The Master's Chamber

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The Master's Chamber

Post  Megaidh Thach on Wed Sep 14, 2016 4:24 am

A large room with a small living area, large bed with red curtain drapes, lavender walls, a large black marble fireplace with gilded decorations set into it, and bow windows also draped with red curtains. A personal bathroom and wardrobe are also a part of the room.

Lady Thach's long lashes fluttered open as she registers the warm sensation of the sun's rays upon her skin. She blinks once more before turning her head with mild discomfort, raising from the bed, her night gown clinging to her curvy body as she sat up with a yawn. She could hear one of the few attendants she had on this island, who were only here for now to help with renovations to the outdated castle. She yawned, getting out of bed, her tall form rising fully as she stretched.

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