Grimoire's Past (Part 1)

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Grimoire's Past (Part 1)

Post  Grimoire Valentine on Sat Sep 24, 2016 10:17 pm

"Some nights... I can still feel that pain in my chest."

"That... rhythmic, beating pulse. The warmth of blood rushing out of my body as death draws closer to me."

"I..... can feel the pain. As my blue eyes looked upon those around me, knowing they were going to be the last images I will ever see before I'd...cross over."

((OOC: Forgive the depictions of signatures, but these were the sigs that belonged to the characters and the accounts of the people involved in this tale Smile [some of you who are still around may begin to groan in terror haha Wink]))

The rain was unforgiving in the Galideno Highlands near Mount Risa, further north of Galideno City and south a ways from the Ithteca Mountain Chain, at that point in time they were referred to as the 'Guardian Mountains', and Ithteca hadn't even been a settlement. It would be 20 years yet before the survivors of Galideno City would create that mountain top paradise. The helicopter which took us to the Energy Facility was out in the grasslands, with a contingent of Galideno's troops armed with Tenik Tech and weaponry that was unseen prior. We were George Alexander Tenik .Jr's bastion for espionage and getting the job done, no matter the cost. Fighting against Domescadia and her 'Black Emperor', the ruthless Abdel Adham who had 'hired' the now corrupted Sephiroth. We were all in fear that he may show up, as we were not like Rufus, the first of the Tenik line who stopped the endless bloodshed by challenging the very Gods themselves. No... we were human.

We had no back up contingent of T.I.R.S.; all of which were busy in Galideno City protecting George and his family. We of course realized the President's life out weighed our mission's completion, and due to our training and expertise we five were surely more than capable. Our mission objectives however were...unclear till we arrived, and that in itself was strange. We were the top of the crop and usually given the know how before even the President himself was informed. Our mission objective was becoming only clearer as we loyally obeyed our orders and were deployed out in the middle of no where. We were the Red 5ive after all, and our reputation preceded us. We were Tenik's Hounds, if not his Wolves. At the time, I did find it odd that the mission required the entire Red 5ive unit, as usually one or two would suffice a high risk mission. It wasn't like we didn't know one another, hell we were close knit with exception of the 'Director', who kept to himself mostly. But, as I have stated it was rare for even three of us to be accompanying one another in a single mission. I'm sure the others, like myself, wondered what could be so dangerous yet important a task that required all of us, and a battalion of Galideno's finest. Did the Domescadian Army infiltrate the East? Was Sephiroth at our doorstep? Did someone plan to use our reactor as a means to destroy the Galideno area? I didn't know then, but I would find out close hand. I didn't think about it too much though, at the time my mind was mulling about other things.

I was twenty-seven, and had much stress on my mind at the time. Stress with the War, having to rearrange the wedding plans with my fiancé, Iris Lovecrest, and discovering my lifetime mentor as well as the individual who lead me to join the T.I.R.S., Master Zero having been an advanced synthetic simulated person developed by the elderly former TIRS Director and Head of R&D, Steven Chesluk... Chesluk was also a figure I looked up to. The man was a genius and perhaps the last of the Forerunner blood line still in existence. A man who had developed the Death Penalty Rifle which destroyed souls entirely like that of the 'Daemons' represented in his race's past. He developed our tech, the reactors, the HighWind, our weapons and engineering might. He developed the TIRS Combat Simulator which uses Sims like Master Zero, capable of the rational combat thinking to breed the T.I.R.S. into proper and ruthless killers. He had been responsible for placing his subconscious into Master Zero, being the puppeteer behind the Gunslinger Master. He was the father I've never but always had. And the entire team was assembled, to kill him.

A.Stratus: "Crest, Wright, you two are with me. We will act as the assault team who will take this traitorous bastard down." Albert Stratus motioned the two with him before turning away from Mei Wright and Charles 'Charlie' Crest, each with shotgun and SMG in hand respectively. He turned to face the other two members of the Red 5ive, the Elite Agents of the Tenik Industrial Response Service (T.I.R.S.).

M.Wright: "Not a problem, I just hope this rain doesn't rust up my arm." Said may who had lost her arm in the last mission the Red 5ive had been tasked on. If Grim and Charlie were not there to help, she would have surely been devoured by the wyvern who attacked that convoy of Beijionese Soldiers. Thanks to her efforts though, the Beijionese and Galidenese forces would be left unimpaired as they crossed Blackmoth onto Domescadia. Abdel's days were numbered.

C.Crest: "Right on it, Director!" responds Charlie, checking the mag of the latest world technological marvel, an automatic rifle capable of firing multiple small caliber bullets at once, the techies back in Galideno City called it a 'Sub-machine gun', or 'SMG' designation: "Pegasus SMG". It was a weapon from Chesluk Industries, and from the scientific mind of Master Zero, better known as Steven Chesluk, who was Grimoire's Gunslinger Mentor. Charlie laughed. "Mei, I'm sure your supposed to perform maintenance on that arm. It's a Tenik marvel, but it still needs to be cleaned and oiled like ol' Peggy here." He brandished the SMG with a smile and chuckled. "Unlike my trusty Pegasus, the company gave you the arm for free. I hope the God of Tech that my family will get into the firearm business some day."  

M.Wright: "Heh, feel free to take my arm Charlie, I certainly didn't want it in the first place. However, I'll have to remove your left arm first. You'll need it properly entertain your 'other' gun." Mei replied with some snark.

A.Stratus: "Can it you two. Valentine I want you to secure the outside perimeter and clear the helipad. Duval, I want you to sneak in the facility to act as our eyes and ears, and the be one who will let us inside."  

R. Duval: "Affirmative." Rrichard answered, readying his large caliber revolver, the standard issue weapon, as well as a length of thin but reinforced wire.

G. Valentine: "Director Stratus, please leave the infiltration to me, let me talk with Director Chesluk. I can convince him to stand down, and I know his every move." I had said this with a tone of hope. Part of me could not believe that Master, and the man behind Master's personalities and thoughts and actions was a turn coat for Abdel's forces. I was still surprised to hear he had survived, having shielded me from the Haywire Combat Sims while I was training in the Combat Simulator. When I came to, I was told he passed away. Then, Master Zero went haywire, taking the Death Penalty away from me. When I confronted Master Zero, he laid bare to me that he was Steven Chesluk's creation. He told me to forget about the Death Penalty, as it was long gone. It may have been humanity's hope against Sephiroth's evil, but it would have destroyed us in the long run. Then... I killed him.

A.Stratus: "That's a negatory Valentine. If I had it my way you wouldn't even be on this mission. You are too close to the target, that makes you an unnecessary risk. However, being short handed as we are I'm sure you can at least handle keeping watch." Director Stratus reaffirmed.

C.Crest: "Yeah Grim, best that you stay out of this one man. I always felt lucky with you as back up, but... You're engaged, and Chesluk's like got the entire Combat Simulator's bots set to lethal. I'd hate to have to be the one who tells Iris that her hubby can't return to make plenty of half elf children with. So take the easy job!" Crest replied, trying to make me think of my future, though crudely. He and Mei were my best friends, so I was used to hearing shit like that.

M.Wright: "He's right Grim. I know it isn't exactly fair, and you most of all deserve answers. But he's become an enemy of the state, and we can't let him slip through our fingers again. He's done it once already, and he's attempted to kill you with Zero Kurakawa..."

G. Valentine: "You two watch each other. I'm certain the children you two create will be bizarre enough when you both finally admit to be in love with one another." I had said this in a dry, flat tone. The two looked upon one another for a moment and tried to laugh it off but I knew them better than themselves. but I continued: "No Mei, I killed Master, and in cold blood. Something has been bugging me about it since. On top of all that... I just... don't understand why Director Chesluk would go so far to fake his own death-"

A.Stratus: "Enough! Valentine, you are a member of the Red 5ive, I'm surprised you cant piece the puzzle together. He's not the Director or head of R&D anymore Valentine. He's our enemy. Its obvious why he faked his own death. He's afraid. Afraid but deadly. He may be an old man, but he is the progenitor of all our technology, Agent Wright's arm, Agent Crest's weapon. The developer of the Death Penalty which was in your possession, a responsibility which should never have befallen a person like you but belong with the suits in R&D. The Technology that could end this war!" He firmly expressed, yet didn't waver in his tone. Director Stratus seemed to always have a cool head, no matter how heated the situation. And he continued: "His equipment worked up till that incident with you in the Combat Sim. It was an opportunity for him to escape. If he escapes, who's to say that he won't fall into Domescadia's pocket? Intentional or otherwise. He's a risk, much like yourself. He raised you, perhaps even for this moment. I can't risk you going soft, Valentine."  

G. Valentine: "..." I remained silent, unable to come up with a descent reply. After discovering the reason why we assembled, and that Chesluk was our target... I felt mentally exhausted.

A.Stratus: "Then, if our roles are now evident and understood, let us begin the operation as planned. We'll do this, quickly and efficiently as possible. Be on the look out for any Sims, he's a crafty individual, and he's bound to have plenty. Be sure to use live rounds instead of neutralization rounds, as our enemy surely won't be as forgiving." he said as he went to pull out a cigar, a strange ritual he would normally do before a mission. He would kiss it just as it starts, slip it into his breast pocket and then light it up after the mission's completion. However, it seemed the Director was out of cigars.

C.Crest: "No celebratory stogie, Director? Wow, this isn't like you. Hope this isn't a bad omen."  

A.Stratus: "I think somebody is asking for a pay reduction upon the mission's success. But no, I haven't been able to import my brand as of late..."

R. Duval: "Gailden has been under a strict embargo from the other Continents. Galideno's no different. They passed the Embargo Act a few days ago, about the time Valentine was attacked and Chesluk did his disappearing act."

A.Stratus: "All the more reason for us to end this meaningless war. I guess I really can't cut a break, now can I?" The Director sighed in a foiled manner, rubbing the side of his head, his shades never leaving his eyes. "I guess we will have to settle with some cheap Galideno brand liquor once we've finished this. So saddle up team, lets get this over with before it gets too dark. I've heard that a Vampire Coven uses these wooded areas to rest. I'd rather we not have other unnecessary risks." he said this while turning to me, then turned to the others. "Lets get this dance over with. Move into position!"

C.Crest: "Roger."

M.Wright: "Roger that."

R. Duval: "Affirmative."
G. Valentine: "..." I nodded, silently and began to make a quick recon around the building, drawing my standard issue revolver. The gun felt heavier in my hand now, and though disheartened, I knew I had to continue on with the mission.

Albert, Charlie, Mei, and Rrichard made their way inside the reactor while I guarded the perimeter. It was hard to focus, given the unforgiving rain and the mission's tasks. My Boss was having trust issues with me, and then there was the fact I would likely not be able to hear the reason why to all this...the stupidity of the mission and the factors. Was Chusluk our hero all this time? Or simply our prisoner? I think it was then I began to truly question Tenik Industrial's intentions, and my waning loyalty. Tenik was supposed to make humanity's lives easier, a modernization and pull us from rocks and spears, to guns and equipped automotives. Unfortunately, I would find those answers in the most tragic of ways. And, where my Nightmare truly began...

I was standing upon the helipad, the trees around the reactor swaying as the storm increased with torrential viciousness. I could hear gun fire from within the reactor, and I sighed. I looked silently to the horizon, the dim lights upon the far expanse of green rolling hills and dotted forests I could see the illumination of the Gem of Gailden: Galideno City. I then heard a noise behind me. Panting, heavy breathing. I turned with my weapon ready, the sights lined up on my target.

G. Valentine: "Master... no, Director Chesluk." I said coldly, thumbing back the hammer of my gun. Steven Chesluk, a man pushing perhaps in his nineties, but yet looked younger, if not a man in his fifties. He was an anomaly, which was perhaps due to his Forerunner blood. In his hands, Master Zero's trademark weapon, developed by the man who was holding it; Cerberus. He didn't raise it, only looked at me with a look of betrayal in his eyes.

S.Chesluk: "So...this is how it ends? I risk my life for you and this is what I get in return?! Bloody betrayal?!" He screamed those words so fervently, I could not be helped but be startled. I raised a brow, both hands on the grip of my weapon. I noticed his limp, the wounds he received were just as real as my own.

G.Valentine: "Betrayal? You practically raised me, taught me everything I know. Led me here. If anyone, I feel betrayed Master! Tell me was I raised to be your insurance policy? To be your ticket out if shit hit the fan?! Why was I worth risking your life for otherwise? Why go through all this trouble? Why Master Zero?!" I screamed, countless emotions I had not felt since rising up and boiling my iron rich blood. Master looked at me funny, blinking.

S.Chesluk: "I...see. Everything makes sense now..." he said, looking down his tone wavering over the howling wind and the rain which soaked us both to the bone.

G.Valentine: "What? What are you talking about? Why won't you answer me?!" I screamed, still unaware yet of the ruse. Steve stood there, looking at his gun, before turning to the reactor, looking up at it.

S.Chesluk: "I was right... about him. If I only had acted sooner..." This inconsistent bleating made me restless, and I stepped closer, the gun in my hands feeling heavy again.

G.Valentine: "Steven? Are you listening to me?" I asked, before Chesluk quickly spun towards me, Cerberus dropping from his hands as he pressed his chest against the barrel of my weapon.

S.Chesluk: "Grim, you must kill me. Kill me, then take your wife and leave this place! You hear me? Even that may not save you, but there's still hope for your future!" his erratic behaviour did not improve mine.

G.Valentine: "Gladly. However, you must explain to me... what the hell are you talking about?"

S.Chesluk: "Grim...I can't fall into their hands. Everything makes no sense to you, I can see this but damn it boy I thought I raised you better than this! Gah, I should have been more careful, but I was lacking time... I couldn't give the order to Zero after the others went haywire..."

G.Valentine: "You made them haywire! Whose hands? What order? What about Zero?!" I screamed, removing one hand from the gun as I held it to his heart, my finger becoming itchy yet unmoving as he paused, looking up to me with large grey eyes and a pallid horrified expression spread across his face.

S.Chesluk: "No... I didn't Grim... I left you message. To meet me here. Alone. So I could tell you everything, about yourself and Death Penalty but now-" he was cut off by a loud boom which even startled me. The old man dropped to one knee, screaming in agony from the large wound he received which nearly tore off his right thigh. I looked up and saw my comrades: Mei, Rrichard, Charlie and Director Stratus, the large Sidewinder in his hands still smoking.

G.Valentine: "-Death Penalty was destroyed, by your hands-"

S.Chesluk: "-No... its still in one piece... I hid it because of hi-" he was cut off by a loud boom which even startled me. The old man dropped to one knee, screaming in agony from the large wound he received which nearly tore off his right thigh. I looked up and saw my comrades: Mei, Rrichard, Charlie and Director Stratus, the large Sidewinder in his hands still smoking.

A.Stratus: "Well Valentine, you were useful after all. Good job apprehending the treasonous rat! If I had my cigars I'd share one with you. Duval, Crest, detain that son of a bitch. I'll call it in, and get that bird headed our way so we can fly home and get some food in our bellies." The director cheerfully explained, reaching for his radio.

R. Duval: "Affirmative."

M.Wright: "Well, this ended far better than I had expected."

C.Crest: "I know, right? It's weird to see the Director this energetic."

S.Chesluk: "Grim!" he looked up to me, with pleading eyes. "Director Stratus is Terronian! He's the enemy!"

The moment the accusation was made, I swear the very world itself stopped just to take a moment to register the venom which crossed Chesluk's lips.

M.Wright: "What?"

R. Duval: "..."

C.Crest: "He's not serious is he?"

All of them looked kinda shocked, with exception of Director Stratus who only set his radio back down, slipping it into his pocket again before he turned with that amused smile.

A.Stratus: "How amusing. Please, do go on. Are you going to accuse me of being Abdel Adham's bitch as well?" He said lifting his arms chuckling in a manner that said 'you got me'.

S.Chesluk: "Don't let him deceive you! He'd just as likely kill you all before I have a chance to explain! He is the one who killed Director Mikaru Shinitase and elevated to her position as the Director of the TIRS for a chance to steal away Death Penalty! Just before she was killed, she told me that her abduction by Reguis Malefront seemed too rehearsed, and not at all a random occurrence. She confided with me that when she went abducted she met with Albert before Beijio, not in Beijio, but along the way! She then said she was locked in a void of black. I first thought that she was referring to Reguis's magic, but what she described seemed too like that of the Arcane Shadow abilities associated with Terroronians! Tell me, how is you were so lucky? Where were you Albert if you were supposed to assist the Director?"

A.Stratus: "Oh I was just admiring the clouds, chatting with the birds and listening for the moment in which you make a valid point." He shakes his head disappointedly. "I thought you would at least be entertaining with your farce. Just detain him already."

I looked from my master's face, which looked so adamant and earnest, biting through the pain of his wound to that of my colleges and friends. They seemed, to be all somewhat rattled, and look at one another with a nervous stare. I looked to the Director's face, and he still seemed as calm as he always did.

S.Chesluk: "Then how about you take off your sunglasses? Its a bit dark out for them to be of any real use! You must be blind as a bat!"

C.Crest: "Uh, Director Stratus has blue eyes." Charlie brought up the obvious as Terronians had piercing red eyes that would be hard to hide with our shades alone.

A.Stratus: "A murky blue like my mother's. Besides, I have photosensitive eyes, I wear them all the time." The conversation and accusations were going no where, and I had to wonder what the old dog was up to. I saw him smile, and then go in for the kill:

S.Chesluk: "When is the last time any of you seen his eyes? Let me guess... about five days ago?" As soon as he said this, everyone looked at one another as if an electric current ran through each of us.

M.Wright: "He...he's right. I don't think the Director's even taken them off aside from his personal quarters..."

C.Crest: "That was the day before Grim got injured in the Combat Simulator..."

A.Stratus: "What? Are you all going to believe in such drivel? How can one change the color of their eyes? Even Fenira hasn't successfully mastered their magic for such yet!"

S.Chesluk: "That Charlie has a brain on him after all. Hallelujah. This ties in well with the motives of Stratus of late. Sure there is no magic other than that provided by the gods to change eye color as of now, with one documented exception: Caeruleus Corium"

C.Crest: "Sayer-cor-what now?"

S.Chesluk: "Caeruleus Corium. It's sad how addiction can lead to habbits. A subtle lick of the lip, a twitch in the fingers. Domescadian brand cigars are hard to come by, especially hand crafted ones made solely for you Director. Too bad you can't import them any more..." From this Duval looked up and over to the Director with a critical look in his eyes.

R. Duval: "...The Embargo Act!"

S.Chesluk: "The tobacco in his cigar's absorbed Caeruleus Corium, a rare chemical that is extractable from Belladonis Caeruleus, a indigestible plant only found in one place in Galiavan: Terroronia," he then looked at Albert with a critical, ferocious glare that was truly terrifying in spite of his age. "A side effect of inhaling smoke saturated in Caeruleus Corium, is a non permanent coloration of one's eyes... to a murky blue." After Steven brought this all up we turned to the Director who seemed unimpressed by the damning accusation.

A.Stratus: "What? Are you seriously all buying into this story? Its a bit too convenient and there isn't any proof."

S.Chesluk: "I've noticed lately that the level of surveillance has increased of late, ever since the passing of Director Shinitase. I've noticed subtle changes to my office, files having been perused at strange hours. Shadows on the walls. I wasn't certain at first, but I knew there was a spy among us, and to be honest, ever since Albert joined the T.I.R.S. I've couldn't help but find something odd about the cigars he's smoked, and his motives." He turned to me then, pleadingly. "My boy, can't you see? He's the one who tampered with the Sims in the Combat Simulator. He was targeting you! The cannon is a devastating weapon, but it's nothing compared to Death Penalty, what I gave solely to you. Even the higher ups were jealous when you received the weapon from me! I'm surprised that the company didn't kill you before! With you out of the way he would be able to take the weapon unheeded. But due to the embargo act, he's can't observe the situation here much longer. He's killed good men and women, sold us to Sephiroth and Domescadia, allowing them an easy pass behind our lines. He's had to escalate his plot since he can no longer keep his cover! Can't you see? Can any of you see? The increasing level of conflict these past few days are not just coincidence!"

A.Stratus: "I think we've listened to this prattle long enough. Duval, Crest, Valentine-arrest him. That is an order." He says, his voice no longer showing amusement, his tone darker. It was then I raised my gun, levelling it upon the Director's chest. The others began to do the same, to which the Director smiled. "By the Eleven, you are all truly buying into this nonsense?"

R. Duval: "...Sir." Rrichard raised his weapon as well.

C.Crest: "You understand, given the circumstances its perhaps best you just remove the glasses..."

M.Wright: "Sir. Just remove them, and we can all go home..."

G.Valentine: "Well...Director? Amuse us." I had said coldly, feeling my blood turn cold.

S.Chesluk: "No don't humor him! Just kill him!"

We watched, all the while unsure of our loyalties. However, despite Steven Chesluk who was my mentor, my caregiver... I felt torn between duty, loyalty to the T.I.R.S. and Galideno, and loyalty brought on by the close bond I had with the injured genius below me. I should have...acted then and there.

A.Stratus: "Hmm..." The Director began removing his sunglasses, all of us becoming tense as he lifted them from his face. He smiled, fully removing them. His eyes were closed. "You never said you wanted to see my eyes..." he said in his trademark smug manner. Duval didn't take kindly to this, reacting first by simply pulling the trigger of his gun. There was a moment of silence that followed the aforementioned gun shot. A cloud of darkness appeared in front of Albert's face, obscuring him.

R. Duval: "Ugh...B-bast..." Rrichard managed to exclaim, exit wounds appearing in the front of his suit's jacket. Blood soaking through his clothes as he fell to his knees, his eyes wide before falling onto his face.

S.Chesluk: "NO!"

M.Wright: "Rrichard!--haa!-*Krick-CRUNCH*" Mei's voice was snuffed out, as we turned to see Albert had moved quickly to her, spinning as he then twisted beautiful Mei's neck with his graceful movement, snapping her spine and killing her before our very eyes. Her wide dark eyes becoming vacant, her mouth agape as she slipped from the director's gloved hands. His eyes becoming visible, and they were red, and narrow with a sadistic killer's glee illuminating behind them.

A.Stratus: "Woopsie...Did I do that?" He chuckled sarcastically, holding Mei's ponytail, sniffing her hair as he let her fall from his hands. "Such a pitiful waste-"

C.Crest: "MEI!!!!" Charlie shrieked, the SMG in his hands rattling as he opened fire upon the Director. I too was in shock, firing in tandem with him. However when we pressed our assault Director Stratus veiled himself in his shadows, the bullets were simply engulfed by the void. Charlie, completely devastated and unhinged as he pressed on the suicidal assault.

G. Valentine: "Charlie!! No!" I called out to my best friend, who was blinded by sorrow and rage, whose bullets reappeared from his left side. His body recoiled as he screamed even as he was being torn apart by his own bullets:

C.Crest: "RAHHH--CLRK...*GURGLE*" blood sprayed from his multiple wounds, spewing from his mouth as he flopped to the ground, spasming. "M-ei..." He gasped, twitching.

G. Valentine: "Charles!!" I exclaimed, hastily reloading and turning my attention to my dying childhood friend and the traitorous Director. I shot at my boss three times, I was one of the fastest shots in the T.I.R.S. as well one of the most accurate, yet still my bullets were simply shrugged by Terronian Arcane magic. I managed to avoid the redirected rounds, using the acrobatics Chesluk had taught me through Zero. I turned my weapon to the Director, firing thrice more. He evaded my moves, smiling as he did. Then in a flash, the Director vanished entirely. I looked around desperately, before I turned around, catching a flash of his red eyes.


At first I felt nothing. Then there was an intense burning sensation tearing at my insides. I could feel blood seeping out from my wounds, feeling drained. He smiled as he pulled the trigger again, the large caliber round from his Sidewinder entered my gut. I fell back, trying to avoid a third, but it was hopeless as another round pierced my chest. I fell to my knees, gasping as I watched my blood run down, puddling upon the wet tarmac. Rainwater mixed with the blood, running carried off by the current of the running water.

A.Stratus: "Too slow, Valentine..." The Director said, kicking away my revolver pressing the barrel of his weapon against my crown. "Too slow..." he continued, clicking back the hammer.

S.Chesluk: "Grimoire!!" Steven screamed, grabbing the Cerberus he had dropped earlier turning to shoot the Director. Stratus removed the barrel from my forehead and turned it to Steven, shooting him. Steven screamed as his hand was completely removed from his wrist, the large round from the sidewinder tearing it away with it's sheer power.

G.Valentine: "B-bastar-" I managed, grabbing at the Director's jacket. He shrugged me off, by sending a kick to the side of my head. I recoiled, rolling away from the force of the blow, falling onto my back. I coughed up blood, one of the bullets having tore into one of my lungs like fire. I writhed, as the cold rain fell hard upon my body. Director Stratus laughed, slipping his revolver back into his inner jacket pocket.

A.Stratus: "Like I said, Grim, you were an unnecessary risk. Because of you, I had to kill not one, but four of the finest members in the T.I.R.S. this evening. Truly a shame too, Mei... she was really something." He began, walking over to her corpse, lifting her body up by the neck. She limply hung in his grasp, her hair draped from the rain. I screamed in agony and mixed pain as he did so, trying to scramble for a weapon, any of them would have sufficed. Duval's handgun was in reach before the Director crushed my wrist under his right heel. I let out another shriek of pain. "Shame... I'll miss this scent. How unaware she truly was of my presence. I hid in her shadow, between her sheets. Ever since I laid my crimson eyes upon her I was the very darkness which followed her. Poor old Charlie was just not man enough for her, but she really infuriated me, how she so loved that moron. I had no choice but to kill her unfortunately. If I could not have her, no one can." he says, stepping on Charlie's head, grinding it into the tarmac while groping Mei's breast as he brought his lips to hers. I couldn't believe my eyes as I watched the horror play out before me. I could hear his probing tongue slipping between her lips, and I was glad that Charlie had not been conscious to see this sadistic scene played out. He pulled away his lips, saliva stranding from Mei's to his own. He chuckled darkly. "Mmm... she would have been a riot in bed if she were alive. Heh, she's still warm...isn't exactly as fun fucking someone alive though...but best not to let her go to waste.." he chuckled lewdly as I heard the buckle around his waist unhitch.

G.Valentine: "RAHHH!!!" I roared, trying to pull myself up, to tear apart the man before me with my bare hands if I had to. I wasn't going to let him defile poor Mei any further than she had already suffered before he turned, and drove his foot under my chin. My mouth bled as my teeth grinded together, my neck forced back. I was surprised he didn't snap my neck doing that. Steven had crawled over to the railings supporting the elevated helipad, trying to stand while cradling the stump of his right arm.

S.Chesluk: "You sick, fucking monster!" he spat, glaring the Director down. "All this... for what? Your thirst for world conquest is moot in comparison to the true danger you have placed us all in!" Stratus shook his head, sighing. His blaring red eyes glaring back as he threw Mei's body against the wall of the reactor behind him. Her skull cracked open from the blow which cracked the concrete of the building. Her lifeless corpse sliding down with a bloody streak as she lay sat up against the wall near Charlie's corpse.

A.Stratus: "Now you just ruined the mood, old man." he says clinking his belt again as he stepped over me. "I should have killed you both when you unveiled Death Penalty. The Military Council of Galideno wanted you both dead after that anyway..." he says before turning to me. My foggy vision fixed onto his blood red eyes. "It's true. Tenik Industrial's other R&D teams and Galideno City's top military brass did not like the idea of you, Grimoire Valentine, a lowly intelligence operative, a mutt for that fat-assed bastard being the sole owner of Death Penalty. A weapon which Chesluk had designed to be able to kill not only Sephiroth, but anything with a soul. Human, or otherwise."

G.Valentine: "Wh-wha?" I breathed, rolling onto my back again, wincing and clutching my chest in misery. Adrenaline was the only thing allowing me to move, as I held my guts back from spilling out.

S.Chesluk: "Good luck with that. I destroyed Death Penalty." To that the TIRS Director laughed, turning his red glaring eyes towards Steve.

A.Stratus: "I overheard what you both said. I'm Terroronian after all. We are the perfect spies. Still, I must commend you for reading me like an open book, old man. Once you tell us where Death Penalty is, this war will come to an end in Domescadian victory. Sephiroth won't be an issue with the weapon, so he can be disposed of after he has given us what we desire. The other Gods in comparison will be limited in their powers as Sephiroth has already turned Glacyia into ash and sealed most of them away." He then walked over to Steve, slamming his fist deep into the Former Director's chest. He fell over, as I let out another cry of agony and dread. Albert lifted the man over his shoulder, turning to me with that smug, punchable smile. "Well I should give you thanks, Valentine. Without you, Steven could have gone off the grid and it would have taken us months to find him. You gave it your all for a human, and I respect that. But like humans you're weak, and predictable. That weakness allowed me to kill you, your friends, and allowed me to apprehend the last of the Forerunners! I'm sure we'll get something out of the old man. We have ways of making even the tightest lips sing like a canary. The good Doctor back in R&D knows how. He is with us, as well as the battalion we have for backup. By this time tomorrow the War will come to an end." he says as he began to walk away. He paused, turning to me once more. "Oh, don't worry about your Fiancé, that little Elven bitch is in good hands. After I've finished filling her, I'll tell her how you let everyone slip through your fingers, why your weakness led her to be left at my mercy. Then, heh well... I'm sure I don't need to paint you a picture of what I'll do next." he says running his hand through his slicked back blond hair.

G.Valentine: "A...A-ALBERT!!" I screamed, gritting my teeth. "I'll f...fucking kill you!!" I exclaimed, feeling my body weakening, unable to keep my head up. I had lost to much blood as it was and the Director smiled as I laid there.

A.Stratus: "Heh, you had your chance. Give my regards to the team as you make your way to Hell, Valentine. Welp, I've got places to be, and people to torture. Later champ!" he finished with a wink, before slipping his shades back on.

Albert began to descend down the stairway with Steven as I called out that traitorous bastard's name, up until he vanished in a plume of black electrified smoke...

I laid there. Twitching, and suffering while the cold rain continued to beat upon me and my friends. I turned to look into each one of their vacant stares as I tried to fight off the darkness. Charlie's eyes were wide and white, as were Duval's and Mei's. Our blood pooled into the runoff from the pounding rain, puddles of diluted and thick crimson dotted the platform of the helipad. I felt truly...scared. I failed everyone. Master... Charlie... Mei... Duval... Galideno City. My sweet Iris... I had failed to stop the Director, and because of this so many will fall for my blunder. I wanted to stop it, fix it. But I couldn't. I was human... and I could feel my heart slowing down, and my memories becoming foggy. I was going to die.

Then... he appeared. Like a mirage, he seemed to shimmer before my eyes. The rain had stopped, and night was upon the land.

????: "It appears one of the mortals survived...barely." He said in a soft spoken, yet empowered voice. "This planet's creature's are definitely more resilient than most we've visited. Kirsten, Mordred begin preparing the other three."

G.Valentine: "Ugh... no..."

????: "Hm? So it listens and speaks. In that case, I have the exquisite honour of explaining to you that you will become one with us. Your blood will be the ambrosia which will give us strength and push us further on our journey..."

G.Valentine: "No..."

????: "You have no say in the matter blood bag. Its been a long time since we've had... a live one." He says, leaning closer.

He was...both entrancing and terrifying at the same time. Though my vision was fading in and out, his glowing red eyes were hard to miss. He didn't have white sclera, they were instead black and the center of each red iris was a gold, cat like slit. Even as I had closed my eyes, those orbs seemed to pierce through my veil, far more powerful and terrifying than Director Stratus's eyes.

G.Valentine: "I can't...die...yet." I mustered, coughing weakly. "I...won't... let him touch my beloved..."

The beautiful being before me blinked, cocking his head to the right slightly. It was hard to predict his movements and thoughts, and to be honest I didn't care.

????: "Everyone and everything must return to the void eventually. To the End, it doesn't matter when or how. Your life ends this very evening. But your energy... will flow through me."

G.Valentine: "Not....interested. I can't...die. I save her. Save them all. It's...all my fault. I...need to leave before he sets forth...his plans..." I tried to rise, but the being pushed me back down with a single finger to my forehead.

????: "You are weak, human. It would be a waste for me to let you go, only to die three steps from where you stand. Your wounds will kill you if you stand. But become a part of me, and your energy will not be wasted."

G.Valentine: "You're right. My weakness killed them....but I need to try and stop the others from a similar fate. If you intend to not let me leave, I would like, as a future part of your being to final request. Save... my people. My fiancé. And...kill that bastard Albert Stratus. My blood boils, and I wish to end him with my own hands for his...betrayal. If you will not let me leave because I am weak, then help me, and be the strength to kill that bastard. That is the fee for my life..."

The being smiled, his multiple sharp fangs gleaming as he did.

????: "Ah, the sins of regret and leaving things unfinished. Delicious. You don't understand Mortal. I can drain you to nothing, and not do a damn thing about your final will. I take what I desire, and how I desire it. Nothing has stopped me before, and neither will you."

He was widening his toothy maw, bringing my neck closer to his face after he had finished with his statement. Like looking into the mouth of a shark, but in human form as he brought me closer and closer to my death.

G.Valentine: "I have desires too... I will do anything to keep you on the path of my request! I will burn through you like liquid fire till the day you meet your 'End'! I will sacrifice everything, my very will to "

To this, the being paused, pulling away and looked at me with a raised brow.

????: "Curious... very... curious. Tell me boy, what exactly are you willing to sacrifice to save them? For your revenge?"

G.Valentine: "...Everything."

The being smiled cruelly, releasing me as he took his left hand, slitting his right wrist with his sharp claw which grew from his index finger.

????: "Then... drink my blood, and drink deeply. Take me in, and accept me... allow me to meld you into something... beautiful. You will be granted powers beyond your scope. Oh the transformations... I shall regret not seeing them for my self, I shall have to leave Kirsten behind to record this for me... Be warned though Mortal, my gift is nothing one can easily endure. You may very well be their hero, but you may end up being the very being which destroys them. But not just them, this very world itself. Let us see... if you will be able to handle the gift I am presenting you with, Mortal."

He raised my head to his wrist, his eyes glaring into mine.

G.Valentine: "...Grimoire. Grimoire D. Valentine..."

????: "I beg pardon?"

G.Valentine: " name."

????: "Oh very true. You will no longer be a Mortal by the time of the turning. Grimoire D. Valentine was it? I present you with my gift, my curse. Drink, drink deeply. Drink from the first of my kind... our kind. I, who was presented with the Orchid of insight, entrusted to me by the Seducer from beyond the veil.... Drink from me, drink from Cain."

I drank Cain's blood. The ochre liquid was foul and rancid. I felt colder, felt my very life ebbing from my body. I wanted to pull away, but at the same time I needed this. I needed his power. I should have just let him kill me.

I felt my body turn to ice, sounds got louder, scents became more distinct, the darkness of night fell away as if it were a full moon. I screamed in agony, as I felt every muscle, every fiber, every cell in my body ignite. I writhed, rolling onto my chest as a violet flame engulfed my body. I barely held my self up, coughing my fingers tearing into the tarmac like if they were tipped with diamonds. My body pulsed, as I screamed out in terror and in the agony of becoming something...less than human, yet so much stronger. My teeth fell out, popping out of my mouth like corn kernels on an open flame, replaced with sharp pointed dentures which then shrank and reformed into human shape. Each was as tough as tungsten. I sat onto my knees, staring up into the sky as my body burned away, my clothes disintegrating, as I took on a...bestial form. Webbed wings sprouting from my back, my feet becoming claw toed, my hands like talons, and four large fangs jutted from my enlarged jaw filled with conical teeth. Fire spewing from my eyes, as I screamed out in agony.

I blacked out. Waking up, I was in uniform again. My hands normal, my body appearance only. I was something... different. I no longer had a pulse, and as I looked into the puddle of water and blood beside me, I noticed I had glowing red eyes. My blue eyes were gone.

Cain: "Interesting... you carry as similar shape as myself, though I can't help but be proud of being far more beautiful. There... you are no longer a mortal my child. However we are not finished. My blood alone will not keep you sustained. Mordred, we will have to search elsewhere. The newest member of our family... needs them."

He turned to the others around us, who dragged the corpses of my friends, my allies. He laid them beside me. I shook my head fervently.

Cain: "You're wounds are deep. You must feed upon them."

G.Valentine: "No, no they were my-"

Cain: "-they are no longer alive. To gain power, you must take it from something else. Energy is power. Energy from one being is transferred over once they are consumed. These allies of yours will live on through you, Grimoire. I'm sure they too would like to see justice for their untimely deaths. Drink from them, let their essence into you as I would have with you. They will live on inside you, and will be your allies once again. Let them aid you in battle like they had when they were alive. When you were alive."

I looked from him to my fallen companions. I wanted to avenge them. I would need their help if I would want to see justice for Albert's actions.

So I drank from them. Their memories, their personalities, their fears, loves, accomplishments and regrets flowed inside me. I lived each of their lives up to the moment they were snuffed away. All of them, were disappointed it came to this moment. That I became a monster to avenge them. But they agreed to help. They wanted to see the job through. We were the true Tenik Spies after all. The T.I.R.S. didn't leave jobs unfinished, especially members of the Red 5ive. Our mission was not over. From that night on, I've become their fortress, and they my weapons, my strength. After draining the bodies of my fallen companions, I took up my mentor's weapon, Cerberus, and went on with my mission for redemption, and revenge.

Cain departed not long after that. He left one of the pure ones behind. Kirsten. She came accustomed to calling me Uncle Grim and she did her own thing. I was still getting used to my powers, and newly found weaknesses. I would have to hide from the light of day, as the sun would scorch my flesh since I was not pure like Kirsten. It wasn't till Galideno was destroyed by the Cannon's malfunction and the land around the City became a wasteland where time sped forward that I would get such powers. By drinking the life blood of the very planet itself, from the fountain at the crater of Mount Risa, did I became immortal and one with the planet.

To be continued.
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