Mercenaries Needed!!!

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Mercenaries Needed!!!

Post  The Trading Company Troop on Fri Jul 10, 2015 8:49 pm

A private company (Armadeus Inc) that primarily deals in salvaging from abandoned cities or places that are deemed 'unsafe' is offering a starting fee of 10,000 Gilex to mercenaries seeking fortune!

The task at hand: Invade Asrond! Reports of heightened demonic activity have been reported in the area, and as such these creatures need to be removed for our pickup teams can begin our salvaging expedition.

A group of about 350 men and women, Elf, Human, Neko what have you alike are required for this expedition to be set! The 350 men and women will be split into one of the seven groups, which will be given a code name and a signifying arm band with the color for each listed below:

-Alpha (Freyd) (White Band)
-Bravo (Sephiroth) (Black Band)
-Charlie (Scardia) (Blue Band)
-Delta (Ithteca) (Yellow Band)
-Echo (Fenira) (Red Band)
-Foxtrot (Beijio) (Green Band)
-Golf (Breland) (Purple Band)

50 personnel for each of the seven groups. Now remember, we said each member who joins gets a guaranteed 10,000 for completion of the goal. The company is willing to invest 3,500,000 Gilex which is split between each of these seven groups to see this operation completed. Those who unfortunately perish in this mission forfeit their 10,000 claim, which is dispersed between the other 49 members and so on in said group. If a group tragically is wiped out, the 500,000 Gilex will be dispersed to the remaining groups and so on. We do advise, however, to refrain from killing your own team mates lest you be declined the funds. We do have a satellite which will be surveying the situation from above, so please, try to play nice with the other bullies.  

Due to the severity of the situation which is predicted to be found in Asrond, Armadeus Inc. is generous enough to lend efficient weapons for the task at hand. These will be registered with your name and distributed upon request while the armed convoy heads out.

Weapons that will be distributed are listed below:

These are common weapons used by Military and Civilian Police Agencies alike, as well as popular and highly credited firearms. Upon the completion of the mission, everyone who received their weapon will have to turn the weapon in, less they have a deduction of their pay which they received for their duty. These are not hand outs, the company is merely lending them out to you.

Once the numbers of the demons have been vastly decreased, then the operation is a success! Surviving teams are to regroup and then head to Danton City to where representatives of the company will make a head count and then hand out the checks accordingly.

Any questions or concerns, reply below.

-Arthur Chesterwald, Public Rep of Armadeus Incorporated.
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