Stairway, Observation Deck, Hunting Shack

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Stairway, Observation Deck, Hunting Shack

Post  Vincent Valor on Thu May 21, 2015 5:31 pm

Cut into the precipice of Valor Mountain, up a winding path up the mountain side there is a point where the beaten road leads to a tall cliff face on the Eastern Ridge. It is here that a maintained wooden plank path diverts away from the main path and starts hanging off the precipice itself. This boardwalk which almost freely hangs off the edge of the precipice overlooks a valley below where a tributary flows from within one of the mountains and into the Ithteca River further down stream. There seems to be a bridge down below, but it is nearly 250 feet from this high up pathway. The wooden path leads to the observation deck; a shack like edifice that hangs off the precipice and gives off a spectacular view of the landscape of the Ithteca Mountain Range:

This shack has a roof and some bedding for when Vincent or company feel like camping out over a 250 foot drop. A small cobblestone stove, a rifle rack carrying two Crest "Diana" Shotguns, two Crest STG-S Shotguns (Wood Stock and Pump), and two Crest "Faucon" Hunting Rifles. A small drawer beneath contains a lined drawer with memory foam, with the indentations of three handguns that are stored underneath: an Aerok High Calibre Pistole, a Quicksilver "Kanine Elite", and a Chesluk Industries .50 Eagle. There was, in a side drawer, a single A7B Standard Flare Gun. Then another drawer which held the ammunition for the flare pistol. On the opposite side of the small wooden room there was an ammunition rack, filled with various shotgun ammunition types as well as rifle rounds for the guns stored in the rack it faced. A small table with a HAM Radio and two large maps of the Ithteca Mountain Range, and a third map of the Eastern half of the Gailden Continent.

On top of the shack's roof is a rain barrel which helps power some of the inner workings and provides the shack with pure water.

There is a stone wall with a slot carved into it, behind a Silk Ornamental wall rug draped over it. This stone wall can be slid into the mountain side, with a set of wooden steps leading down a carved cave path deeper into Valor Mountain.
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