Introductory: Welcome to the world of Galiavan (Updated 4.20.16)

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Introductory: Welcome to the world of Galiavan (Updated 4.20.16)

Post  Rufus Tenik on Wed Apr 13, 2016 9:36 pm

Hello new member, old friend or somebody who completely found this place by accident. This is entire forum represents an entire planet, a planet called Galiavan.

Galiavan is a magical world where many different fantasies collide and coincide with one another. Every category and forum on here represents either a landmass or country, as well as environments such as space and spiritual realms.

I have broken the landmasses into multiple regions, which will hopefully make navigation much easier for those to understand the regions. The regions themselves are pretty self explanatory, but I will put them in a slightly better perspective for you so you can see the forum not as a bunch of categories, but as a world map:

-Gailden: It lies in the southern most region of Galiavan with the Asian like City of Beijio at it's far West and the fantastic mountain city and main hub of the planet Ithteca at the far East. Gailden is the second largest continent on Galiavan, that is mostly desert and wasteland with the exception of the Mountain Regions around Ithteca and the Amaine (Amain) Forest at the center of Gailden, and the near by city of Danton. Beijio lies further west from the forests of Amaine, spilling into the large Beijio Desert. The area around Beijio is a mix of mountain terrain and desert, with the Scardian Ocean to the north of the large Asian inspired city. The ADN, a military organization allied with Scardia and Beijio and Rolan, has an HQ in Ithteca.

-Scardia: It is towards the center west of Galiavan, just North of Beijio. The country is known for it's unique and spirited peoples. Any mortal, beast-kin, or elf, born in Scardia has been blessed by the War God Scar'd with enhanced strength, agility and speed, as well as the ability to resist the cold/ice magic and actually heal their wounds when in snowy conditions or by applying water to the effected area. Scardians are known as fierce warriors since pre-Scar'd times, and are both a rugged and self-sufficient culture. They are currently allies with both Beijio and the ADN. However, they are fierce rivals of Fenira. Their continent is characterized by mountains, rolling green hills and plains, with several temperate forests dotting the landscape, the largest of which is Kilwood.

-Fenira: East of Scardia and North East of Beijio is the land of Fenira. Fenira is a continent about the same size as Scardia, however it is best characterized as having mountains to the South West and North, and various hills and rolling grassy plains and very few forests. All the flora and plantlife is a shade of red, including the grass. The people of this nation also wear red as it was mandated by the Council of Magi who reign the country till just a month ago. Those born in Fenira are also blessed, by the War Goddess Fenira; for those born in Fenira are guaranteed to utilize magic power, are less susceptible to magic attacks, and are able to tame most creatures with ease. They can also regenerate minor wounds naturally over time. They are fierce rivals of Scardia, and are not in alliance with the ADN save for a treaty. They are on trading terms with both Domescadia and the City of Beijio however.

-Rolan: North of both Fenira and Scardia, is a small Sub-Continent of Rolan. Rolan is practically an island with one large forested mountain at it's southern end, with a coastline city of Breland. The city is a hub for both vacationers as well as schools and businesses. Quicksilver Firearms Company reigns here as it had for the past 400 or so years. To the North, past the mountain, is a grassy field simply called the 'Fields of Rolan'. Grassy plains make up most of this continent till they hit the edge of the Renoan Forest.

-Domescadia and Northern Ice Caps and Izhevesk: The lands to the far North of Galiavan. The continent of Domescadia is the largest continent of the planet which extends all the way up to the Northern Icy lands of the Ice Cap. To the West there are mountains that rise like demonic teeth, and from the West to the center is the largest desert on Galiavan, the Domescadian Desert. The land has various nomadic tribes, who were once part of a greater civilization that no longer exists in current times. To the East, deserts become grassy plains, then become lush forests as one enters the Minktail area. Minktail is supposedly where all modern Elves on Galiavan originate, as they are one of the original ancient races of Galiavan, but it is still up to debate. There is a human settlement of 'Windscar Lake Village' to North, which is a natural byway to the Izhevesk Region. Izhevesk is a civilization in the far north, who can bear the otherwise unbearable cold and are similar in culture to Slavic and Russian cultures. They have a Capitol City called Kuleg. They were once ruled by the Izheveskian Royal Family, but now the Ministry runs the country. They are not allied with the ADN, nor Scardia or Beijio. However, they have good trading relations with Fenira, Ithteca City, the rest of Domescadia, and the continent of Rolan.

-Spiritual and Demonic Realm: The metaphysical realms that are connected to Galiavan. These are the regions where most of Galiavan's dead go when they die, but it is also the home of the planet's demonic creatures. Most of the Demon Realm is under an organized government of Noble Demons, with the lesser unintelligible races beneath the rest. These Noble houses were united by Everin Faust, but are now under the leadership of The Baroness of Hell. Due to the strong energies of these realms, those who died from other dimensions and planets, such as Earth, may become pulled into Galiavan in a physical body. Though these 'Outsiders' generally do not appear here rather than they can appear just about anywhere on the entire planet of Galiavan.

Other important places:

-Beiji-Scardia Islands (in the Scardian Ocean Region): An archipelago of islands that is stretched across the ocean North of Beijio City and south of the Continent of Scardia. Though they are technically an independent nation of their own, half of the Islands do swear fealty or are allied with Beijio in Gailden. There are 8 Major Islands in the Beiji-Scardia Island chain: Izula Island, a small Island in sight of Beijio City; it is an island that is noted for it's beautiful white sands and interior jungle. It isn't inhabited however, and is only ventured now and then by locals. Hiiten Island, an island that is a little closer to Scardia, it was the island that housed the Hiitengumi, an elite group of Samurai who were founded in May of 1577 and disbanded in December of 2633. Cryin Island, the largest of the Islands, it was the island where the Hiitengumi had set up their Headquarters there during the Beijio Civil War around the Mansion of their war time benefactor, and was destroyed by the near end of the Civil War. Yakamoto & Yakatoro Islands that were at one time one major island that somehow split apart and drifted away from one another. These two Islands have a deciduous forest like climate and have various grassy hills and large ravines and mountainous caverns. Yakamoto Island was the place where the Captain of the Hiitengumi's 11th squad, Akira Yamamoto, took his life rather than surrender to Imperial Beijio forces in June of 2633. Ryunoshi Island, is an island populated with tall bamboo woods that grow high into the sky, causing the sun's light to rain a slightly green hue into the forest. A temperate Island located between Hiiten and Cryin Islands, this island was key to smugglers during the Beijio Civil War. Shi no Shima, an island that is believed to be cursed by the locals. Those who fly or take their boat there never return, yet the jungle island is rumored to house incredible beasts of unimaginable ferocity. Ravenhawke Island, an Island that was closer to Scardia, but sank beneath the Scardian Ocean's waves nearly 100 years ago after a cataclysmic catastrophe.

If there is anything else one would like me to cover, do not hesitate to ask anyone with a profile dating back from 2011, or myself. Most of the members here have been here for a long while, before this introductory page. Feel free to ask them for guidance.

-Rufus Tenik

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