigh, swinging the blood off her gunblade and in the process knocked over the two ice sculptures which then shattered to pieces. She picked up a piece and leaned against the podium desk, checking the tea set which had sat almost undisturbed by the whole scene and grabbing a nearby empty teacup and slid it over. "So that's just about all of them... besides you, Padre Portantello.." she says pulling out a flask which contained her favorite and rare herbal tea, Elixir, and poured it into the teacup, then followed by the chunk of ice that she had picked up. She let the ice settle, cooling her tea before taking a sip. One may have to question if this was cannibalism at this point, especially by those who viewed the act, but the Comandante knew better. Just as her teacher had said, she had only converted their body to frozen H2O, meaning it was perfectly safe to drink. And chilled. Oh, how it cooled her tea down to a magnificent degree.

Father Portantello felt his stomach churn, watching as she had placed Mother Constas or Father Orland's ear into her brewing tea cup and sipped from it. He looked down at his feet and shivered. "Y-yes... and Mother DaShir... We are the only two left..." he says, closing his eyes and felt tears stroll down them. He then grips his hands tight and spoke loudly: "So this is it then? Like you promised... you wouldn't harm me or my family?" he asked, bringing his head back up to meet hers, and almost screamed when she was standing right in front of him now, a hand under her tea cup, while the other held it, tipping it back to sip down more magical tea. She cocked an eyebrow at the man and smiled. "Why of course my portly fellow." she says to him, but her eyes noticed a new flare within his... a flare which she did not like. "Just need to tell me where Madre DaShir is, and you can have my word that you and your family will be on the next boat out of Fenira, safe and unharmed." she says.

Father Portantello blinked then shakily replied: "She...she is with her family, in town last I heard. Going to meet with her daughter, she just passed the Proficiency Exam-"

"-ah wonderful! I can kill two birds with one stone then." the Comandante said with glee, snapping her finger with her free hand and summoned a Gilded Tree soldier. "Captain Gryfiin, I want you to find Mother DaShir and eliminate all her relatives. I also need fourteen other groups to handle the other Council member's families and I want to ensure that every known relative of the Council are dead before the sun descends upon the land." she states.

"Ma'am!" the soldier salutes and begins to rally the troops.

Father Portantello looks worried, turning towards the Comandante. "Bu-but why must you kill their families?! They have nothing to do with the Council!" he argued. With her back turned to him, the Comandante lowered her grin and her cup.

"Of course you don't understand Padre. You see, you've lived in Fenira all your life and are bound to it's traditions. I...I have experienced the world. What I do is basic psychology. I cut down the current, and future opposition before it can begin to fester. In the years to come, those who will not see themselves adjusting to my rule will try to seek a challenger to my rule. And their first choice los leales will make will to return the power of the Council." she says turning to face the portly man and reached out, touching his forehead lightly. "And since your tradition dictates that only those born into the Council can be a member, or that the Council can be the only ones to vote in a new member, I must eliminate every possible contender." she says her eyes devoid of emotion as she looked into Portantello's face.

The man with wide trembling eyes suddenly began to cough, to convulse as he tried to speak but could not. He broke away from her hand, falling to one knee as if to propose, to which he then fell onto his side. He was gasping and gurgling for air, clutching at his lungs and neck as water poured from his mouth and cracked red eyes.

"...Since you're too 'choked up' to speak, I'm going to assume you're wondering what in the seven hells I've done to you..." she starts before she squatted down in front of him, the folds of her skirt and the dim lit room kept him from sneaking a peak up her skirt. She smiled. "The human body is mostly made of agua, 'water', as you may know... it varies from person to person... what I did is that I transfered the agua that's in your body, to your lungs. I mean, this is what mi mentor called "Hydocide". You see, Hydrocide is used to make individual drown due to the water thats in their body moving to the throat or lungs; which ever is more conveniente," she looked into his eyes, reaching out and poking his bloated cheeks as he continued to drown in his own liquids. She smiled and started to pick it up again. "This version I used on you, is a method of torture actually, as I am supposed to be able to direct of flow of agua in your lungs..however, you see, I need some more practice after years of not using the rather mana draining spell... so this agony you're feeling... I can't do anything about it..." she says this maintaining her smile, clapping his shoulder. "Don't worry, you're family will be plenty of practice enough. I do need to remember how to use the skill effectively, I mean, revolutionaries are no use to me if I accidentally kill them, no? But worry not, you have a wife, two sons and a daughter... I'm sure I'll remember the process once I reach your daughter in that order." she says with an even wider smile, the stupid look upon Portantello's terrified face which now scrunched up with the look of betrayal seemed to make her beam with excitement.

She stood up, and looked down at him as his face was turning blue and his time upon this earth was now shorter. She shook her head. "Don't look at me like that... you must possibly think I am the most rotten piece of filth that has ever graced your eyes... well take this with you to the Spirit Realm gordo: what I do, I do to bring this land out of the stone age. I will breath new life into this land of red grass and foliage and I will be the one who will make Fenira the country which will be feared and respected! I, Agusta Jeanette Luisa Salazar the Third pledge I will save this land not only from our sworn nemesis the Scardians, the fools of the detached and militaristic Crimson Knight Brigade and from the bureaucratical talons of the Imperial Allied Defense Network, but I will save Fenira from itself! Two thousand and six hundred years of authoritarian and Council Law will be severed! The people of Fenira will be allowed to live a greater, grander life than the one you fools of the Council had made for us! Never again shall we be oppressed by our foreign foes and internal revolutionaries... Fenira.. Fenira will rise from the Phoenix and be rebirthed a-new!" She exclaimed to the dying Council member. The teacup fell, smashing onto the floor below her as she brought her arm out and then pounds her fist against one of her large breasts, looking defiantly up to the heavens with a fire in her eyes. "Viva, Fenira!"

And with that she turned away from the dying man, who only caught a glimpse of her back and swaying blond hair before she left the room, and a second later, died.

She paused before the doorway, bowing her head slightly and her peaked hat's brim shadowed over her eyes. "Catorce.."
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Present Day...

With all the members of the Council dead, and their families along with them, Comandante Agusta Salazar III sat back in Padre Shinra's chair, her feet kicked up upon the desk and with her arms behind her head. To avoid possible perverted eyes, she wore spats underneath. "Captain Gryfiin, assemble the troops." she commanded the Captain in heavy armor. She half turns to him and smiles. "I've been thinking about it for three days now. Since no one from the outside world knows or even cares what Fenira is up to, we can go into town and show those who are still loyal to the Council what it means to defy my rule. As they say out in Ithteca, in order to make an omelet, you need to crack a few eggs." she says with a slight chuckle. The man remained silent, only saluting the Dictator and bowing before escorting her out of the chamber. Agusta needed some fresh air anyway, the room still smelled of charred human flesh yet.
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