Captains Quarters

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Captains Quarters

Post  Kashima Hillwillow on Wed Jun 15, 2016 2:11 am

The Captains Quarters is a modest room, though not as modest as many of the other rooms on board the ship. A bed set into the wall, a finely crafted wooden desk and leather back chair looking out a port window, carpeting and private bathroom and wash room. A dumbwaiter connects to the Ambassador's Galley. The door outside states as 'The Captain's Quarters', no matter who may be the Captain of the Ambassador.


SeiferHowling wrote:7/18/2016
[02:02:17]SeiferHowling : Man, I'm just here, trying to have a decent meal, and Kashima comes in all like "Hey, check out this meal. This is what the other table is having. But you can't have it. SUNNEH!! !!"
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