MeetUp Invitation from Ikai Boontai

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MeetUp Invitation from Ikai Boontai

Post  Ikai Boontai on Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:01 pm

Hello Fantastic Mystical Galiavan Members!

I have a revolutionary offer for anyone who may be interested. I (Ikai Boontai) am searching for anyone who may remotely be nearby Richmond, VA to meet me for a drink or something (that's right this ninja master is breaking some of his anonymity of the internet forum world). Trying to make new friends in the area - realized I could make this fantastic offer on here for the hell of it to see if a miracle would occur (since I know we have a random assortment of people from United States and beyond).

If interested comment, or PM.

-Your Truly,
Ikai Boontai
Ikai Boontai
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