Tsukiyata Village

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Tsukiyata Village

Post  Hime Kotomine on Fri Sep 19, 2014 10:42 pm

As Hime was exiting the only gate out of her village, a pack of clothes and personal affects and food hanging off her shoulder, a bamboo scabbard of a wakizashi hanging off her hip, and a long bow with it's string stretched across her chest paused, turning around to the voice that had called out to her. She had almost jumped when the familiar voice of Master Takanaka had called out to her; she was still trying to work up the nerve to travel to the coastal town of Higurama Village. At Higurama she would take a barge out to Beijio Harbor, and from there she would look for her new house she had purchased a couple weeks ago, then from there she would meet up with her Employer. She shook her head again when her Master asked if her head was in the clouds, and she blushed out of embarrassment. "S-sorry my Lord. I was thinking of the trip to Beijio. I'm wondering if I should pray to Freyd for a safe travel..." Hime said, bowing her head to the bald but short bearded Samurai Warrior. Her Master laughed joyously, clapping her shoulder with his hand.

"Oh, Hime, you're thinking too much! Just relax and everything will be fine! Look, some of the guard will remember my name undoubtedly, so just say you are my pupil and they will take you with open arms! You have nothing to fear my child!" he says, clapping her shoulder again.

Hime sighed, shrugging her shoulders. "Well... It's just that it's been a while since we've been to Beijio, and I haven't once gone there by myself. To say I'm a little nervous would be quite the understatement." she states sighing again.

Takanaka chuckled, folding his arms across his broad chest. He was wearing a black silk kimono with a gold speckled Obi with a large black sword sticking out from it. The sword had a grey grip and a black handle, and right beside it was a matching Wakizashi of similar expense. He smiled, to her and shook his head. "Honestly my little bird, you have nought to worry about! You're going to enjoy the city life! It will be definitely more attuned to you're personality better than it had with my own!" he says arching his back backwards slightly as he let out another trademark 'Takanaka chuckle'. Hime only closed her eyes and chuckled nervously at her Master's laughter.

Takanaka controlled himself, and grinned devilishly. "My dear, before you go, I would like to bestow this honour onto you," he starts, untying the scabbard of his Katana from his Obi, and slid it out before handing the prestigious weapon over to her carefully. "That simple Wakizashi won't suit a warrior of you're stature. I know you've sold all your blades for your new home, so please... take my former partner here. She is more suited for military service than to be the walking stick of a retired old fart like myself." he says with a grin and coupled wink.

Hime was almost speechless, and looked at the highly decorated weapon and at her Master with slight unease.

Her Master smiled. "Take it, she won't bite you." he says with a soft chuckle.

Hime looked back to him and bowed her head. "Th-thank you Master Takanaka." She says looking back to the weapon and carefully took the heavy weapon.

She looked back to her Master, and noticed that her brother had not come to say goodbye. Her Master noticed this and smiled, placing a hand upon her shoulder. "Hiroyuki would come, but he's still undergoing the 'treatment'. He wishes you good luck and fortune on your journey. And... he says ''Don't be a stranger, come back if you find the time'', that and 'don't loose your wallet 'knuckle-head'." he finishes with a wink.

She shook her head with a sigh, smiling though. The words somehow made her feel comfortable for the journey ahead. "I will. And thank you again my Lord." she says with a final bow. "Well, I shall be going then. Gotta get to Higurama before the barge leaves without me..." she says stepping away from the gate waving to her master. "Take care young one!" he exclaimed waving her goodbye.

As soon as she was down the path and was entering the realm of the bamboo woods, Hime placed her Master's sword with her Wakizashi, tying it on just like him. "Well now, time for me to meet my destiny." she says to herself with a wide and confident grin before she finally entered the woods.

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