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Post  Jack Sieversii on Sat Jun 13, 2015 4:56 pm

Taking a stroll in this little slice of paradise, Jacqueline Sieversii, or 'Jack' by her friends, was having one last go around her property. It was clearly late in the afternoon now, with the sun beginning to set behind the distant mountains in the more barren deserted parts of the wasteland. "The crops look like they're going to be fine... I'm sure the farm hands wont mess them up while I'm away." She took a seat upon the back of a loading truck, leaning far back with her hands behind her head, her long legs draped off the ledge. Birds flew by over head, and the sounds of the desert winds were blowing in. She batted her long lashes and smiled. She was going to miss this feeling for a while, but she saw it as a fit goal to return home for once she concluded her 'business'. She decided to move, to go and change out of her work clothes and pack for the long trip ahead. She would take a bath before she would leave the farm, and since it was almost nightfall she decided to get a start on the prepping now. She descended the truck's flat bed and walked over to the drivers seat. Starting the truck, she then drove off towards her farmhouse, towards the center of the property.

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