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Partner Requested for RP Empty Partner Requested for RP

Post  Roxanne Woolf on Sun Aug 14, 2016 1:36 am

I'm looking for a partner to hunt monsters and demons with. Can be male or female (preferably male Hurrrrr <3--*shakes head* AHEM). Can be temporary partnership or long term. Age of character shouldn't be a problem Wink Should be warned though, they will have to put up with me who is a bit of a flirt, and will more often sound dirty even when she isn't trying to be. Should also be noted, if your too silent of a character, she. will. get. you. to. speak. Just fair warning ^^

Ta-ta for now, if you want to either PM me or post here, if there is a strange event where there are multiple partners well, I'll figure it out if it somehow comes to that ^__^

Roxanne Woolf
Roxanne Woolf
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