Overview: Tifa's Ithteca Home

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Overview: Tifa's Ithteca Home

Post  Tifa Lockheart on Mon Apr 11, 2016 4:12 pm

One of the many homes for the beautiful world traveller and Champion, this one is the modest of Tifa's homes and lies in Ithteca. Located across the street from the Wolf's Lament (Click Me), this second story apartment lies above a respected bar, 'Brews Brothers'.

There is a stairwell within the Pub that leads up to Tifa's home, and passed the doorway one will find themselves immediately in her livingroom (as shown above). A few couches are in a small landing area with a coffee table at the centre. To the wall on the left upon entering, there is a closet and bookshelf, and upon entering one will face the computer desk she has set kitty corner with her three displays and computer. Beside the desk is a window looking out at the Wolf's Lament and the street below. Further right of the window is a locker and bookshelf with a photo on one of the shelves depicting a younger Bard, Tifa, Bre, and Shane. The photo was taken when they were off duty but still working for Rufus Tenik's Tenik International Reconnaissance Service, or what other's simply called Tenik's Spies or the T.I.R.S..

Further right of that is a door that leads to the patio/fire escape leading into a side ally when the stair well is kicked down.

Opposite of this door, and to the left of the computer, is a doorway leading into Tifa's bedroom with bathroom within. Nothing special in comparison with her other homes, but its humble.

The small kitchen she owns is to the far left of the door upon entering the apartment, in a small laminated alcove with a simple stove, sink, cupboards, and fridge.

Tifa herself uses this home when she is on this side of the Gailden Continent, but at the same time enjoys the humble and simplicity of the home.


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