Mountain Trail Base

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Mountain Trail Base

Post  Kay-Tor on Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:47 pm

(I know I just replied elsewhere... but screw it Razz)

Kay-tor had made his way back to Danton, alarmed by the sudden resurgence of Bella's scent, he made the trek back to Danton, however now he was quite tired, body aching and starved. One demon may find him crazy for doing this for one mortal meal, but this was not your standard mortal meal. It was Bella.

He shot out of the earth, raining dirt and rock with his explosive entrance. There was no one around it seemed, but he was on the northern outskirts of Danton, and could see the large city spread out before him. He would have to be careful with Bella. At this point, fatigue really hit him hard, and he could lose to her this round. He would have to keep himself to the shadows as long as possible without rousing too much suspicion. He sniffed the air for her scent and let out a soft gasping chuckle. "Bella...heh heh heh." he could smell her scent from here, and she was indeed somewhere down there...

He took his lithe new form and began making the trek, phasing through the rock like a shadow as he slithered his way down into the city.

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