Newspaper Article, Archery Has a New Star!

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Newspaper Article, Archery Has a New Star!

Post  Iris Houten on Fri Nov 21, 2014 10:53 pm

The World Archery Cup Galiavan has been holding since it was conceived five mi-er, five years ago has got it self a new World Champion! Pictured right of her Uncle, former world Dictator and current Vice President of the ADN, Rufus Tenik (only a terrible blurred image of the man with only his left arm in focus) is the new champion, one Irisveil Von Houten!

Irisveil, age 17, is one of the younger competitors which included Archery Masters from all corners of the world. The surprising feat is that she managed to beat the four year undefeated champion who has requested their name to not be mentioned in this article. Our nosy-er, 'well informed reporters' say that this 'former champ' is an Elf who had gone under training for several years, and to their amazement they were completely 'outraged' by the idea of losing to a 'half-breed'. Unsure of what relevance this has to the competition, we went to the Von Houten family for questioning, but were unfortunately unable to receive a comment from the reclusive Von Houten family who are shareholders with various businesses around the world.

But back to the REAL Story, with this world feat, Irisveil Von Houten personal net worth has just increased in the hundred thousands!
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