Fiona Hillcloud's Cottage

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Fiona Hillcloud's Cottage

Post  Fiona Hillcloud on Mon Mar 21, 2016 9:37 pm

A home placed near the main thoroughfare of the Village. The cottage is more 'modern' in comparison to the villages more rustic esthetic, with a two bedroom one bathroom layout. A large living room and porch entrance on the Eastern section of the home, with a small kitchen and alcove which has been turned into a library. There is a cellar where the wine, alcohol, and other cold storage items are stored. There is a small loft above which can be considered an 'attic', where one can store other items if necessary. It is outfitted with modern electric water heating and a fireplace and wood furnace.

The home was renovated when Hillclouds moved to Cretu, and was deeded to Fiona who decided to return after learning how to properly teach. At current it is owned by Fiona, who carries the only key to the home.


Fiona was packing the wicker basket with a blanket, a small bottle of wine cleverly hidden and wrapped beneath, cheese wedges, bread, and some other amenities for a picnic. She also had her journal and pen, and a book on how Scar'd had once been a dragon slayer prior to becoming a War God. She also had a couple of stamina potions within the basket's compartments, as stamina was very important.

She hummed quietly to herself as she grabbed the Scardian Razor from the kitchen and slipped it into the leather sheath on her belt, and shouldered the basket, heading through the library and into the living room before exiting on the porch. She closed the door behind her, locking it with her large gold key with a blue ribbon wrapped around it. 'Hillcloud Home' was engraved on the key, in beautiful script. She giggled, slipping it into the folds of her dress, between her breast, patting the side of her ribs where it was set into the pocket. "That's that," she hummed, smiling before slipping on her moccasins and then headed towards the village. She needed to pick up some fresh bread before she would head into the forest.
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