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Height: 5ft 11
Weight: 150 lbs
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Home town: Unknown
Eyes:A very dull crimson but alter when he uses his abilities
Hair: Messy Black hair
Good or Evil: Neutral

Weapons: A large Broadsword and a small curved dagger

Clothes: A long black leather coat with red accents he also has black leather gloves

Personal items: A pair of Broken Handguns that belong to his father it is said that they could not run out of ammo. Aedus does not know how to handle guns therefore they have remained broken,

Possessions: A small dagger, enough food and water to last a few days (More will have to be procured on his travels.)

Physical features: Athletic build, Clean look

Skills: Expert Hand to Hand, Master Swordsman.

Special Abilities:
Aedus can use his mastery over fire in many different ways

Fire Focus: Can focus fire at various points of his body to enhance his defense against attackers
Fireball: Can throw a fireball of whatever size he desires at his enemies.  
Flame Spray: Can spray jets of fire from his hands if his hands are cupped together it increases the overall damage.
Fire Shield: Can engulf himself in flames to protect himself from melee based attacks.
Fire Fountain: Can charge his hand with fire then punches the ground causing cracks to form, fire then spews out from the cracks burning anyone in it's path this can also be used as way to escape from his enemies or anyone that chases him.
Fiery Charge: Can channel his fire magic from within his body and use to enhance any of the above attacks
Fiery Explosion: A variant of his Fiery Charge but this time expels the built up fire out of his body in an explosion this is only used if he wants to cause serious damage to someone or something. (Can only use in Rage Mode)
Heat Up: This is simply used if and when in extremely cold environments he simply forms a light shield around his body to keep himself warm he can also spread this onto other people if the are close by doing so will not cause any damage what so ever.
At the age of 8 Aedus was sent away by his parents to a hidden monastery hidden within the mountains on Yakatoro Island the reason for this was due to an unknown power that he had residing within him that is said to send him into a insane rage if tapped into, luckily it was discovered before it was too late to act, for the next ten years within the monastery he was taught how to master his use of fire and how to not let the strange power that resides within his body consume him, At the age of 18 he is allowed to leave the monastery and wander the world as he pleases. After leaving the monastery he spends 2 years travelling with out any sort of objective after 2 years on and off the road training to enhance his skills he eventually reaches Danton City.

(Will be editing this as i go also made a few changes)

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