Makeshift Helipad

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Makeshift Helipad

Post  Irvine on Mon Sep 05, 2016 7:22 pm

It took Irvine little time to get here, perhaps an hour or two thanks to the technology of the ancient Tenik Incorporated Presidential Helicopter. Mokoto was beside him the entire time, conserving her energy by the looks of it. The Silver Craft really did a number on her it seemed. Which reminds me... I can't remember where my warehouse is now. Its been nearly a year since I bought the place, and it's hardly going to be recognizable from up here... he mulled over these thoughts for a bit, but sure as rain, he eventually did locate the warehouse just west of Beijio, between the Beijio Desert and Mountains. "Ah-HA! There you are..."

He began to descend, remembering he had little money or time to install a proper helipad for Alastor if he decided to come by via air. He was super stoked that Alastor gave him this beauty. Sure, it needed some attention and working over, but he was sure when he was finished, the bird will be back to it's former glory. After landing the vehicle and waiting for the blades to finally pause, he turned to Mokoto with a grin and tapped her shoulder. "We're here, it isn't much, but this is home. Or, it will be once I get to work on it." he says, removing himself from the cockpit, opening the door and then turned and held his hand out for the beast kin. "Allow me to give you a tour." he finished, with a wink.

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