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Name: Rain (A name given to him, his real name is unknown)

Physical Description
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Species Human
Eyes: Ice Blue
Hair: Short and Spiked
Body/Physical Appearance: Slim Muscular build, body covered in scars

Black Leather Hooded Jacket with a black T-Shirt and Black Jeans also has mask to cover his face

Hometown: A long Forgotten and deserted Ninja Village
Alignment: Neutral (Prefers to work alone but will work with others if necessary)

Employment: Assassin, Body Guard, Spy pretty much anything that is required of him
Trained In: The Art of Ninjitsu (e.g Hand to Hand, Sword skills, Espionage)

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: None
Allergies: None
Health Background: Rain is at the peak of his physical abilities due to be trained from the young age of just 8 years old.


Early Life:
At a young age he wandered the streets as an orphan shunned by all other villagers for unknown reasons he managed to survive his days by stealing food from various houses he was caught the first few times but as months progressed he got faster and quieter he eventually met a girl of the same age also an orphan they befriended each other in order to increase their chances of survival. It was on a cold winter night that their lives would change for ever the village they were seeking refugee in was brought to ruin when a clan of ninjas laid waste to it and it's inhabitants the two orphans feared for their lives until the clan leader took them under his wing and vowed to train them in his clans ways upon reaching the village then clan leader decided to gave the orphans a name he called the young girl Oyu and the young boy he called Rain.

Life as a Ninja:
The day after arriving at the ninja village Oyu and Rain began their training both being only 8 years old they trained for 10 years becoming skilled ninjas it was at this time that Oyu wanted to be free she waited until night arrived and began her escape upon noticing this Rain gave chase and begged her to stay but she refused instead asking him to go with her, Rain refused stating that his life was to remain within the ninja village they both shared a brief kiss and parted ways forever (at least thats what they thought) It didn't take long for the veteran ninja to give chase and capture Oyu upon bringing her back her screams awoke the other ninja, Rain knew what had happened but could do nothing to help. The next day Oyu was tied to a wooden beam and executed in front of the rest of the clan as a warning to others the execution was carried out by Rain's rival who's name was Shin upon witnessing the execution of his best friend Rain began to harbour resentment for the clans ways a year later Rain was tasked with his first assassination upon completion he returned to the village where his master and rest of the clan was waiting they left the village and stood atop a mountain just outside the village walls Rains master praised him on his first assassination but in order to be truly become a part of the clan he must do one more thing a young girl was brought forward by his older “brother” and rival Shin. Rain's master stated that she had tried to escape and Rain must execute her he was presented with a sword to carry out his task but as he gazed into the young girls eyes all he could see was Oyu, Rain couldn't execute this young girl in a blind rage he swung his sword at his master and managed to slice his right cheek along with his right eye, Rain fought bravely but it was a losing effort he suffered many wounds and was kicked from the mountaintop by his “brother” and fell into the river below the current dragging him far from the mountain. He washed up a good few miles away from the mountain, barely living he somehow managed to drag himself out of the water and came across a abandoned shack he got inside and passed out from his wounds he awoke several days later his wounds wrapped in bandages he would also discover that a middle aged woman had been tending to his wounds. After building his strength back up he resumed his training to further better his skills.

Avenging Oyu and True Freedom
When he felt ready roughly 2 years later he set out to lay waste to his former clan first by foiling their assassination attempts on the innocent he then eventually took the fight to his old home successfully executing his master and rival Shin along with any who attempted to stop him, afterwards he stayed at the ninja village which he now claimed as his own to rebuild it after doing so he then decided to head out into to the world to look for new challenges and missions/jobs to carry out.


Weapons: Two Custom made Katanas, plenty of Shuriken, Poison Darts, Chain Blade (A long chain with a blade attached on one end can be used at close or long range) collapsible Bo Staff

Equipment: Ninja Grappling Hook

Possessions: Blowpipe

Prized Possessions/Personal Items: A small coin that belonged to Oyu

Special Abilities: Shadow Blending (Allows Rain to blend into shadows and move through them with high speed

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