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Post  Rude on Wed Oct 15, 2014 4:47 pm

A silk black dress jacket is folded over the back of a stool's seat, and a bald be-shaded man in a suit consisting of a white dress shirt and a black silk vest is cleaning out a glass. The rooms violet rugs and floors and the dimly lit bar looked rather suave. Rude sighs, placing the glass back in the rack. Beside the rack, a brown leather custom shoulder holster hung a slightly modified Scorpion X3 revolver. The long barreled .44 Magnum was loaded, but it was more or less just for show against the few or so rowdy customers he sometimes received. He then moved over to the laptop, and cycled through the Holo-Net. The bar was closed at the moment, there still a few hours before it got real busy so Rude had some time to kill to check up on news. As he shuffles through the news feeds he suddenly pauses and then reaches into his vest pocket for his phone and flipped it open, dialling an old acquaintance...

The news on the holographic screen read: "Attacks on Beijio have seized at present. Scardian Foreign Legion (S.F.L.) called in to help in protection efforts. More to update, shortly."

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